Stickman Readers' Submissions May 12th, 2005

Piss Off And Leave Me Alone

Does this happen to everybody or am I just unlucky?

You wander into a bar and you sit down with a beer. Then, usually at random, a lady will come and join you. You know this will happen because that’s the kind of place this is. She will sit and chat with you and she will be very nice.
You, however would prefer to be talking to another girl but as you already have the company of this lady, changing her for your preferred target is not an option. So, you sit there, you drink, maybe you buy a drink for the lady but you don’t
want her so after a polite period of time, you make some excuse and leave. Well in any case, that’s what I do.

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On your next visit to the same bar, you still have your eye on your original target but the lady that sat with you last time sees you come in and makes a beeline for you. You are now her regular and every time you come to this bar, this same
lady will make straight for you assuming she is not busy fleecing some other unsuspecting farang. Well anyway, that’s what happens to me.

You have no intention of barfining her and you might not even like her but she will be your regular companion at this establishment until either she stops working there or you stop drinking there.

Personally, I have stopped drinking at several bars in Bangkok because the same girls accost me every time I go there.

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The girls seem to have a working code of ethics at these places so none of the other girls will bother with you anyway once you have been bar coded as “Ae’s customer” or “Bee’s customer”.

Even if you give it a rest and don’t go to this bar for six months, if your girl is still working there when you do go back, she will make straight for you. There’s no escape.

This has happened to me in bars in Nana, Cowboy and 33. In fact, this is one of the main reasons I very seldom visit Soi 33 these days.

The irony is that I thought it was the girl’s job to attract customers, not give them reasons to stay away!!

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So where else has this happened to me?

Van Gough, Dali, The Office Bar, Renoir Club, Big Shots, Morning 2 Night and Big Dogs. Oh yeah and let’s not forget Suzie Wong……! Too many places in fact.

So, what do you do about it? Restrict your drinking to Pat Pong where the girls are too busy to remember your name or your face?

Now, that’s an option.

Do you bluntly tell the little princess to piss of and leave you alone? Is there a softer way of saying this? Even if there is, the other girls are not going to bother with you anyway after you do.

‘Why should you care?’ I hear some of you ask, “Just drink somewhere else”.

Well, I happen to live in Bangkok permanently and I am starting to run out of watering holes where this ‘problem’ does not exist. Oh, and by the way, once you do barfine one of these girls this problem gets even worse but we’ll
go into that another time.

So, am I to be sentenced to drinking my beer at the Irish Exchange or worse Bei Otto or some other respectable establishment? I sincerely hope not.

And sometimes it can be more than just a damn nuisance.

I met Mon one day in one of these bars. We chatted a bit but I was not interested in taking her out of the bar. She was not a great looker and quite honestly she seemed a mite pushy. Not my type really.

I swung by the bar from time to time and Mon would come straight over. She started telling me how much money she needed to make every month to cover her lifestyle. She had to find the rent for her condo and make the payments on her car, a
new Toyota.

I was skeptical. A bar girl with a condo and a new car, aaw come on? But indeed, this turned out to be so.

Well, we talked whenever I went to her bar, I learned Mon had developed a taste for the good life while she was married to a Japanese businessman. She wasn’t married anymore but she had a real problem going back to the ‘sharing
a single room with two other hookers’ way of life that most bar girls seem to put up with. Mon needed lots of money or better still, a replacement sponsor.

That was not going to be me!

I listened to her problems but I was not about to get any kind of involved here.

The small talk subject matter slowly got punctuated with veiled requests for new clothes, a new phone, help with the rent and other things. I didn’t respond to any of these hints. Eventually, Mon hinted that maybe I could help her
to get a visa for a trip to the USA. I didn’t want to know about any of this and finally I had to use the “Piss off and leave me alone” approach before I stopped visiting her bar.

The question still remains, how do you stop this from happening in the first place? Maybe I should use the “Piss off and leave me alone” approach straight off the bat.

Just going out for a quiet drink in BKK can be such a pain in the arse with these girls all over the damn place!

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Stickman's thoughts:

Go to Pattaya…..heaps more bars there!

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