Stickman Readers' Submissions April 2nd, 2005

The Japanese Guy

In the beginning of the relationship with my teeruk I was constantly told about her friend with a Japanese boyfriend. How good he was when it came to understanding Thai ways and how much money he sent her and so on. She would be sure to mention this when
we had some sort of argument as a sort of a threat.

I bought her a pair of gold earrings and he bought diamonds and I was just a hard working man and he was a colonel in the Japanese navy, this was the things I heard all day long.

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Finally it gets to you of course and I started to feel really bad about myself and doubting if I could take care of my teeruk in a good way, but I have to point out that I still hadn’t met the guy in person, only by reputation.

As all of you guys know, one of the worst things to hear is that someone is much better than you and especially if it comes from your loved one. And this was the shit I was fed with all day long and even some nights.

As all the bad things in life it turns around and gets better and with that in mind the story begins:

One day my Teeruk tells me that her friend, the one with the Japanese boyfriend, was going to have a birthday party. It seems strange now but at the time I was a little bit discouraged about the idea that I would be sitting in his shadow
for an entire night. Because from what I had learned about this guy it was going to be a fucking samurai walking inside that restaurant.

My expectations on this samurai were high, but that was also on behalf of my dear Teeruk kept pumping me with all this stuff about him.

We got out of the taxi and I took a deep breath before entering the restaurant, this was about to be my worst night ever I said to myself. As I approached the table, we were the last to arrive, I saw this tiny Japanese guy at the end of the
table smoking, but hey he doesn’t look so dangerous I thought. I greeted him in a Thai manner and he just laughed at me, taste that one!

Next thing he did was that he took his girlfriend and literally dragged her over two chairs just to smell her hair, and as I know if I had done that my Teeruk probably wouldn’t have talked to me in a week.

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During his bites in the food he constantly smoked cigarettes the entire evening, as I know my Teeruk gets angry if I even smell smoke. But hey here is this Japanese guy smoking, telling bad jokes and have no respect what so ever in the Thai way and he
is getting away with it. This puzzles me big time, and my only explanation at this point is that he is Japanese and not Farang.

And as the night moved along it also became clear that he wasn’t a colonel in the Japanese navy but just a normal guy earning his living by working on cargo boats.
There is probably nothing wrong with him but why did all the Thai ladies
at the table act so impressed by him, all he did was show disrespect to their culture. It even came moments when I said to myself, aah now he is going get his ass kicked, but surprise all the girls at the table just smiled and thought he was hilarious.

I had now lost all respect I had for the guy and for the first time I felt in control again, and as I looked at my Teeruk I knew she understood my thinking. If she agreed I don’t know but she knew and that was all the information I needed.

Later on in the party it gets decided that we are going to meet up tomorrow for some Japanese sushi, which sounded great to me, because how many persons gets the opportunity to go to a sushi restaurant with a real Japanese?

Next morning my girlfriend gets a call from her friend telling her that the Japanese guy is sick, I laughed and said that it was case of hangover and nothing else. And of course this my Teeruk denied all day and kept saying he was really sick. However
I haven’t had one argument with her involving that Japanese guys are better than Farangs after this little birthday party.

What do we learn from this, well first don’t believe all the things your Teeruk tells you about her friend's boyfriend because they will always put some sugar on top. And second it is a fact that Japanese people are worthless
when it comes to controlling their alcohol intake.

I would be glad to hear Stickman's wife put some comment in the behaviour from the Thai ladies around the table?

Stickman's thoughts:

Yeah, some women will always play you off against other guys in an effort to up the stakes. I'd personally not enter into this sort of bullshit. It is manipulative behaviour and not becoming of a good woman.

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