Stickman Readers' Submissions April 18th, 2005

Just Took A Trip To Paradise

Enjoy Thailand for what your there for – don't get caught up in the "I could live here" deal too quick – the girls are easy – in fact too easy – they treat you like a king for just a few bucks a day – I travelled around to 5 places and had 7 companions to curl my toes and keep me company, they helped with the details of Thai life, translated some Thai for me, showed me the sites, were exceedingly patient and honest, even waved goodbye when I left to my next destination – the old saying is you get what you pay for — the average Thai I hear makes 10,000 baht a month so my 1500 to 2000 donation was greatly appreciated and yes I was the boss so I got the ceremonial wai (the triangle thing with the fingers) when I gave them a few bucks here and there.

Remember You are the king for a day but don't let it go to your head – they treat you very good for a reason JUST LIKE EVERY ONE ELSE they have worked for in the past and as soon as you leave with the same loyalty and devotion

He Clinic Bangkok

"don't you forget it"

FACT: You get unquestionably good service and they get unquestionably good money for it – don't feel guilty at all!!

if some female offered to pay you $1000 dollars a day for services rendered and the best paying jobs – you couldn't dream of getting – paid only $60 a day what would you do — kiss the ground they walk on or what ??

CBD bangkok

add to that a family that encourages you to do it, and you have the reason for so many Thai girls ready and willing to do anything for 1000 baht a day or more.

Yea I like to dream cause sometimes they do come true but not often enough!

Usually your just dreaming while their scheming on how to work for you and get even more money. (con is what you get when you don't know the rules of dating – in any culture)

It's all quite simple really – if you hire a girl to take care of you and you fall in love/lust whatever – they are going to take advantage of it – wouldn't you ?

wonderland clinic

Look at it this way you may be able to truly fall in love with a Thai girl and they may love you – that's normal and they are human, but you did hire them in the first place so don't think they aren't in it for the money in the long run.


Thai girls are possessive and have spicy tempers.

I dated one that was psycho — yea even some Thai girls are nuts in the head – went out one day for a drive took in the sites she showed me places I would most likely never had known were there and had a good dinner date kind of sex thing
– next day I took a scuba course and came back to my hotel dead tired and went to sleep — she called my cell phone 31 times ringer off – I'm not kidding and then proceeded to show up at my hotel -opening my pops unlocked hotel room door
– I almost had a shit waking up from a sound sleep to face an intruder – when I realized it was her I sent her packing fast, but the hook was in and I didn't even know it – until I went to a few places in town and everyone seemed to know
who I was and that I was seen with her / dating or whatever — I checked out of my hotel right away and into another place, then planned my exit – real weird when strangers where calling my name, waving and saying high from the backs of pickup
trucks – she was setting a trap alright – That night I ran into her or should I say she stalked me and we went into a place I ordered a coke went to the bathroom and split – she proceeded over the course of 4 hours to look for and find me 2 more
times – I'm sure my MO was well known and all she had to do was wait for a phone call from one of her network of friends – I flew out the next day – she probably knew my flight number by the time I was in the air — I hate F*** stalkers.

The guy in the hotel room next to me was hit by a little Thai girl with a wood club with a nail sticking out just missed getting hit by the nail too cause she lost her cell phone and thought he stole it I guess.

The lady boy deal is simple in most cases the families decide to ensure their future retirement so they raise their more feminine boys to be girls or Mahos almost from birth, or a boy who cannot make as much money working a normal job and
still support the family will go into the sex trade to make more money – and since the Thai culture is supportive they have no moral reason to care.

giving even more reason to be wary when picking your companions they feed on the weak if you even slightly question them move on – just no I'm just not interested no matter how hard they try just walk away – one grabbed my shirt like
2 bars away and tried to get a bouncer to help her/it whatever for what reason I will never know

I simply asked to be let go and then proceeded to partially break its hand and grip on me – nuf said !

All in all though you can say a lot for Thailand it is a paradise of sorts.

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