Stickman Readers' Submissions May 2nd, 2005

Delightful Thai Girls – Bad In Bed? (2/2)

Thai Girls are GOOD in bed: Bad girls, good girls, all of them.

PART TWO: Now for the Good Girls

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Sinner and saint: Guiding you through the rice fields, markets and mega-cities of Southeast Asia, your Good Asian Girl is the perfect lady. Super-decent. Untouchable. But as the bedroom door closes, she shows her charming second side: the
playful sensual loving caring gorgeous sex partner.

I had the infinite pleasure to be intimate with a few precious Good Girls across the region. Decent middle-class ladies with ditto income and little farang exposure. Without any exception, they were tremendous lovers. Sometimes shy, naïve,
schoolgirl-like characters – exploding under my hand, and soon taking things over decidedly. A Clash of the Cultures, in the most sweaty sense. Stick, why would all your handsome, well-mannered, experienced readers complain about bed performance?

I mean, if your Good Girl is new to you, or new to sex, you can't tick off your whole Eden Club menu on night one. Surprise, surprise, she is shy. To ease her for a start, talk a bit of her lingo. What, you don't care for that?
It also helps to darken the stage, and to be modestly covered right before and after sex. Take undies or blanket, not to mention months of platonic courting. Actually, if you do snooze next to a newfound Good Girl lover, wear your boxers, so she
won't be frightened. After a few nights the camouflage is needless.

Remember some are brought up to believe that certain parts of their adorable bodies are dirty. So if you lick and bonk all over her assumedly dirty areas, she might freeze. After all, she doesn't have all your years of online porn. But
she will open up, once into the relationship and sure about your sincerity. And if she doesn't like all your dirtiest fantasies, relax – she will always be fabulous in more classic mating styles. Ok for you or not?

"You are such a wonderful lover", I complemented Phuong upon goodbye at Tan Son Nhat airport. "We love each other, so it is good", she observed. I left it at that.

Given time, care and good vibes, all my Good Girls turned out to be real enthusiasts on the linen, and on assorted other platforms. I didn't believe it myself, some years ago, but now I know: That serious uptight bank clerk over there,
and here, this sales lady oh so bourgois – they really rock in bed, maybe more than you. Just see their sensuous lips.

You don't believe me? Say Good Girls are boring? Never saw a rocking creature? That's because you only go to naughty bars. No place is more unerotic.

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For a change, check any heaving dance hall catering to regular Thais. This can be a hi-tech disco on Khon Khaen's fun strip, it can be a luuk-thung or songs-for-life den up in Udon Thani, or you seek out Bangkok's so-so Tawan Daeng
houses. Have you seen the Good Girls dance there? How they move, how they shake, how they tremble and take off? Shake what they have as in the privacy of their room? Worship their partners with frenetic dance steps and gyrating hands? You will
never look at any gogo toddler again. Tomorrow, those rocking Good Girls will teach again in primary school, they will sell Thai handicrafts again to Hong Kong and Minneapolis – tonight, set free by rhythm, spices, friendship, love and booze,
them Good Gals are literally boomsing the beat.

I hate generalizing. I rarely say "Thai ladies are like this" or "Western ladies are like that". I see things up to the individual: "Nid is like this; today." "Tina is like that; today." But one typical experience
I had with Good Asian Girls horizontal: they are so interactive, they want to give so much. Bed-wise, some of my western ladies would demand all kinds of services: "now rub here" – "no there" – "but faster"; using
me as a hormone powered vibrator; mutual masturbation at best. My eastern girl friends couldn't be more different: all into real exchange and into working on me. "I want to see YOU HAPPY", Ning would insist with a delirious smile.
Couldn't stop her. An addict.

Ok, one more generalisation: I found that you can talk about any awkward topic with your Good Asian Girl. Even a newbie, ask her about peeing in the shower, masturbation or anal. If you are polite and low-key, she will be curious, she will
answer just factual. No 'tudes.

From the keen, but shy beginners, all my Good Girls evolved into tremendous bedroom partners, who surpassed with action, compassion and innovation all the sophisticated western ladies that had crossed my tracks.

I don't like to post dull generalisations like this one (and I don't like this meta talk either). A submission should be no editorial and no rant. I prefer to prove my point with a story and a punch line – 100 percent graphical,
factual, true. So I pondered to write down what actually happened between Ning and me, Phuong and me etc. in bamboo love nests and on hidden beaches. Would love to work out what makes SE Asian Good Girls so heavenly. Might include anonymized pics
we took on those sticky sticky afternoons in the shack. Care to see?

But no. I just closed the image browser again. Memories… sacred memories. Those tiny, but confident and 1000 percent GOOD Girls made me feel "the earth move out and away", as Papa Hem put it. You don't give that away to a
moaning Stickman stepladder fuckers audience. So, sorry again for a submission full of generalisation and no plot.

I'm a cynical old whack. I've been through things. And I had great western partners too, I never despise Tina and Marina. Only too late in my life, but fortunate anyway, I met South-East Asia's almond-eyed Good Girl goddesses
on the cottons. They made me speechless, trembling and new-born.

I never believed in higher powers, I always felt I myself am responsible for what happens to me. Just only for those incredible creatures, those trusting Good Girl wonders who joined my sphere for a while, I cannot feel but thankful: Khop
Khun Khrap, Khop Chai Lai Dor, Cam On Nhieu and Awkhun Cheran for letting me share your hearts and minds – your Stradivari hips and Paganina hands, your gorgeous open minds and bodies, your bursting eyes, your trembling lips and your breathtaking

Yours are the smells, sights and sounds I'll rerun on my deathbed.

Stickman's thoughts:

And we thought you liked cruising the Mekhong in your motorbike – now we know the truth!

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