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Stickman Readers' Submissions May 11th, 2005

The Addiction There Is No Known Cure For

The Addiction There Is No Known Cure For: Thailand Holiday

This is an overview of my second trip to Thailand. Most of which was in Northern Thailand. The North does not have as flashy of a lifestyle, but does have clean air, much cheaper prices and quality ladies.

Lately, so many of the writers to this site are handsome, lean, young, have great jobs, houses, cars, tons of cash… . Myself, I am "the older slightly overweight Farang" we heard so much about. At least that what "they" on the street
see when I am walking with a younger lady's hand in mine. But I'm also the guy from middle America whom stayed home and raised the family the best I could. Now I am the owner of a small business where I started at the bottom rung 36
years ago. During this time I put myself through college and was a Volunteer Firefighter and EMT for 16 years.

Free Party at Cloud nine

After 15 years, my wife whom I was head over heals in love with, left me unexpectedly for someone else. This sent me in a tailspin for years. With the help of my three adopted daughters from my wife's first marriage, friends and prescription drugs
I finally landed, hard, but on my feet, four years later. Now at 54 I am able to enjoy this new freedom. Sadly though, my equipment is not what it was years ago. On the Fire Department we use to say; "old pumpers are not called out as often
and they don't pump as hard, but they still put out the fires". As for me; "Once a King always a King; Once a Knight: plenty!"

As we all have learned, on the "western front" the "pickings" for good ladies are slim to none. After dating a number, I found none I wanted to take past friendship. Sure isn't the quality or quantity there use to be!

Then out of the blue, an airfare "tickler" on my computer screen about a cheap ticket to Bangkok. After hours of talking myself into it, I finally pushed the last button and a ticket was purchased for last October. Crash course on the computer
at all the sites, including Stick's and off I went, language CD in hand. My body, heart, mind and soul ached for a "Girlfriend Experience".

Got to Bangkok, to the Nana Lounge Bar at about midnight. After six to eight Singha Beers, an older BG (whom I had politely declined) phoned her friend and told her there was some fresh choice "Newbie Meat" being served. An hour later she introduced
us. Soon I was in love with the nicest, most perfect lady I had ever met. In the morning, to my surprise she was a good looker, quite pleasant and lots of fun. Had a week that will live in my heart for ever.

Then to Pattaya for another week without her (she got the flu and I didn't want to take the chance with the SAR's scare). Had a great time with a little testing of the local waters, yeah "me butterfly". But my true enjoyment was when
I returned back to her in Bangkok for my last three nights. The Butterfly in me was squashed.

The very first night I met her at The Nana, I struck a deal with her that she would get paid 6K baht per week. Which she got that, plus gifts and 3K to 4K at the airport. Not knowing about the "long-game" then, she had gotten inside my heart
very deep. After a lot of "I miss you so much" and "when you comeback" emails came the "I am sick" email. I gave in and sent her $400.00 to see a Doctor and "to get a bigger place, so we could stay together".
Not much money but it meant the relationship had changed. I still was one very happy "camper" and booked my return trip for February. Had to bump the trip a month because of two medical emergencies at home, the kids' and grand kids'
needs will always come first.

March 1st, off I went to be with her again. Unfortunately, my reading Stick's page had made me wiser and within three days of getting to BKK, it was over. She had taken up heavy drinking and had unbelievable energy to stay up all night. She was starting
in the late afternoon and was going until dawn for three days straight! I think the "Doctor" she was seeing had his office on the street. The good news was I said goodbye without a fight because she was so hung over and sleepy. I was
out the door before the explosion. I did leave her better off financially than I should but that was for me to feel good about myself and to thank her for my life's "jump start". I felt very sad leaving her.

One door closes and another opens. With some advise from Stick to see Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai after some emails about not liking all the crowds, street vendors and the hardcore sex tourist industry. Off I went, without the girlfriend whom was to be
my guide. What I found was a level of happiness that I never dreamed I would experience. The Northern Thai people are great, the food is awesome and there is plenty to do if you just step out of your hotel.

Following I have prepared a review of some of the places I stayed, ate and enjoyed. And a few I didn't like.

