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My First Bargirlfriend Part 6

  • Written by Ben Dover
  • May 7th, 2005
  • 38 min read

By Ben Dover in the LOS

For those of you who are new to my saga, do yourselves a favor and go and read parts 1 through 5 as they are rather funny, entertaining, and hopefully somewhat educational. You will definitely have a good read from what other Stick readers
have told me…

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And contrary to what Stick said at the end the last submission, this submission is also, most certainly, a funny read as well!

Like before…As they used to say on Dragnet, “The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Here is their story.”


So here is my introduction to that wonderful institution called the Thai medical system. This section is a must read for anyone who ever plans on spending any length of time visiting Thailand or who lives there on a more permanent basis.
And this section DOES directly relate to my beloved little teeruk as well as to our story.

Here is what happened…

A few days before I arrived, I had been in rather close contact with my BarGirlFriend and we had been speaking almost daily on the phone.

Well, on my most recent trip to the LOveS (Land Of vertical Smiles); I had a great time with my BarGirlFriend. Everything went perfectly, except for one thing…the sex.


I know what you are thinking right now, “Well, if the sex didn’t go well, then your entire last trip was a DISASTER, because great sex with warm, affectionate women is the main reason that many of us come here…because the
reason surely isn’t for the wonderful traffic, stifling heat, and choking air pollution!!!” Although, I must admit that there are numerous other wonderful things about the country to see, other than the three aforementioned trouble

On our first night together, we had a great time in the sack, but I noticed that something was definitely not right with my girl. She said that she felt pain…in her “pussy”.

So, of course being a typical guy proud of his ‘farang monster cock’, naturally I felt a little bit of pride to be able to ‘hurt’ my tiny BarGirlFriend a little bit during our intense and marathon love-making sessions. But
this was not the usual bargirl, “You too big, hurt too much…go slow” type of bargirl requests, but rather my girl was in some serious pain. Now, for the record, I am absolutely not stating that am some super horse-hung stud in
the ‘pants’ department, (although I have been told that I am OK in that department ; ) ), but I am merely explaining what happened.

I knew that something was wrong. She was constantly wincing in pain and it was not pleasant to watch my little 40 kilo, love-machine in this type of pain. So I asked her what was going on.

Well, for those of you who know even the slightest amount about Thai attitudes toward modern medicine you will understand some of the things that I am about to tell you, but you might be surprised about some of the things that happened to

First, of all, in Thailand, to most uneducated people (actually, I mean MOST Thai people…educated or not), they tend to greatly exaggerate their illnesses. Let me give you some English to Thai medical translations to clarify what I mean:

English Thai
Indigestion = Heart Attack
Mild Cough = Lung Cancer
Leg Falls Asleep = Stroke
Headache = Aneurysm
Rash = Flesh Eating Bacteria
Bloody Nose = Ebola

I think that you get the idea.

Thai people seriously exaggerate the common maladies that they have, not unlike 1st year medical students who are constantly trying to find some exotic reason for common ailments to show their medical prowess, when usually the most simple
and mundane answer is the most likely the correct diagnosis.

However, this is certainly NOT the true extent of the difficulties in treating Thai people’s medical issues correctly. Oh no, life is never so simple in the LOS. You see, there is another charming little thing about Thai people that
I have left out and that is the fact that you are in a Third World uneducated country where many people do not know jack shit about 1st world medicine and medical technology.

So, immediately, I turn into Dr. Feelgood, and start to probe my girlfriend for answers. No, not ‘that’ kind of probing! Although, I have done that on numerous occasions and she always seems to ‘check out’ just
fine and leaves with a smile on her face. ; )

I always love it when she wants me to give her a complete physical and asks me “You want me, Ben Dover?” I just love that part. Uh hmmmm (throat clearing sound), back to my story.

So, I ask her what is wrong and she says that she has pain in her stomach. Wow, I knew that perhaps I was a little bit longer than my fellow man, but this is getting kind of ridiculous. Now, I am thinking, “Either this girl is really
trying to make me feel good about my manhood or there is something not right inside of her.” So, I ask her some more questions…

I asked her when her pain started, and she said, “Before you come.” Now I am thinking to myself, “Terrific! Wonderful! This is just dandy. Now isn’t this fucking great?…A girl who gets allergic to me just before
I get to come!” So, I asked for clarification and she said, “No, long time before you come, I pain.” Oh, I see.

