Stickman Readers' Submissions June 24th, 2005

Are Thai Ladies Really Beautiful?

I have been reading practically all of the submissions in Stickman's pages. The general idea seems to be that you find the most beautiful ladies on earth in Thailand; however nothing could be further from the truth. And I beg strongly to differ.
I honestly do believe that much more beautiful ladies can be found in many South American countries. Especially Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay come automatically into my mind. In Buenos Aires if you walk a long the Calle Florida it is
a real eye opener. In Brazil just go to the Copacabana beach and you really find eye candy, you will enjoy yourself just looking at the ladies and see them walking along. Not to mention the carnival in Rio.

This is another thing; if you watch Thai ladies walking it looks as if they waddle like a duck, not all I do agree, but the great majority. Well you will not find this in the Latin American countries. Even girls directly from a farm walk
like ladies. I would say that the graceful walk is inherited; I really would not know the reason.

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I have to agree however with a few points the readers make. Most, but not all western ladies look like phone boxes or baby elephants once they reach the middle thirties and have an absolutely evil temper. Again this can not be generalized
but just walking along a street in any major western city is a real eye opener, I can not blame the punters to go to Thailand for some relief from looking at the human horror zoo. Also the ladies in the Middle American countries do look very nice
indeed, as long as they are under 16 to 18 years of age. But once they reach their early or middle twenties they tend to gain weight and start to look like a full grown and fat hippopotamus. The reason for this could be that they marry very young
(12 to 13 years old) and then let themselves go and deteriorate.

Another thing, in my opinion only, Thai ladies seem to have very ugly looking legs; you can very rarely see the straight, beautiful legs of the normal South American ladies. The feet of the Thai ladies also seem to be very large indeed. Ok,
I know this from the time I visited Bangkok with my Argentinean wife; she tried to buy shoes, it was practically impossible to find anything small enough. We tried Central, Robinson and specialized shoe shops away from the tourist areas. Nada,
nothing fitted her. The only things which she could have used were shoes for school girls, this shoes she did not like to wear, as they looked clumsy. We had to wait until we went to Tokyo, it was no problem there. She never had this problem in
Europe, Australia or even in Moscow.

I do agree that most, but not all Thai ladies have a very nice body; they also seem to keep their body shape until a reasonable old age. Sure nowadays you can find more and more fat ladies running around but this is not the norm. This continuing
to have a nice body is a big plus. However I have seen very few Thai ladies which have a really nice and beautiful looking face, once you wash the cosmetics off they look rather simple and unattractive. A big plus is their happy smile, but again
you don’t know what they really think.

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For all the punters which come to LOS, look really closely at your lady of the night in the early morning and you know what I am talking about. Sure there are exceptions but very few and far between. Also do not forget, if a girl works in
a bar she must look at least reasonably nice or she would not have a job. Do not be mistaken by all the nice looking students or college girls, most very young girls look quite beautiful anywhere in the world. Look at them once they have reached
at least 25 to 30, a lot of the nice looks will be gone. Another thing is that in no other country on earth have I seen as many and real ugly looking stretch marks as in LOS, again I would not know why that is so. Maybe they don’t do any
exercises during pregnancy, or their skin simply does not return to the original shape?

I do agree however that in the normal tourist area ladies can fake their happiness of meeting a farang very well indeed. And the normal tourist feels as if he is in paradise with all the young ladies trying to pick him up. However none of
this is reality, it is only a make believe situation. Just wait until your money runs out and see what will happen.

Now please believe me, I have nothing at all against most Thai ladies, but I traveled around the world many times and looked at ladies in almost all countries. Thai ladies are simply not the most beautiful; I would give them only 6th or 7th
place. But they really can deal with the ego of the man, and then he does not look any further and steps into the honey trap. After that all reasoning is gone until the awakening comes. But then it’s usually much too late.

I probably stepped on a few toes with this submission, but try to look unbiased and probably find that I am correct.

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Stickman's thoughts:

I've never been to South America but would love to go. Personally, in terms of just physical beauty, I find women from Singapore much more attractive than the women in Thailand.

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