March 2, just before midnight:

Arrived Bkk, metered taxi 155 baht plus a tip to Nana Hotel. Deluxe room is OK, 1605 baht (all hotel prices inc. tax and Breakfast) but hotel is showing wear. Breakfast Buffet is going downhill just since October, but it's food when you need it.
I would not stay here in one of their standard rooms. They are rough and not worth the price. The Nana has a great location and lady policies. Still haven't seen BKK sights because all we did was drink and shoot pool. BKK Favorites: Hillary
I & II for pool, The Golden Bar, outside Nana Hotel for people watching, Beer Garden on Soi 7 for freelancers and Soi 7 Food Court for cheap eats. I must confess I have never been inside of the Nana Entertainment Plaza because I always had
the girlfriend with me when near it. For those whom have not been to BKK, the parking lot of the Nana Hotel at bar closing is a must see site.

Hotel car to airport midday 350 baht (includes tolls) after refusing the 500 baht offer and saying "get me a metered taxi". Took the car because I figured midday traffic would take forever. Go figure, only 22 minutes to the airport. A taxi would
have cost less. Thai Air to Chiang Mai is awesome $55.00 (There are two new cheaper airlines for about 30% less).

Chiang Mai (pop. 100K)
Air quality is much better than BKK but not great.

Pornping Hotel (Tower) 1065 baht is OK but wants 400 baht each night for over night guest. Hotel suffers from being very Reception unfriendly. The swimming pool is very cold water. On the good side, the rooms are fine and there is a number of bars and
a disco in the Hotel. Breakfast buffet is the normal, OK but not great.

The neighborhood has massage/bars are that small but good. Thai or oil massage is only 300 baht for hour or 400 baht for two hours. Goes up 100 baht at night in some places ("extras" add HJ 100 Bt, & BJ 200 baht, plus tip). Check your bill
carefully at some of these bars; "Thai Country Bar" is one. Some BGs are "pushy" to get you to buy lots of lady drinks. Behind hotel is a huge Night Market and which has great food very cheap. Take a tuktuk ride around market
first because it is so big. Second night I didn't want to eat alone so I ask the BG that gave me a massage the night before if she is hungry. All three BGs working perked up so I had them order dinner for all of us from a local restaurant.
It was delivered in about half an hour and just added to my bill. The meal for all four of us was under 400 baht plus a lady's drink each (orange juice 60 baht, the girls get 20 baht of it).
Buying dinner was a good investment.
Starting that night no more charges for "extras" during massage. Then two nights of long time at my hotel and she still didn't want anything. "Me want you comeback" after my trip further North. She even showed emotion
when I got into a tuktuk for the bus station (yeah I gave her a generous envelope). In the North everyone uses tuktuks and they don't rip you off, like BKK. Most of my rides were 15 to 25 blocks and they charged 40 to 50 baht "Favorite
spots" in Chiang Mai come later.
Air Con Bus to Chiang Rai (pop. 40K). 3 hours 169 baht Good scenic ride except the air con was broken.

Chiang Rai was the best holiday place I have ever been in my life. The air is clean, the people are friendly and the cheapest prices. Stayed at The Wangcome Hotel (1150 baht, Standard room plus 300 for over night guest). Room was very nice but pool was
very small. I ended up staying 14 days. After my first three night's online reservation expired, for 1300 baht I got an "Extra Deluxe" room (very fancy) and all guest charges waived (after negotiations). This is where they taught
me to book the room for two persons by giving a Thai name (I used the BG in Chiang Mai's real name) for the second person. They never check who stays with you. It cost about 50 baht to 100 baht more per night but no lady hassles and her breakfast
is included. Bottle beer prices in Chiang Rai bars: 60 baht for either small Heineken or large Chang.

I was told for freelancers to go the all night Clubs and Discos. Some of the BGs would head to the Discos when they got off work at 1:00. At bar time most of the bars just turn off the outside and bright inside lights then stay open as long as you want.
Massages with extras seemed to be the big thing up here also. Either upstairs at bar or at your hotel. If you want long time, you can barfine the hostesses for 300 baht but do it early, they can run out of girls. It is very laid back and easy
going here. Most nights I had dinner at a bar with the BGs. The most expensive dinner was for five of us which cost 600 baht Average dinner was with two BGs and cost around 400 baht The BGs were so much better at ordering food then I could ever
had done. It's a blast having several girls attending to you while you eat. Never had worry about fish bones. For this little kindness, you are an instant superstar. They loved having dinner bought for them and most nights they would invite
me out the next day for some adventure. "What you do tomorrow"?

