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Advice For MCSE 2003 IT Pros In Thailand

  • Written by Anonymous
  • June 1st, 2005
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Recent submissions have highlighted some of the problems IT Professionals might encounter in the Land of Smiles. IT Pros from all over the World are pretty well paid on average but this largely depends on what specific niche your are working in. The broad
range of salaries vary from the highly paid downtown-based IT Consultant on around $100K or $50/hour to the recent graduate working behind that frustrating Help Desk on $20-$25k. If you have been working in IT for any number of years you can probably
appreciate that the number of women working in your profession and are likely to meet because of your profession are few and far between. Some countries even have proactive recruitment drives promoting women in IT etc. At University, you might
be lucky if 10% of your classes are occupied by women, and in short, you will probably find that the most sex starved frustrated graduate professional works in IT! Is it any surprise then that Thailand has become a beehive for so many randy IT
Pros? Not at all!

Well, IT isn't what it used to be and the competition is tougher than ever. Let's consider India for one moment. As you might have heard, thousands of US jobs are being lost to India every few months and why? Because those guys are willing to
work twice the number of hours for 20% of your salary with ten times the amount of enthusiasm and drive. I mean, why would anyone employ a mediocre well qualified IT Pro with 10 years solid experience who is demanding 75K p.a. while he can employ
that enthusiastic Indian who has the same qualifications but limited experience but passes all the tests and is willing to work for 15k? These (fluent in English) Indians are killing the market for everyone else! This is not a question of being
racist, this is real life Globalization and market economics at its best! These guys are like a bunch of bees who have suddenly come across that Saraburi Sunflower field in July! They all race around like crazy dragging their bag packs full of
Microsoft, Linux and Cisco Manuals, all of them connected by Mobile Phones and all talking the same language….English!

billboard bangkok

So now that you've got my attention. Here are a few Transcender questions for the Bangkok based IT Pros preparing for their MCSE 2003 Upgrade Exam.

1. You are a Windows Server 2003 domain administrator on your corporate network at Kings Groups Agogos Inc. All employees in the Accounting department belong to the Ngurn group in your domain. The group is granted Format Everything share permission and
the Delete-Allow NTFS permission for a shared folder named Khamooy on a fileserver.

A new employee named Pooh has been hired in the Accounting department. Pooh should have the same level of access to the Ngurn group folder as all other employees in her department. However, she should not be allowed to make any changes to Empsalaries.xls.
You create a domain user account for Pooh, but you need to give her the appropriate permissions without granting her excessive permissions.

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Which of the following permissions should you assign Pooh? (Select the
best choice)

a. the Allow-Read share permission for the Ngurn folder
b. the Allow-Read NTFS permission for the Empsalaries.xls
c. the Deny-Change share permission for the Ngurn group
d. the Deny-Modify NTFS permission for the Empsalaries.xls
e. Just Add her to the Ngurn group

Your response (Incorrect)

Answer: e
Section: 3 Managing and Maintaining Access to Resources


Choice e is correct.
Explanation: Data on NTFS volumes are protected with NTFS permissions, which can be assign for volumes, folders and files to security principals, such as users and group accounts. Bla bla bla. In summary, in this specific
scenario, if you were to give Pooh the Allow-Read share permission for the Ngurn folder she would lose face trying to access, if you were to give Pooh the Allow-Read NTFS permission for the Empsalaries.xls, she would lose face trying to access,
if you were to give Pooh the Deny-Change share permission for the Ngurn group, she would lose face trying to access, if you were to give Pooh Deny-Modify NTFS permission for the Empsalaries.xls she would also lose face. Don't forget, you
are in Thailand! So the recommended option in this scenario will be Option e. Like this you are confident that Pooh will never lose face and thus she can never be pointing a finger at that farang network administrator and hence your newly found
job will not be at risk. Don't forget to give her a smile & make sure she knows your mobile no.

2. You administer your company's Active Directory domain. The server computers in the domain run Windows Server 2003, and the client computers run Windows 2000 Professional Thai Version.

You will be deploying a Group Policy Object (GPO) to one of the Organizational Units (Departments) in the Co. in the near future. However, before you deploy the GPO, you want to determine how the policies that will be applied by the GPO will affect the
members of that Organisational Unit. How can you accomplish this when your Thai IT Manager has implemented the Policy from the Windows Server 2003 in his Office, and he is looking for evidence that the policies work? (Select the best choice)

a. by using gpresult.exe command-line utility on your Windows 2000 Pro Thai Version
b. by getting a screen capture of all the results your Thai IT Manager wants to see and sending them to him by email, providing detailed explanations, translated
by Lek, clearly detailing every policy result c. by using the showmeagogo.exe command-line utility
d. by using the hideresults.mmc MMC utility
e. by downloading Group Policy Management Console from the Microsoft web site and installing
it on his Windows Server 2003 in his office and giving him a demonstration
f. by using the Windows 2003 RsoP Tool on your IT Manager's Windows 2003 Server

Your response (Incorrect)