She proceeds to tell me that she has had this pain for the previous few months. So, it is time for me to start to play Sherlock Holmes medical detective. She tells me that she has difficulty walking and suddenly, I am quite proud again. But
seriously, she says that she cannot walk for long distances to which I am thinking, ‘Jesus H. Christ, how far can the Skytrain be, anyway?’

Then she says that she has pain when she eats spicy food and I say, “But wait a minute…you are a Thai girl who cannot tolerate spicy food? Jeez, you might as well put a bullet into your temple right now. I said, “You must
be the laughing stock in your village! That’s like an Italian who can't eat pasta!” Needless to say, she did not understand my humor, although I was most certainly busting a gut inside.

Then she told me that she had pain in her bottom. Now, the last time that I checked, I never entered her ‘third input’ and suddenly I begin to wonder, if my cute little BarGirlFriend has previously been enjoying some very naughty
sex in a very naughty place while I was away last time. So, of course, being a guy, I had to ask her, “Do you ‘like’ to have sex in your bottom?” and she got really pissed off and snapped backed, “NO. NEVER!
I NEVER DO!!! I WILL NOT ALLOW any who to do dat. NEVER. I NOT DO!!! Why you think I do dat?” I realized that she was DEFINITELY telling the truth. She asked me if I liked that. I told her that I had done it a few times, but that it really
wasn’t my bag, to which she seemed rather relieved. She said that it was OK, if I wanted to do that, but that she would be in great pain. Not being into sado-masochism, I elected to pass on that one…for now…although it might be nice
to save that trump card for later!!!

When we woke up that day, she started to have her period. But this was not garden variety menstruation…we’re talking flow like the Nile or the Amazon. I asked her if she was always like that and she said, “No. I not have before.
Only when pain. But now have pain and too much blood.” Well, no shit honey. For a minute I thought that I was in the movie Carrie, with blood spewing everywhere!!!

I start thinking to myself, ‘Jesus, this chick is more screwed up than Helen fucking Keller!’ (A blind, deaf, mute woman)

Now, I thought that I was coming to some sort of potential list of illnesses, when she totally blind-sided me. She then said, “I have something in my pussy.”


What the hell are you talking about that you have ‘something in your pussy?’. Could this be ‘it’? Have I fallen into the web of the black widow spider? Could this be the bargirl holy grail?

Dare I ask, but…But could she be ‘with child’???

So, I very tentatively ask her if she is pregnant and she said, “NO! I not pregnant! I not have baby!!! Why you think that???”

WHEW!!!!!!!!! Huge sigh of relief as I avoided that ‘sudden-death, triple overtime, loss, at the buzzer’ feeling.

Now, feeling rather smug after avoiding that oncoming freight train with a pregnant bargirlfriend, I investigated further and asked her some more questions about her pussy (a personal favorite topic of mine as of late).

She then said, “I have pain in my pussy and something come out.” EXCUSE ME??? “Something came out of your pussy?”, I ask her wincing. “Like what? An alien? Honey, what the hell are you talking about?”

Through the help of her handy Thai-English dictionary, she tells me that she has this discharge from her vagina. Oh, now this is getting good…’now you are telling me that you have a discharge from your pussy?!’ This just isn’t
my day…

Right away, I am thinking, ‘Holy shit, she’s bedded God knows how many farangs (who have in turn bedded an infinite number of bargirls, many using no protection) and she has probably given me some never before diagnosed, incurable
disease whereby my dick slowly rots off and I’m left with a mangled, disfigured, gnarled up, little nub for my manhood.’ At that very instant, my face went white and suddenly I felt nauseated.
I start thinking, ‘Maybe
I should leave this girl right now, because she is a disaster in the making.’ But then, being a rather compassionate guy, I ask her yet more questions. Although her mix of symptoms is making little sense to me in ascertaining some logical
diagnosis, I must admit that I am no gynecologist. Well, I have ‘dabbled in gynecology’ extensively, but I have never really ‘practiced with a license…in the medical sense’, if you know what I mean.

