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Stickman Readers' Submissions May 18th, 2005

Letter To Stickman

I have been reading all submissions in this website for years. I really do like this website so much. I feel that I should write something about Thai women and Thailand in my own version to let other farang and other narrow-minded Thai to read. By the
way, I am Thai girl who got married to American guy but I am not a bar girl.

I have read the submission from Ms. Educated Thai woman and I really don’t like what she wrote though we are same educated and from nice families. I, myself, used to spend my whole year working as a teacher for people who live in slums
in Bangkok before. I know why some Thai ladies have to be bar girls. I want to tell Ms. Educated Thai woman that there are still tons of nice people who are not educated. I can say that they are nicer and more sincere than some rich and educated
people. As I spent my whole year teaching them, I have learned one thing from some of my students that they have to be bar girls because they need some financial support for their family. With their low education, they cannot find any jobs that
pay them enough for a whole extended family. This is their life cycles which transfer from this generation to next generation unless they can have higher education in the future. Some of my students used to be just the girls who sold the flowers
[real] to farang at all red light places in Bangkok. After spending time observing bar girls’ lives, they finally decided to be bar girls too since it’s an easy way to earn much money to feel their family.

He Clinic Bangkok

For me, it is not nice to perceive others with the narrow-minded thoughts. I certainly believe that all people have equal rights. I still don’t like the way some rich and educated Thai people perceive other Thai people who are low-educated
and poor. I am from high-middle-class family who teach me to value all people’s dignity since nobody can choose how to be born, but they can choose their own life, choose what to be, and how to make their lives better. Being the poor or
the low-educated doesn’t mean they are bad. Besides, for saying that the bar girls are plain ugly, I cannot find any ladies in the world are ugly if their mind are beautiful. I don’t think the appearance can judge people’
life, personality, or even whether they are beautiful or ugly since there are many Thai lady who are good-looking but they are still bad in the way of how they treat other people.

For other farang who come to Thailand with whatever reasons, one thing about Thailand is that there are many things to do and explore beside night life. I can’t force anyone not to be into night life. However, to spend time in night
life in Thailand, you should be smart enough to learn how not to be ripped off by some bad Thai people who are waiting for your money. I know beauty can take everything away from you, but with you smart and conscious mind, I don’t think
it will be too hard to get away from some bad people. Another thing about some bad Thai people is that you may pay double price of what you buy in Thailand which I have the example of my Japanese friend who bought Thai silk for $200 with the same
lady who sold the same style of Thai silk to me just for $100. So be careful every time you are into buy something there! You should try to bargain the price first before you buy it, unless you buy some stuff in the department stores. Anyway,
as I know that farang always concern about tips, you don’t have to worry about tips in the restaurants in Thailand if you pay with you credit card because it is already included in the service charges. So don’t hesitate to walk out
of the restaurant without any tips. I know it maybe rude for suggest all of this but I just don’t want any farang to be taken advantages on by some greedy Thai people.

Finally, it would be nice if some of you guys can share your great memory in Thailand instead of keeping tell everyone how bad Thailand and the bar girls are. Remember, they never forced you to pay those amounts of money to them. But it is
you who intentionally pay them with whatever reasons are. So don’t blame those who fool you! Do blame yourself for not having more consciousness enough to get out of those people who need your moneys! You all are smart so BE SMART IN EVERYTHING

Stickman's thoughts:

Good stuff.