Stickman Readers' Submissions April 25th, 2005

These Isaan Girls, Follow Up

By Tom Yam

Have been reading the “readers submissions” now for the last 3 years and feel the time has come to make a contribution. This submission being long overdue and a continuation of sorts to the following post,
entitled These Isaan Girls by Anonymous, from your original readers submissions page 2 and placed sometime in 2003.

The events in the above submission having occurred at various times roughly between Sept 2002 to May 2003.

He Clinic Bangkok

The girl “Porn”, not real name, I have been seeing since Nov. 2002 (18 tours to date) and have a very different tale to tell regarding her.

The first time I met “Porn” was on the last night of my tour on 16th Nov. 2002 at her bar in soi seadragon, I was living in a real cheap accommodation in Kata at the time and decided to bf her as she seemed a nice person to
talk with, good English and presentable, as in not overly made up and did not look like a tart, as I was rather self-conscious of bringing a girl back to my room at the place where I was staying.

I left the following day, did not exchange numbers or e-mails and had a further 2 trips to LOS, staying at the c & n, Patong's version of the nana, and did not think about “Porn” at all, stayed with various ladies, butterflying
big-time, as was my want for many years.

CBD bangkok

It was not until Feb. 2003, that I saw “Porn” again at her bar, I used to park my car at the end of soi seadragon and so passed her bar every night, to start my evening of ‘mongering, I was staying out at nai harn this
time, hence the need for a car, anyway, one night as I was passing her bar, I saw her standing at the front and decided to go in and have a drink with her and we got talking, one thing led to another and I ended up staying at the bar and getting
mao (slightly!!) and taking her back with me. We stayed together for the rest of my holiday, around 12 days, if I remember correctly, I had a very enjoyable time with “Porn” and she was pretty low-maintenance, no attempts
to lure me into gold shops or hardship tales of sick buffaloes, she seemed to be financially comfortable (probably due to the big-money extracted from “Anonymous”). She was just very easy to live with, not crazy or paranoid, just
a very level-headed, common-sense type of girl, with a girl next door type of style about her, in other words, she did not give off the persona of a bar-girl, she could go anywhere with you and would not embarrass you in mixed company. At the
end of the tour, we did exchange numbers and I gave her a pretty generous pay-off (well, by my Scottish standards, at least –lol).

We kept in touch while I was back in Farangland, but there was never any bullshit talk or requests for additional funds or hard luck stories, and it wasn’t long before I was on my way back to Thailand, actually about 3 weeks, “Porn”
in the meantime had gone home to her village, so when I got to Bangkok, I had 1 night at the nana and met up with her at mo chit the following morning, where I met 2 of her (real) sisters, we then headed down to Phuket for the remainder of my
holiday, again staying at nai harn, which has become my regular accommodation now, however this trip seemed to go disastrously wrong, in short “Porn” would pick an argument from nothing really and she left halfway through the trip
(I later discovered this was due to “Anonymous” or “Vienese Whirl” being in town), but no big deal, as being the highly seasoned ‘monger that I was, I just went into town and picked up another and had a blast!

Another 2 trips went by, before I saw her again and I can’t remember if she contacted me or I her, but probably her me, as it was now low-season, she had just come back from Austria, where she stayed for 3 weeks with “Vienese Whirl”
her boyfriend and “Anonymous” was now out of the frame, also “Vienese Whirl” was not sending money (allegedly!!!), all this time I had the knowledge of these events thanks to “Anonymous’s posting, which
I kept to myself.

So we hooked up again, well she was good company and I was going through a period of getting bored with the scene and the ‘mongering, a thing I could never imagine happening to me, but a bit too much overexposure, listening to the same “where
u from . how long u stay Thailand, etc for many years and I suppose that I was looking for some form of stability and “Porn” just seemed to fit in with what I was looking for.

Fast forward 2005, we have now spent 18 trips together, “Porn (34 now) still works in the same bar, she has no desire (as yet) to quit and why should she, she makes her money and is a good saver, also, I have no desire to become her
sponsor – lol, we have had a good time together, and have a good understanding, none of the things that “Anonymous” experienced with this girl has happened with me. I know I am on to a good thing with her and I have 3 more years
to go in Farangland, before I take early retirement, upon which I will live permanently in LOS, where I am currently building a house in Phuket, I still make around 8 trips a year to Phuket.

wonderland clinic

As an aside, a long time ago I told “Porn” that if she wanted to stop working in the bar and going with customers, that I would partially support her, if she took a proper job of employment, I would match her salary on receipt
of her wage slips, but if she wanted to continue working at the bar, then I would have no objections, other than, that I would not pay her any money, neither barfines or money for services rendered, as I will not see myself as a customer anymore,
thereby allowing me to put away that little bit more towards my retirement, to which we are agreed upon.

I read on another board, where someone mentioned a certain characteristic of bargirls as being “personality chameleons” and I believe that this description, probably defines “Porn” to a tee and explains why she
fleeced “Anonymous” so badly, be seen to fall in love with a BG and prepare to pay the price. It is all about maintaining a certain balance and not going overboard.

We are both very happy with our present arrangements, “Porn” has a healthy bank balance and is not dependent on me and I am quite certain that we will be together for many years to come .

Stickman's thoughts:

Do you really think not paying her, or her barfine, is fair to her?

nana plaza