So, now that I have my list of symptoms, I ask her why she did not go to a doctor. So here we go with major problem number 2 with Thai people and what they know about modern medicine.

Virtually 100% of all Thai (family or friend) medical diagnoses result in incorrect, useless, and sometimes dangerous, treatments for everyday medical ailments. She told me that her aunt gave her some pills to take. I asked her, “Is
your aunt a doctor?” and she said, “No, my aunt sell make-up.” So I tell her, “Well now I feel infinitely better. Jeez honey, why didn’t you say so before? Now that I know that your aunt sells make-up, suddenly
I know that I would be totally comfortable in her hands where I to ever need open heart surgery or a lung and kidney transplant or perhaps to repair an aneurysm in my brain.” Once again, my humor was way over her head.

So, then I asked her what pills her aunt gave her. I was fully expecting some uneducated, pigeon-English answer like, “Oh, she give me pill very good. It have fried kangaroo testicles, soaked in pee of a vampire bat, mix with dried
semen of almost extinct blue salamander from Amazon lainforest.”, or some other similar dumb-ass, ancient, herbal, Thai folklore recipe.

It’s a wonder that these people even know what Band-Aids or Tylenol are!

OK, so now I have a problem. I have to convince my BarGirlFriend, that maybe…just maybe…her aunt may actually not know what my BarGirlFriend truly has. So, I ask my BarGirlFriend, “And what is inside the pill that your aunt gave
you?”, to which she replied, “I not know.” Good thing that she was not allergic to the pills that her aunt gave her or she could be lying in the gutter right now in the fetal position, with her eyes rolled back in her head,
while foaming at the mouth and having seizures.

So, I told her, “Enough of that witch doctor, voodoo crap, or ancient recipes, we are going to see a REAL doctor…right NOW!!!” So, we grab a taxi and head over to Bumrungrad, universally accepted as one of the best hospitals
in Thailand, or perhaps Southeast Asia.
Well, this is truly a miracle of Thai efficiency in what otherwise is a society made up primarily of dunces (as far as Western medicine goes) outside the confines of this gleaming white hospital. So
we go up to the check-in reception desk and the girl asks us if my BarGirlFriend has ever been there before. No, of course, is the answer and then the receptionist hands a quick one page medical form to fill out which takes about 1 minute to complete.
At the same time the receptionist is entering my BarGirlFriend’s info into the computer. This entire process takes a whopping 5-10 minutes. Absolutely amazing!!! In America, I would first have to fill out about 400 forms in triplicate,
sign a waiver agreeing not to sue my doctor even if he accidentally removed my intestines, acknowledge that my doctor has no malpractice insurance, and then proceed to the wait about 2 hours to see the doctor for a total of about 5 minutes. And
then my co-pay will be about $40 for that $350 doctor visit.

The American medical system has a lot to learn from Thailand, in this regard.

Anyway, we ask to see a doctor who specialized in ‘female’ problems. I almost thought for a minute that the receptionist was going to refer me to a psychiatrist for dating a Thai girl, but she realized what I was asking for
and told us to go wait in the next lounge area.

So, now I am prepared for the brutal marathon wait session, as I get to catch up on the last 3 years of some lame waiting lounge magazines like Better House and Gardens, or Glamour, but not 15 seconds after we sit down, the nurse calls us into a consultation
room along with the doctor. So I explain to the doc what the issues are with my girl and then he asks a bunch of questions.

Then the doctor takes her into an examination room right adjacent to the room that we were in and closes the door. About 10 minutes later, both he and nurse emerge. He starts to tell me what the problem is while we are waiting for my BarGirlFriend
to get dressed again and join us. The doc explains that she has a serious vaginal infection. Well, no shit doctor, I guess that explains the ‘cottage cheese’ that is falling out of her pussy!!!

Well, being ultra cautious, I ask the doctor if he is going to run some tests on her. He said that yes he can. Then I said, “Well, WILL you???” This guy was NOT on the ball.

He said OK. Then I thought, ‘well doctor, seeing as I do not really know all of the places that my BarGirlFriend has been to, or rather all of the places that my BarGirlFriend’s customers have been to’, “Can I
request a full work up of tests including those for ALL forms of STDs including an AIDS/HIV test?” and he said, sure.

