Stickman Readers' Submissions May 9th, 2005

A Precis Of A Long Addiction

By Mr Businessman

Having been an avid reader of Stickman’s site and especially of the reader’s submissions for some years the ever growing level of guilt has finally forced me to add my own two bob’s worth.

I have been travelling to LOS on business since 1992, most years I am there 4 or 5 times a year however there have been some years where it was a monthly trip. Most trips are usually for 3 to 6 days depending on how long I can stretch them

He Clinic Bangkok

The addiction began June 1992, we were bidding on a new project in Bangkok, I met with my business partner on the way back from London, this was our big chance at offshore work. The meetings with client and Project managers went well…….it
was time to party. We didn’t know much about Bkk, we had all heard the stories but research was more difficult without the web.

We were staying at the Regent and relied on the help of a tuk tuk driver to head us in the right direction for some fun. Ended up in Patpong and knowing no better upstairs we went, well what an introduction, there must have been 30 of them like mosquito’s,
15 each all over us could hardly breath, hands were everywhere. What the fuck is going on. We finally found sanity bought a few lady drinks and tried to sort out the local rules. Time to leave, call for the check…yes you guessed it 4000 baht.

Aussies are generally not backward in letting you know how we feel.. so Mr barman fuck off as we both stood to leave. We are both big guys especially my partner 6’3” and fit. In a flash one barman turned into 8 we are in strife and still
have to get down the stairs. Some pushing and shoving, plenty of threats including go get the police, rushed compromise and we managed to get out unscathed for 1000 baht. Can you believe it was not the last upstairs experience we would encounter.

CBD bangkok

Moved on and ended up in Pink Panther, met the mamasan who is still a friend today, enjoying cold beer, the music and the sights and then there she was on the stage, the body from heaven, an absolute princess. It was simply impossible to resist, eye contact
made and she is sitting with me ordering a drink.

All the normal chitchat, Mamasan helps with understanding of the financial arrangements and off to the Regent we go.

This is just unobtainable in Farangland and here she was all excited about spending the night at my hotel.

My partner had also found a princess, the four of us walk through the lobby and don’t get too far before we are confronted, some stern words and an understanding is reached, into the lift and to the room. It was decided to go to one room for a
few drinks and get to know these honeys that were very enthusiastic to please.

wonderland clinic

No need for a detailed sporting section here, suffice to say a great night, great sex and plenty of laughs for all.

The girls leave in the morning and my partner and I are off to another meeting with our potential new client… can imagine the discussion as we sit forever in the taxi on the way to the meeting. How did you go last night…..just amazing…what
a body. What about you oh….just the same. We have to win this deal cause I am coming back here…this is just fucking heaven I am addicted.

Negotiations went on for two more days and we left Bkk with a contract that stipulated we had to come back for Project Meetings every month until project completion. The Japanese client would cover all expenses including the Business class tickets, we
were in heaven.

The last two nights before we had to leave were just as much fun. Started to discover the other bars and to feel more comfortable in and around Patpong,

The flight out has been so aptly described by others, the wanting to return before the plane takes off, how can I wait for a month to come back, and that honey I met on the last night really got under my skin, she is special or is it different?

This short submission is the start of a series that covers the years and numerous times I have been in LOS, if I have a regret its that there has been too few opportunities to discover more of Thailand out side Bkk.

Shall send more as time permits.

Stickman's thoughts:

Interesting that you have been coming since '92 and are still not bored. That seems to be the case for people passing through. People who live here DO get bored. Perhaps being a tourist to Thailand is better than living here?

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