Stickman Readers' Submissions April 27th, 2005

Delightful Thai Girls – Bad In Bed? (1/2)

Thai Girls are GOOD in bed: Bad girls, good girls, all of them.

PART ONE: Bad Girls

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While I never had a regional Good Girl acting dead fish in the night, there was the odd lazy whore of course. But that's the exception of the rule:

So many sex workers are at least service-minded, trying to perform and make their customer happy, especially in Bangcock. Then there are those bar girls who really take off. I had the pleasure especially in Isaan: pussies dripping, nipples
rocketing skywards, screams all over the place and bonking me mad until I begged for mercy. No kidding.

When out whoring, I never care for beauty. In Isaan, you won't find stunning sex workers anyway (but world's most wonderful Good Girls). I try to find good-natured, entertaining, supporting prostitutes. If the whole harem flashes
tattoos, cigarettes and beer breath – I go home empty-handed. But when I finally do buy pussy, most likely she'll be fun.

I always found the Bad Girls good. From the very self-confident and powerful ladylike massage professionals in Bangkok or Pattaya to the 3 dollars girls in Northern Cambodia's bursting wooden boom shacks. Not to mention the delightful
down-to-earth masseuses of Khon Khaen or Ubon Ratchathani. They can be ladies, can be buddies, can be sex bombs, good service and good fun. Any complaints out there?

Now I must admit: I am not your default multi-car, multi-card, multi-millionaire, multi-orgasm Stickman punter. With my spending and bonking power, I rank down at the bottom. Still I can confirm:

Bad Girls are good girls, in bed.

Bangkok for example: There was this long-haired Nana queen who had attracted me with her gracious dancing, her gentle smile and polite manners. Toon did her very best to "make you happy, ok!!!", but I had to call it off. I told her "I no
finish, but I pay money same-same, no problem, mai pen rai!" So I thought she would relax. Not Toon: She tried more tricks, then some more, and finally she said: "You give money to me, so I want to give something to you." Her offer:
"I give you a manicure, because I want to give something, ok?" Later, after 2 a.m., we dinnered together, at her favorite fried rice place in Sukhumvit Zoo. Around goodbye time we had a little fight: She insisted to pay our meals. Couldn't
stop her. A lady.

Chiang Khan for example: There was Khun Goi in that remote small town up on the Mekong coast, just another ugly karaoke girl from Laos. Reluctantly she accepted me to join her pre-sex shower. We had to sit down in a bathtub. Goi being a true
Asian girl, she washed me very carefully. And she gave lots of attention to my procreation device. Repeatedly, her soapy hand passed over my extremely receptive organ. My ugly duck watched the result with a motherly smile. Then suddenly, she dived
over me, swallowing me with her tiny mouth. God, thunder and lightning, this tiny Thakek girl gave me the blow job of my life! When we finally managed to creep to the mattress, it seemed a long trip. Time and again voluptuous Goi descended over
me. She smiled, she laughed, she beamed, she gasped, she dripped, she leaked, she held me with her hand, happily she stared at her delicacy as if she discovered the sweetest mango, she raved: "Oh, sawp lai-lai – I like I like I like!!"
Couldn't stop her. A freak.

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Decent Khun Toon, freaking Khun Goi, they are only two of so many delightful Bad Girls who excelled and enthused in pleasing the horny farang male. Stick, tell me why all your handsome, well-mannered, experienced readers would complain about
local horizontal performance! Well, you can't always get what you want; sometimes, though, you get what you deserve.

Some breaking news here: The honorable Stickman knight of the night, he who wants the best bonk for his baht, should act as if respectful, humorous and easygoing. John, even on the sheets: Do listen sensitively to her Aahs and Oohs. And to
her Nos. 'Coz if you ride her down that dirty track she doesn't like, she'll freeze. And rightly so.

One might want to add, seeing you lot roaming Sukhumvit Zoo: Chances for a decent catch rise not with your extension, but with your tidiness. I don't talk shaven willies.

Stickman's thoughts:

I'd love to see Dana's take on this…

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