Then I asked him what she has and she told me some common bacterial infection that nearly ALL women get. Fair enough.

I asked him if he was going to give her medicine to fix her problem and he said, “Yes, I give her pills to take. She will feel better.” Sounds good to me!

Well, knowing that my BarGirlFriend knows about as much about internal medicine as I know about rice farming, I thought it prudent to ask the doctor if I could call in to the lab to get the results in a couple of days. He said yes. I asked
the doctor whether or not I would be allowed to be told the results even though I am not the patient. I know that in America, for privacy reasons, that information is not usually released to anyone other than the patient. I noticed that on one
of the forms that my BarGirlFriend had filled out when she was registering specifically asked if anyone else could have access to her records and I told her to check the box that said ‘yes’, so that I would be able to discuss these
things later with doctors and nurses. He confirmed this and told me that I can get the results for my BarGirlFriend.

Then the nurse tells us to go over to checkout so that we can pay. Now, I am starting to get worried. Fortunately, this is one of the wonders of the Thai medical system…LOW cost. The bill only came to $60 USD, including her prescription.
Not bad at all. I paid the bill happily.

So, for the next two days, I was kind of on pins and needles wondering what, if any, other lovely little diseases that my cute little Teeruk might have.

I called to get the lab results on the 3rd day and gave them the patient code and the nurse said, “You are not Porn!?” I said, “No, I am not.” She said that she could only give patient information to the patient
herself. So, I told the nurse that my BarGirlFriend had checked the box which allows others to view records. The nurse said that she did not know that. Thinking fast, I said, “Well, please tell me the results, because I am her husband and
I need to know.” So the nurse said, “Oh, you are her husband? Then, OK, I can tell you results.”

So, now I am thinking, ‘Great security and privacy system. Do I also get to walk into Bangkok Bank and just tell them that I am the bank president and they just let me right into the cash vault at without verifying anything, also?’
What a joke!

Anyway, so here is what I found out that my BarGirlFriend has… Drum roll please……..she has…NOTHING!!!!!! BIG sigh of relief upon hearing that one.

So, my BarGirlFriend is very happy because she says that she can take care of me once she feels better. To quote her, “When I feel better, I fuck you good, evely day! Many time, evely day. Make you happy always.”

There IS a God…

So, anyway, shortly thereafter, I returned back to America and we continue to chat on the phone from time to time and I always ask my BarGirlFriend how her medicine has been working and if she is feeling better. To my dismay, she has been taking all of
her pills on a prescribed regimen, and one of the pills did take care of her vaginal discharge, but that she still felt pain like she did before. Hmmm, time to put back on my Sherlock Holmes cap again.

So, I told her to call that doctor immediately and to reschedule an appointment to see him again. So, she went back to see that same doctor 2 days later. I told her to call me when she was talking to the doctor because I want to talk to him directly about
her problem. When she got to the doctor’s office and started to talk to the doctor, she told him, “My boyfriend want talk to you.” And she handed him her phone.

I asked the doctor what was wrong because she is not feeling better. The doctor said, “She have no more infection. Pills your girlfriend’s aunt give her, work OK.” This is was a partial sigh of relief, but I later found out that this
was very dangerous, because if the antibiotics that her aunt gave her were not for the right kind of infection, that the BarGirlFriend might have become drug resistant to many other strains of bacteria in the future and any meds would have been
useless. So, although her aunt guessed correctly, it was a VERY dangerous thing for my teeruk to have been taking those pills.

Then the doctor said, “She OK now.” I said, “No things are not OK, now, my girl is still in some serious pain.”, then he said, “Infection is gone. Maybe her have pain because you have long penis.”


Now, I’m thinking, ‘How would he know anything about the size of my manhood?’ Then he said, “Your girlfriend say you have big penis, so maybe in the future, you should go slow and not go too deep or she will have pain again.”
I was thinking, ‘Yeah, sure, that must be the problem, because all of my ex-girlfriends all call me tripod.’ I started to laugh inside.
Well, I did not accept his ridiculous answer because at this point I had been back
in America for almost 3 weeks and I know that I do not possess some 14” monster-sized porn cock, so any remnants of soreness from even an all-night humping session on the night before my departure, should not be leaving lingering pain effects
weeks later. It was not adding up to me.

