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Too Many Girls

I am by no means an expert on Thailand’s nightlife. I have only made 2 trips to the LOS and embarrassingly enough I have only visited Nana and Soi Cowboy. Of which Nana was mostly closed when I went because of the early hour. My general rule now
is, if the sun has gone down, then the bars will be ready.

I am writing this piece in response to “Piss off and leave me alone”. I had the same dilemma many times at several bars. Although my problems were a bit different in some ways. I usually had 3 to 4 girls making a bee-line to
me as I entered a bar. One girl on my lap, and two or three others sitting next to me. It becomes difficult to buy the girl of your choice a drink when there is absolutely no space available for her to sit! There were times I had occupied two
tables because there were so many girls around me. And these are bars with a good amount of customers. So what to do, lovely girl dancing away on stage, or with a different customer, and you are stuck with 3 or 4 different girls, none to your
liking. Well as it happens the solution came from one of the girls sitting with me. She noticed I was watching a different girl and asked me if I liked her. In about 10 minutes I was down to 1 girl and the girl I had eyed made it over to me. Interestingly
enough I had barfined the girl who made the arrangements for her to sit with me.

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I have also enlisted in the help of the Mamasan at times. She would send the girl right over, regardless how many other girls were with me. The Mamasan would just drop the girl off at my overcrowded table. The girl being sent over would sometimes
have a bewildered look, probably thinking what does this guy want with me, he has 4 girls already! The other girls generally get the point, although for some reason one or two will stay behind.

I rarely ever get to sit with one girl, for some reason I am usually “attacked” by 2 or 3 girls. I am in my mid 20’s, Japanese, and speak fluent English, and broken Thai. Who knows… And I don’t pay much for ST/LT,
rest assured I am not causing bargirl inflation! As for lady drinks, I let them know that at a certain price point, the drinks will end. At which point they start sipping on drinks from girls with other customers. I found this to be hilarious.
Though it doesn’t happen all that often. I’ve also had the girls just start drinking there own bottle of whiskey. Such a strange country it is!

So my biggest challenge came when I barfined a veteran girl Ann, who I wasn’t crazy about but she charmed her way in. I had sensed this may become a typical I’m tired type of girl. I pumped some food and more alcohol in her,
and we established that we both butterflies. Truth be told, bargirls are the biggest butterflies around, they hold us to a double standard! <This is not just a bargirl thing but a Thai thing. Double standards exist in almost every walk of life and the foreigner is judged MUCH more harshly than localsStick> This girl told me “I boom boom almost everyday”. LT became ST and we parted ways, as she didn’t look so good under good lighting. Quite a dancer though, definitely knows how to move that body.

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I return the next day, knowing she will be at the doctors, she told me. There was another girl Ding, I was interested in, and while we never spoke, we shared a long look as I was walking out the door. Thought it was just me, but no, she came
right over along with 3 other girls. This is nothing special, I chatted her up, took her out for the evening.

A week later, they are both working and I show up. The veteran comes up to me, greets me with a solid kiss on the mouth. We sit down and she whispers in my ear she knows I went with Ding. She said, it's ok, we all work together. So now
I have Ding on my left, Ann on my right, and they are both competing for my attention! My hands are being moved from their breasts to their crotch! Tongues in my ears, their hands are molesting me in all kinds of naughty ways. I ended up with
Ding as my regular girl, but Ann would always come and talk to me as well. She would even kiss me before leaving with another guy for the night! Now that is just plain weird. I don’t understand how these girls operate, but I have a damned
good time with them.

One time I dropped a girl who wouldn’t leave me alone. I made very hasty negotiations with an absolute stunner for LT. Man oh man, I was getting the dirtiest of looks from the girl I dropped. But no matter, I was out of that bar with
a girl I never spoke with except to negotiate terms. Quite awkward walking to a hotel and asking, so what is your name?

To date, this has been my best experience with a bargirl. She turned into a sex animal in bed! I don’t even know her name, just that she likes French fries.


So some girls have no problems with you butter-flying, even in the same bar. Others might give you some nasty dirty and mean looks…. And from reading this site and others, it may lead to some dangerous situations. I guess it helps to be
laid back, spontaneous, and just have a good time.

I love these girls, I went with my BG friend to another bar, where we met her friend. Her friend being a flirtatious animal, pops out a tit and puts my hand on it. My BG friend just takes my other hand and cups her breast with it! Doesn’t
get better than that.

Stickman's thoughts:

Would be interesting to hear from more Japanese gentlemen.