Stickman Readers' Submissions April 5th, 2005


A vacuum is not a natural occurrence inside the atmosphere of earth. Some form of energy must be used to create the vacuum. Nature will do what it must to correct the imbalance and refill the void. The use of a vacuum is very common in the service of
air conditioning units. When it is time to recharge the system the technician creates a vacuum in the system. This has the effect of causing any moisture to boil and vaporize. Then the technician carefully in a controlled way taking care not to
let any contaminants in the system, allows the vacuum to draw refrigerant in. Any contaminants would cause the system not to function as efficiently as desired. Experience dictates you just can’t create a vacuum and leave it unattended.
Nature will eventually fill it with whatever is around contaminants and all

This is also very true in economy. If you want to remove a regulated tax paying business you must replace it with another regulated tax paying business particularly if there is demand for the revenue that business is generating. If that does
not happen then non tax paying and non regulated businesses will quickly fill the void.

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Much of the revenue generated in the nightlife areas heads to the rural parts of Thailand. Apparently the attempt to limit the revenue for the rural areas has resulted in non tax paying non regulated sidewalk nightlife businesses. By day
they are gone, but come dark they emerge from nowhere. This to me seems very confusing from a business and public health point of view. If a community had tax money coming from regulated nightlife establishments, it would be very hard pressed
to stop that cash flow, knowing once it did another would simply get the money. It makes sense to nurture the tax revenue source and not try to stifle it even if it was not the most favorable of establishments.

I am no economics major but I understand that until there is another source of revenue heading to the rural parts of Thailand, there will always be demand. Businesses exist because there is demand for what they do or sell. There is no magic
that makes a business succeed or fail. It is simply the use of one’s ears and eyes to see a demand. If you never took economics in school, two words say it all “Supply and Demand.” If there is a demand for revenue then someone
will always find a way to supply it. It is up to the community if they want a piece of the pie or not. Ultimately the business that produces the most revenue in the shortest time will be the strongest and nature does not care what vacuums are
filled with.

I am sure the most accomplished economic minds would find this to be a challenge beyond their means on how to stop the supply but leave the demand. Even more perplexing is why would they even want to do that. Perhaps there is some deeper
underlying reason that is not obvious yet for this. If someone wants so change the landscape of Thailand’s nightlife they must quench the demand and not the supply. Quenching the demand however is very expensive and never ending. People
need to get out and let their hair down from time to time. That is not to mention much of the nightlife is driven by nature itself. Nature will dictate what nightlife will prosper and what nightlife will die. Remove the natural selection and nature
will do as nature does. History has proven that going agents what nature wants always results in nature making corrections. Often the corrections have been given names such as “disaster.” That disaster may come in the form of increased
HIV infection rates that are already being seen in Thailand partly as a result of non regulated non tax revenue paying late nightlife businesses. Apparently that comes when the regulated businesses close early leaving only the non regulated ones
open. That undoubtedly will be followed by a huge loss of face if not more for the people responsible for the change. Something this significant could also cause loss of face for people who associated with them for allowing it continue.

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Sooner or later nature will correct the situation. Some species prey on their own kind, particularly if that individual is sick. Piranha is one example how the sick one is ripped to shreds by the others of its own kind. Nature rarely is kind when it makes

As for quenching the other demand for revenue from the nightlife heading to rural Thailand, that requires replacing the source of revenue with something that is equally appealing. Quenching the supply is virtually impossible as nature seeks
to fill the void. It is like swimming up stream. As soon as you rest you are carried back down stream. Some humans conducted a moral experiment not that long ago.

There was once a group of people called the Quakers. It was part of their belief to abstain from sex completely. Nature noted the flaw in this form of thinking and took care of the problem. Now the Quakers are no longer with us.

Unfortunately it is the people living in rural Thailand that ultimately suffer and not the people conducting the economic vacuum experiment. This experiment has been repeated countless times in all parts of the world, for thousands of years
with the same results. This simply proves the laws of nature are constant. If you take something out, you must put something equal back. If you harvest a tree, you should plant a seedling to replace it. Harvest trees on a hill without replacing
them and watch what happens when it rains.

One other thing about nature, the duration of the experiment will directly reflect the intelligence of the people conducting the experiment. The longer the duration, the more obvious it becomes. The same indicator of intelligence applies
to the people who allow the experiment to continue. We often forget we are part of nature, and from time to time nature will remind us.

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We have one of Darwin's disciples in the house.

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