So, I asked my BarGirlFriend about her discharge from her pussy and she said, “No more things come out my pussy.” One down, one to go. Now, if we could only get rid of her pain.
So, I asked my BarGirlFriend to read me the label
of what was in the pills that the doctor had given her. She told me the active ingredients and then I looked it up on the internet and I found out that the pills that he had prescribed for her were only PAIN PILLS!!! I was fucking furious at that
point. He had prescribed to her a prescription pain killer. And there were NO antibiotics in the pills to kill the bacterial infection that was causing her problem in the first place! I was flummoxed…and pissed.

I called back my BarGirlFriend and told her that she was going to go right back to the hospital and ask to see another doctor instead. She said that she did not want to go back there again. It is a shame that this one doctor ruined any hope of my girl
ever believing that Bumrungrad was a good hospital. So she is more convinced that local remedies are better than seeing a Western trained doctor. Another fuck up for Thailand.

Well, I had had enough of that idiot doctor anyway, but I knew that I really wanted my honey to feel better. So I told her to go one of the other 2 top-notch Western-style, private hospitals. She wanted to go to some clinic, but I told her no. She reluctantly
agreed to my suggestion.

The next day she happily trotted down to Bangkok Hospital and asked to see a gynecologist. Before this turned into another total waste of time and money, I told my teeruk to call me when she was being examined by the doctor and to make sure that the doctor
could speak English also.

So, I get the call and start to talk to the doctor and the doctor says, “She have infection, very easy to cure.” I asked the doctor, “Well what kind of infection? What does she have?”
The doctor said, “She
have P.I.D.” Well, I knew vaguely what P.I.D. was (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), but I really did not know that many specifics about causes, cures, treatments, etc, so I asked the doctor if she will be giving my teeruk the appropriate medicine
to clear of the infection and she said yes.

I told the doctor what had happened previously to my BarGirlFriend at the other hospital and she assured me that she would be able to take care of my teeruk’s problem.

So, my teeruk paid the bill, picked up her prescription, and left.

The next day, I got inquisitive and started to do some research on P.I.D. and found out that it is very common. In fact, in the U.S. 1 woman in 140 gets the condition each year.
Those are certainly NOT long shot odds by any stretch of the
imagination. PID is very commonly transmitted when a woman gets either gonorrhea or Chlamydia, neither of which my teeruk had. But women can also get it in other ways that are not understood yet, by doctors.

However, it has many symptoms, some of which do not appear in some women, while some do, making it somewhat more difficult to diagnose to a lay person. But, in actuality, this condition is very easy to diagnose, for even a beginner gynecologist. The symptoms
are pain and tenderness in the stomach, especially when pressing on the cervix, vaginal discharge, irregular periods or very heavy periods, tenderness in the anus, and the kicker…pain during sex! BINGO!!!

‘Jesus Christ!’ How could that <profanities editedStick> doctor at Bumrungrad, who was a gynecologist, NOT figure this one out as my girl had ALL of the symptoms!!! Shit, I figured out what the
symptoms were for this illness in 2 seconds on the internet and that idiot went to medical school for 4 years? Where did he get his degree from? The University of Kabul in Afghanistan?

As I read a few more web sites, I started to learn about some of the VERY disturbing things about this common condition.

First of all, EVERY web site said that anyone who has these symptoms should see a doctor IMMEDIATELY because waiting even 1 or 2 days can allow the infection to spread further into woman’s body and cause more pain…and damage!

So, now many of you may be wondering what I meant when I said that it can cause damage to a woman’s body.

Unfortunately, if PID isn't treated quickly, it can cause permanent damage to your internal organs. Scar tissue can form in the fallopian tubes and around the abdomen. These scars can prevent pregnancy or cause the pregnancy to form in the fallopian
tube (called a tubal or ectopic pregnancy). Scarring can cause pain that lasts for months or even years. Occasionally, the effects of PID can be so severe that surgery is required to remove pus, get rid of scar tissue or remove damaged organs.
Holy shit!!!

