Stickman Readers' Submissions June 29th, 2005


By James Bond

Aussies are known to be folks with a sense of appreciation and gratitude and I wish to belong to this club. What is the source of this loveable trait? I have no idea. As a resident of Sydney for over 40 years I reckon I can state that this observation
applies to other folks around the land, even extending to our pleasant neighbours of New Zealand.

Now, what does this have to do with LOS, you wonder.

mens clinic bangkok

Over the years (and I ain’t a kid no more, as our beloved Yankee cousins love saying) I’ve traveled quite a bit around the globe and (angrily) observed how tourists are taken for a ride. This phenomena is evident from Paris to Rome from
Amsterdam to Cairo from Athens to Bangkok.

As a hard working, self-made man I’ve always resented and profoundly deplored this ugly phenomenon while perpetually attempting to avoid doing any business with such establishments (both on the business and personal levels).

Here comes in marc, the manager of the Eden Club in Bangkok.

My following statements are based both on my own observations as well as tales told to me by mates back home upon their return from the Land of Smiles. Those stories have consistently sounded alike as – evidently – all these lads have been
equally touched by this Frenchman (hence – out of respect – the spelling of his name with a small “m”, just as he loves it).

When I first visited Eden (located at Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 – between Soi 7 and Soi 9, near the Nana Skytrain Station) I was truly surprised to learn of that joint’s unprecedented guarantee: “If you are unhappy with the service you don’t
have to pay”.

Is it some sort of a joke, I wondered. Just couldn’t be. No way.

Indeed, like no other place ever seen by me, you don’t pay when walking up with the girls (for you, still unfamiliar with the term “the Eden experience”, let me explain that here you do it with two girls as a minimum). You are expected
to pay after the service is (satisfactorily) rendered.

wonderland clinic

Ever hear of this, folks? Honest.

It’s strictly a matter of “management policy”. In this case, let’s meet “management”.

The manager of the Eden club is a middle-aged, French gentlemen by the name of marc. Now, I don’t know about you mate / lad / guy but to me Paris brings back sexy memories that go along with the love songs of the memorable Edith Piaf, the images
of the Moulin Rouge and the sounds of that charming language. Conclusion: marc fits quite well with the nature of his establishment’s business: providing an out-of-routine sexy outlet of relaxation and enjoyment to aspiring farangs.

That guarantee of “not happy – no payment” was – so I heard – put to the test in several occasions and marc passed the test with flying colors. Here is a tale I found difficult to believe yet told to me by a good mate:

This lad took upstairs two lovely ladies for the usual 90-minute session. Indeed, throughout the entire session had the fun of a lifetime, with one single exception: when he asked one of the girls to do something (clearly included in the “menu”)
she declined. He did not make any issue of it but mentioned it to another mate who knew marc personally. Result: marc contacted that fellow and provided him a full rebate by means of a lady sent to his hotel for the night and (since marc is a
meticulous lad) credited him with the difference (between the cost of the session on the premises and the cost of take-away for the night).

I love the way he meets you after the session, always enquiring whether “everything was alright”. Never mind, folks, the chances are you won’t be able to respond anyway (as you will no doubt be too exhausted anyway, with the smile
on your face too wide for uttering a single word). Two Eden girls are enough to shed off 10 years from any average farang’s age, I can assure you. Indeed, quite frankly, in my opinion one take-away Eden girl for the night will most of the
time achieve identical results.

Is this Thailand? No, I don’t think so. I personally can vouch for the fact that during my LOS visits I encountered (several times) the need to ask for a refund and please let me inform you, dear Stickman readers, that during each and single episode
I questioned the term Land of Smiles. Hell, no smiles for me then only a hard-nose refusal that leaves you disappointed and astound (and I’m talking of small amounts, really).

My personal encounters with marc have all along left me so surprised to the point of wishing all businesses around the globe adopted his acumen.

This is style.

Stickman's thoughts:

marc has a large fan club.

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