Stickman Readers' Submissions April 27th, 2005

I Got The Good One Part 3

Well, there we go, all over now. What a waste of seven years and a waste of my health, finances and love for a woman.

As I mentioned in my earlier submission, (Good One Part 2), I had been accused of several peculiar assaults on my wife. The throwing the dead rat at her charge cracked me up. Laughing in interviews with the cops is out of order here, but,
I mean, this is Oxford in the U.K., not some stinking Soi in Bangkok!

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Yup, the witnesses were the restaurant owner’s son, his girlfriend, supposedly an ex-Thai actress and another Thai lady who works in the same joint and has done so in an illegal sense for some years.

The current status of this bum of an owner and his relationship with employment legislation is unknown to me. (It will be soon though – ha, ha – I am going back at this person. Drop a bucket of buffalo shit on me, o.k., so expect a truck
load back.)

We finally reached an agreement that what I had said all along was that I had once pushed my Wife, and have never denied it. At the time I was angry about the working illegally and her habit of spending time with other guys and being dishonest
about that.

I have female friends and it is no secret, but they are friends and that is all.

Why did she have to tell lies about male friends? This I could not understand, and, naturally I worried. Worry and alcohol create anger.

So, we ended court with some pissed off looking rich Thais , me fined 150 Sterling – 300 USD: They spend more on one wheel trim than my fine…work it out.

So who is sponsoring who?

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My wife, (The Good One), has to pay Lawyers and costs for an interperter – why she decided that she needed an interpreter is beyond belief. She worked as an International telephonist speaking purely English for a number of years and English is
not her weak point.

I offered to translate which brought a few raised eyebrows. Of course it was not an option, but I did try to be helpful.

So, given her current salary and the costs of the legal beagles, I reckon she is being sponsored by the owner of the ******* ***** restaurant here as he lost so much face by my confronting him last year, (2004), over labour legislation.

It could be pertinent to consider that perhaps he now has a waitress in the evenings working off a debt?

And we all know how the money lending works in Thailand don’t we? This is the U.K. for goodness sakes and why things like this should happen are unreal.

However, the pen is mightier than the sword and as long as I have a keyboard and printer, letters will be written to the relevant authorities.

Let’s have it all in public please.

I would delighted to see the whole situation put into the public domain and I am not going to be threatened by any small time crook of whatever nationality.

You reap what you sow…

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