But, wait folks, it gets even better than that…if left untreated for too long, 10% of all women who get P.I.D. become PERMANENTLY infertile!!! Yep, try telling your teeruk that she will never be able to have children and check out what her reaction
will be…not a pretty picture because the vast majority of Thai women LIVE to become mothers.

And it gets worse. I learned that women who are very sick with the symptoms (like my BarGirlFriend) of P.I.D. usually require immediate hospitalization because it can even cause DEATH in small percentage of cases! I was getting ready to fly
back to Bangkok and strangle that idiot doctor at Bumrungrad!

I was relieved that this new doctor correctly diagnosed her potentially serious condition. But as Dana, once wrote to me recently, and I quote, “…run away, Thailand is a house of mirrors. Nothing is real…”

So, I dug a little bit deeper. I asked my lovely little BarGirlFriend what the new doctor at Bangkok Hospital had told her about coming back to see her. She said that the doctor told her to take the pills and come back in 2 weeks.

Once, I again, I decided to ask my BarGirlFriend, “Honey, can you tell me what the pills are called that the new doctor gave you?”

She read me the label, and I looked it up on the internet while I was talking to her and I immediately found out that these were ALSO only pain pills! I was getting ready to buy a garrote by this time, so that I could strangle BOTH of the doctors!

I told my girlfriend what can happen if P.I.D. went untreated and she was mildly shocked. She was very upset that there was now (and remains to this day) a very good chance that she is infertile…at 19 years of age because the longer that her condition
is left untreated, the more likely the chance of infertility.

So, I asked me BarGirlFriend what she thought about that. Showing another flash of brilliance (which is happening far more often by the way), she said to me something that totally caught me off guard. She said, “I very angry now. I know why she
give me pills.”
I said, “What do you mean? Why would she give you the wrong pills that do NOTHING to cure your infection, but only cure your pain? That does not make any sense.”

She said, “Doctor, stupid.” Which she says a lot more frequently as I show her some of the things in her culture that are fucked up. I said, “What do you mean by that?”

She replied, “Doctor try to take money from me.”

What? You’ve got to be kidding. This CANNOT be another case of Thai greed? I know that this happens all over Thailand in nearly every profession or situation, but at a supposedly first-rate private hospital? Don’t doctors take the Hippocratic
Oath to always take care of their patients as best they can? Couldn’t something like this, were it to ever get out into the general population, especially the farang population or the media, potentially permanently tarnish the reputation
of these hospitals as well as Bangkok’s reputation as the premiere place to receive the most state of the art medical treatment in Southeast Asia? A doctor risking a patient’s health, life, and ability to reproduce just for money?
Well, the answer to all of these questions is, unfortunately, YES. And that makes me want to puke.

So this doctor thought that she could fool my teeruk for a couple of weeks (because my girl actually would feel a little bit better because of the strong pain pills that she was given), thereby further risking damaging my girl’s internal organs,
causing potentially permanent pelvic pain making sex painful, making her infertile, and even risking killing her…all so that she could make an extra $10 on the subsequent doctor visit. Unfuckingbelievable!!!
And most of you Stick
readers, and even Stick himself, always believed that the medical system in private hospitals was one the few examples of Thai culture at its finest. Don’t believe that for a second. As it always holds true in Farangland and doubly true
in Thailand, ‘caveat emptor’ and one of my old rules, ‘Always question authority.’

Now, I was on a crusade. To truly try to change Thailand, or perhaps a few people who live in Thailand, in my own little way to make them better people by changing an absolutely horrific act that was done out of pure and simple greed, by risking the health,
motherhood, and even life, of a 19 year old girl who only wanted to feel better. This was truly a despicable act that the doctor had done.

It is a good thing that I was not in Bangkok when this happened, or I would probably be in jail right now for giving a round-house kick to the temple of that piece of shit, waste of human flesh, called a doctor at Bangkok Hospital.

Actually, I would have preferred to have gone to the next hospital staff meeting or approached the board of the hospital and told them what happened to my teeruk. I would have loved to have had a fluent translator with me and then slapped that bitch doctor
right across her face right in front of her supervisors and peers after I reminded her of what she had done. Talk about the ULTIMATE losing a face in front of your peers! Revenge doesn’t get any sweeter than that. Then I would have threatened
them with a lawsuit. Now, I do not know much about the Thai legal system, but I have been told that this is in fact possible, even in Thailand. Hmmm, perhaps that will be a later submission…

However, I have been told (although I do not know if that is true) that causing people extreme loss of face in public actually can be a crime, so I am not sure if I would want to go that far, but I am LIVID!!!

