Stickman Readers' Submissions May 20th, 2005

The Castle Reviewed

I'm sure many of you are interested, so I thought I would write about my visit to The Castle (Pattaya Branch… the other being in Bangkok), Thailand's only full-service dungeon. The Castle in Pattaya is exactly the same as The Castle in Bangkok,
so what I say for one goes for both.

I suppose the first question to be asked is why would one go to a dungeon? Well, the most general answer is this: Most girls on earth (Thai girls in particular) are not willing to do weird sexual things. So if you have a sexual fantasy that
you would hesitate to ask your girlfriend or wife or most bargirls to engage in, a dungeon (contrary to the belief that it is simply a place for whips and chains) is a place where you can find girls who at least will consider it… if you are
willing to pay.

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The Castle is quite a nice place actually, but not really suited to visiting with a gang of your friends. (After all, this is a place where you indulge your innermost fantasies. Do you want to share those with your mates?) It consists of
a dimly-lit front bar with several lounging areas, and even more dimly-lit back rooms, some of which contain couches and several contain typical dungeon appliances. A cabinet of "implements" is available for playing around with.

Every guy has a different taste in girls, so I'll keep it simple: I didn't see any ugly girls at The Castle. The girls fall into two categories: Mistresses and slaves. The mistresses wear what you would expect: Shiny patent leather
outfits with garters and thongs and the like. The slaves wear school-girl uniforms, with an airline hostess (sans skirt), and a couple of others in just lingerie. If it is your first visit, the mistresses will start playing with the slaves in
front of you to get you into the mood. This isn't the typical gogo bar, on-stage fake S&M show that you know: Real paddles smack, and real wax is poured.

If you decide to stick around, this is probably the best time to communicate exactly what you would like to do while you are at The Castle, since you can choose to be either a master or a slave yourself. The mamasan is very helpful here,
and she will help you find who you are looking for. (I'm told that about 60% of the clientele are slaves, 40% masters.) Then, things sort of go pretty straightforward from there: Buy a lady (or ladies) a drink, talk about what you want, negotiate
a price, and then lead her/them (or be led) to a back room to live it out in real life.

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I'm going to be purposefully vague on the rules here – not because you would find them restrictive, but because there are surprisingly few. Simply put, you will be satisfied. Oh: Wear a black shirt or they will not let you in.

So what is it all going to cost you? Well, it is 900 baht to get in the door and have your first drink. Lady drinks, which are strongly marketed, are 250 baht each, and each additional drink for you (also strongly marketed) is 300 baht. Don't
be afraid to say that you want to be alone with 1 or 2 girls to cut down on lady drinks, as they do (and will) add up. Seriously though: It's going to be a 5,000-baht-and-up evening regardless… Don't spoil it by penny-pinching.

There is no real time limit on play-time with the girls, and you should base how much you pay on how much work the girl has to do. (Remember, hanging you from the rafters is hard work, as is being hung from the rafters by you.) 1,000 baht
is a little low, but should cover an hour of light play. 2,000 baht should cover most 2 or 3 hour sessions of semi-strenuous activity. 3,000 baht covers an entire evening of a strict workout (yours or hers). 4,000 baht is probably necessary if
you feel compelled to apologize to the girl for what you did to her for the last 6 hours… what with her being unable to sit down and all.

The girls can be barfined as well, so that what few rules that The Castle does have can be broken back in your hotel room if you desire.

Additionally, if you are a resident here in Thailand and plan on returning back to The Castle again and again, they have a 1-year membership for 15,000 baht. It seems a little steep, but all of the The Castle's prices (except lady drinks
and play time costs) are cut in half, plus they give you a free bottle of your choice and free mixers. (Going from 300 baht per drink down to zero baht per drink until the bottle is gone is certainly a money saver. Buying an additional bottle
and mixers costs 3,500 baht.) Basically, by my calculations, with moderate drinking at The Castle, a membership pays for itself in 10 to 15 visits. You decide from there. (You also get 3 free barfines with your membership, and 2 of your friends
get membership cards as well.)

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For price-comparison purposes, The Castle is an extremely good deal. Dungeons in the Western World will set you back hundreds of dollars or pounds per HOUR, and no sexual stimulation is allowed at all. Keep that in mind.

Anyway, I found my visit to The Castle to be everything I hoped for. I spent 5 hours there with one girl, and she played her part exceptionally well. Was 7,000 baht for the entire visit a little steep? I guess it depends on your fantasy,
and what it is worth to you to have it fulfilled. I'm not complaining: My membership card is in the mail.

Stickman's thoughts:

Excellent report.

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