Answer: b
Section: 3 Managing Users, Computers and Groups

Choice b is correct.
Explanation: If you select option (a), you will be able to obtain information similar to what could be obtained by the RsoP Tool in logging mode, however, it would not provide you with detailed information that can be
provided by RSoP, and worst, your original policies could be wrong, or might not work. This would cause you to lose face! If you select option (c), you might come up with a direct http link to the Galleries section at the As
a result you wouldn't lose face, but your IT Manager might when he starts downloading naughty pics of his mia noi dancing around a solver pole! If you select option (d), you might be able to hide your configuration fuck ups but you might
reveal you IT Managers' and the subsequent loss of face. Not recommended! Option (e) is out of the question as your Thai IT Manager has direct instructions that NOBODY is to touch his computer, except of course, his sexy secretary who graduated
at Chula as a Bachelor of Windows 2003. Option (f) would need you to use Windows 2003 Resultant Set of Policies (RsoP) Tool on your IT Manager's Windows 2003 Server. This is of course out of the question as it would clearly show that his
policies are fucked up. He loses face again! So the only option left to you is Option (b), when you choose this option, your Thai IT Manager doesn't lose face, you don't lose face, his secretary gets a promotion, and she comes back to
your place for the whole weekend! Oh! What a weekend!

3. You are the network administrator for FastSexTravel Corporation. FastSexTravel is headquartered in Pattaya and has a branch in Phuket. The internet domain is There are several Windows Server 2003 computers at headquarters.
All FastSexTravel client computers run Windows XP Professional.

A Windows Server 2003 computer named FUCKIT at the headquarters location is configured with Terminal Services. Users at the Patong office regularly access FUCKIT to run several applications.

A new user named Seua at the Patong office reports that she cannot use a printer on her Windows XP Professional computer to print from the applications that she is running on FUCKIT. You have already added her to the RemoteTermUsers group. Other Terminal
Services users are not experiencing any problem. You want Seua to print from Terminal Services session to a printer.

Which of the following should you do? (Select the best choice)

a. Configure a manual printer redirection on FUCKIT for Seua's printer.
b. Enable automatic printer redirection in the Properties sheet for Seua's user account.
c. Remotely malconfigure the Pukhet firewall with rules that would
not only affect Seua but all users at that office and explain to your Thai IT Manager that the Phuket office have serious routing problems that cannot possibly be resolved remotely.
d. Add Seua to the RemoteTermUsers group in Active Directory

Your response (Incorrect)

Answer: c
Section: 3 Managing and Maintaining Access to Resources

Choice c is correct.
Explanation: In this scenario, to enable Seua to print to the local printer on her computer from a Terminal Services session, you should enable automatic printer redirection in the Environment tab of the Properties sheet
for Seua's user account in Active Directory Users and Computers console, however, since you know that Seua has the sexiest hips on the planet, and has already invited you down for a dirty weekend, your best shot is to remotely fuck up the
Phuket Office's router and convince your Thai IT Manager to send you down there for as long as it takes to solve the problem. Option (a) in this scenario simply wouldn't work. Option (b) would obviously be the correct choice in Farangland,
but don't forget, you are in Thailand! Option (d) is just a load of shite….a typical Microsoft trick question to trip you up so they can make more money!

4. You administer your company's network, which consists of Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Professional computers. The company maintains several branch office locations in Chang Mai, Ubon, Krabi and Korat. You work at the Bangkok
location. Each branch office contains a firewall and connects to the headquarter's network through a VPN connection over the internet.

Chawang Philansukothainakanobaisoiluni is an IT administrator at one of the branch locations, and although he is just a small time IT admin person who knows shite, he is the CEO's wife's Doctor's cousin's lover, and he is logged on
locally to a Windows Server 2003 computer named UBON_OFF. Mr Philansukothainakanobaisoiluni sends you a Remote Assistance invitation from UBON_OFF. You accept the invitation from Mr Philansukothainakanobaisoiluni but you are unable to connect
to OBON_OFF. You must be able to provide assistance to Mr Philansukothainakanobaisoiluni.

Which of the following should you perform? (Select the best choice)

a. Open the TCP Port used for Remote Desktop connections in the firewall
b. Assign the appropriate permissions to your domain user account on UDOBOFF.
c. Open the TCP Port used for Live Porn Video connections in the firewall
d. Give
Mr Philansukothainakanobaisoiluni Full Control Remote Access to every computer on your network, Full Control access to every folder on your servers, and make him member of Enterprise Domain Admins for the rest of the day.

Your response (Incorrect)

Answer: c
Section: 3 Managing and Maintaining a Server Environment

Choice c is correct.
Explanation: Interestingly enough in this scenario, if you were in Farangland, the first option would most certainly solve Mr Ph'lansukothainakanobaisoiluni's problems and you could go back to reading Stickman's
submissions for the rest of your working hours. But, wait a minute, you are in Thailand! There is still the possibility that this option won't work since Mr Philansukothainakanobaisoiluni might not even be able to answer the question "Are
you logged in?" Let alone, "What does the Advanced Option in the Properties of Remote Access indicate in the second box on the Upper Left check box below the checkbox which indicates Permissions for Remote Access?" So you really
have to weigh up your options! If you get it wrong, you are fucked since this small-time IT Administrator is the CEO's Wife's Doctor's lover! Option (a) is out of the question! Option (b) obviously would not work. Option (c) would
certainly make sense once you have taken-in Dana's ramblings for the day, but it certainly wouldn't help Mr Philansukothainakanobaisoiluni very much. So I'm afraid your only option is Option (d)! Just make sure your call his sexy
secretary before you go home & revoke his permissions!

Well, I hope these questions will help the un-initiated Bangkok based IT Pro with their MCSE Upgrade Exam. Good Luck Guys!

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