Rest assured that the next time that I go, I certainly WILL do something about what happened and I will let you know in a coming submission what happened.

But in the meantime, here is what I did. First of all, the health of my little BarGirlFriend, was paramount, so I did a lot of research, conducted some surveys of American doctors, and then found the 2 best antibiotics to take to cure P.I.D. and the proper
dosages and schedules in which they should be taken and for how many weeks.

Now, don’t try this at home kids. But, I told my BarGirlFriend to go out to a pharmacy and get the prescriptions that day and start to take them on the regimen that the doctors and web sites recommended to me. She did this immediately. Now, I must
admit that I was somewhat scared doing this, because I am NOT a doctor, but if you read enough about any topic, you can turn yourself into a kind of expert in that subject so long as you stay objective and try to read MANY, MANY different sources,
cull all of the info together, filter through the hyperbole, check for consistencies in the message, and then you can make very accurate highly educated guesses as to the best course of action for nearly any medical issue. I figured at this point,
that it would be futile to ask my BarGirlFriend to go to see yet another doctor after she knows what the first two tried to do to her, because she was going to be having none of that. And this is a condition where you simply cannot wait for proper

So, I let her get started on the road to recovery that day, but the next day, I had a mission for her. Now I know that Thai culture is very non-confrontational, but letting this go by as if it never happened was NOT going to be allowed by myself. I wanted
answers and explanations and I wanted them NOW!!!

I told my BarGirlFriend to call the hospital the next day and ‘tear that doctor a new asshole’. I explained everything to my BarGirlFriend that I knew that Thai culture heavily frowns upon confrontation, but that sometimes, she had to stand
up for herself and injustices that were done to her. I explained to her many examples of situations where it is most certainly acceptable to go against the grain and raise hell. I was acting like her very own personal Anthony Robbins (a very rich
and successful motivational speaker in the U.S.), guiding her every step of the way as to how the conversation with that doctor should flow so that my teeruk would maintain the upper hand. I instilled a lot of confidence in her so that she would
NOT allow that doctor to look down on her.

She was very upset about the possible risk of infertility so I knew that she also was willing to act much more life a farang would in the same situation. I spent hours on the phone prepping her about what to say, how to say, how to question the doctor
to get answers, etc, etc.

So, my BarGirlFriend did just that. She called the hospital and asked to speak with the doctor and here is the conversation (translated, of course):

BarGirlFriend: You say me yesterday and you told me that I have P.I.D., right?

Doctor: Yes.

BarGirlFriend: You told me that these pills will fix my problem, right?

Doctor: Yes.

BarGirlFriend: My boyfriend told me that these pills are ONLY for pain.

Doctor: Yes, first we must help you feel better.

BarGirlFriend: But these pills will do NOTHING to kill the bacteria causing my infection and the pain. My boyfriend is a doctor in the U.S. (not true, but I told her to say this to scare the doctor) and he told me that these pills are USELESS to cure

Doctor: (Slightly nervous) Oh. Your boyfriend…he is a doctor? In America?

BarGirlFriend: Yes. And he told me that, if left untreated, P.I.D. is VERY dangerous and can cause internal damage to my organs, damage to my reproductive system causing infertility, potentially also leaving me with a lifetime of chronic pain, and even
the possibility of death.

Doctor: (Getting more nervous) Oh, but very easy to cure. You know all of those things about P.I.D.? He told you all of those things?

BarGirlFriend: Yes, he did.

Doctor: (Trying to cover her ass and save face no doubt) Well, I wanted to make you feel better first by giving you pills to make you feel better.

BarGirlFriend: Well, if you had given me the correct combination of antibiotics to actually cure the infection, then I would automatically be feeling much better within 3 days. But, instead you actually risked my life because I told you that I have had
this infection, with serious symptoms, for several months now!

Doctor: Well, umm…(she started to stammer and did not know what to say)

BarGirlFriend: And you told me to come back in 2 weeks, when any beginning medical student knows that once a antibacterial treatment is begun, that I am supposed to come back with 3 days to see if they are working properly also.