When we went out the next day, I would pay for all of the expenses, in exchange for having awesome local guides. The expenses for these outing were very cheap, mostly food and transportation. On the way back from a good outing I would ask them if they
would like to stop at the "Big C's" shopping center and I would buy them a "gift" (200 baht got them a blouse, jeans or shoes). Some I offered them more but that was enough. They were very happy and I was very popular.
A gift it seems is more special then cash, I think it has to do with "face". That night the girls would always be wearing the "gift" and hoped I'd eat at their bar again. Chiang Rai has a good but very very small Night
Market. It has good cheap food and free entertainment, one and a half blocks from Wangcome Hotel.

Met a professional photographer whom was updating his files on tribal mountain clothes. We did some great day trips. Up across the border to Myanmar by local bus to Mae Sai, cost 39 baht Where we got our visas renewed (I didn't need to but he did).
Need pay cash of $5.00 U.S. to get into Myanmar and might need to show 10,000 baht to Thai customs. The guy in front of me had to show his money but I didn't. The whole trip to renew your visa can be done in 3 hours using the local bus and
a truck taxi though I would spend two days to enjoy it. Myanmar is worth a very short walk about, but it gets very poor quickly. Good prices on high quality silk and tourist junk at the market just across the border. On the other hand, Mai Sai
is worth a good walk about. Lots of good shopping and food. Was told the nightlife is good, but we didn't stay. Next day, we hired car and driver all day for 800 baht ($10 each). Went way up into the mountains to Doi Mae Salong. Awesome day!
On another day two BGs took me up the Mae Kok River by longboat to a Karen Elephant Village, about a two hour high speed ride. That day it was too hot to ride the elephants, but we had a lot of fun anyway. The whole day cost me 1,270 baht for
everything and was my best day in Thailand. The meal was the best food of my trip. It was served like a picnic along on the shoreline in a floating "hut" with a straw roof and open sides. Sunny, warm, with a nice breeze, great food,
cold beer and two ladies treating me like Royalty, about as perfect as a day can get! Yeah, it was purchased, but better than purchasing a day at Disney World.

On a day it rained, a BG called me and we went to a Thai movie. A couple of times BGs called me to see if I wanted a massage in my room at the hotel. Another day it was off to a Zoo with two BGs. (Cheap day but American Zoos are much better). To my surprise,
some of the BGs refused to take "gifts" after the day trips, including cash. They said they just enjoyed the day. Favorites: Crazy Joe's and MaLa's bars are just a half block from Wangcome hotel. Loved the food at Siam Corner
next to MaLa's. In Chiang Rai there were no wrong bar bills or pushing of lady drinks like places in Chiang Mai. To use the Internet is much cheaper up here.

Back to Chiang Mai by Air Con Bus for five more days. Stayed with the same lady from before. The Photographer shows up and took me around to all sorts of great places. Favorites: For great Thai food it's Hash House or for Western food including Pizza
with lots of cheese (I'm a "Cheesehead") it's Mad Dog both are on Moonmuang Rd. For great French food it's Le Scorpion. For late night fun it's to Lucky's Bar across the Moat from Mad Dog. Watch out for the "knock
out" of a good looker with big tits there, she's a Lady boy! Unexpectedly, there are Lady boys up North. Someone told me that their fathers wanted a girl so the boy was raised from birth as a girl. (Stick?) It is what I was told! Next
time in Chiang Mai I will likely stay at a hotel by the Mad Dog for a more action filled tourist neighborhood. So many good bars and had no problems. A new hotel called Raming Lodge has just opened and looks real nice. The front desk said 1500
baht, but online I'm sure it's less.

Thai Air back to BKK. Met a really great BG at old Hillary Bar shooting pool. Stayed with me for my last three days. Gave her 1200 baht a day plus some small gifts and all my Baht at airport. She has emailed me almost everyday for over a month now! The
new Hillary II is very nice during the day when it is hot but I still like the old Hillary Bar across the street at night when the temp. is cooler. Both have very nice house girls to shoot pool with, some will even "rack your balls"

Hotel car to airport again 350 baht after a "no, Ill take a taxi" to 500 baht. They didn't know that I didn't want to go looking for a taxi at 4:00 in the morning. March 30th I head home.

I am already planning my return in October for two months.

Stickman's thoughts:

I must return to Chiang Mai.