Doctor: Oh, yes, that should happen, too. But that is when I was going to give you anti-biotics.

BarGirlFriend: You KNEW that I had P.I.D. and you KNEW what could happen to me if I did not treat it quickly, so why didn’t you give me the correct medication the first time and instead tried to make me wait 2 weeks to get the medicine
that I needed yesterday?

Doctor: Silent

BarGirlFriend: But you wanted me to feel a little bit better as if the medication was beginning to work, to try to fool me, and then have me come back in 2 weeks so that you can charge me for another visit, and then you would (maybe) give
me the correct medication at that time, and then have me come back 2 weeks after that to see if the infection was cleared up, and then probably you would have ripped me off and had me come back again probably 4 weeks after that even though that
last visit would not be necessary, too. RIGHT????

Doctor: Silent

Then my BarGirlFriend swore at her and slammed the phone down!!! Her performance deserved a round of applause. She told me that she felt very good when she actually got up the guts to talk down to the doctor, in a position of knowledge AND
power, and that the doctor, even with her title, relative Thai wealth, and status, could not even muster a response after she knew that she had fucked up royally!!!

One small victory me, but more importantly one BIG one for my BarGirlFriend, as I was beginning to teach her that you don’t always have to lay down and watch someone shit on you, just because confrontation is frowned upon in Thai culture.
And she is also beginning to see that her Thai culture is not quite as great as she had thought that it once was.

Now I think that I have helped 1 Thai person to be more 'Western'…1 down, and 65,332,214 more Thai people to go!!!

I am basically trying to teach her to always question authority when the situation demands it. Except me, of course… ; )

And the best part is that I made her take the medication religiously and she felt better and better every day for the next 2 weeks and then she felt perfect again! She had not felt that way for many months and the poor thing had relegated
herself to the fact that she would have to live with excruciating pain in her pelvis for life and the inability to be able to enjoy sex. I cannot tell you how happy that she was that I had done this for her.

She said (and rightly so), that nobody else in the world would have done all of those things for her, done all that research, consulted with all of those doctors, developed an antibiotic regimen with no formal medical training and make sure that the people
who screwed up were put into their place. She said, “I was a bargirl before and you still help me. That mean you care. Nobody care for me before. Before, men only want to fuck me, but you want to take care me and take care my body. I know
dat true, now. I know dat true many months before, but now you leally show you love me. I leally know.” Then she started to cry and said, “You too good for me, I only poor farm girl. Why you do dat for me? I want to pay you money
because you help me, but I cannot. I have no money and everyone look down on me, because I poor. You should find good girl who never bargirl before. You should find hi-so girl. You very good man…very jai dee.”

Before this all happened I felt that I really believed that she loved me, but now, it was plainly evident as she was so happy that she felt better and kept thanking me (and still does to this day!). It is amazing how most of us think nothing of how lucky
that we are to be healthy until a devastating medical situation happens to us, like the one that happened to my BarGirlFriend.

So, there you have it folks. Even the supposedly 'great' Thai medical system is not what it is cracked up to be. Just because someone is a doctor in Thailand, does not always mean that they are looking out for the best interests for your health.
And just because a person went to medical school doesn’t necessarily make them smarter than you are…they just went to medical school, that’s all.

Until proven different in Thailand, question everything, and believe nothing.

To quote Dana, in his response to an earlier submission on mine in the My First BarGirlFriend saga, "Thailand is a house of mirrors, nothing is real." Prophetic words, at times…

Still yet more adventures to come in in a few days in, My First BarGirlFriend Part 7.

Stay tuned…

Stickman's thoughts:

That could have been and in fat may still turn out to be, a tragic story.

For anyone who wants a hospital recommendation, I swear by Bangkok Nursing Home. Yeah, it's an odd name, but it is actually a hospital. Bumrungrad is general regarded as the best and Bangkok Hospital is right up there beside them. There are many other good ones.

In many ways, hospitals are like English schools. You can have a great school with a few bad teachers, just as you can have a great hospital with a few bad doctors. Obviously, the opposite could be true too, an institution with not such a great reputation may have some great staff.