Stickman Readers' Submissions April 8th, 2005

Amazing Thailand

Amazing Thailand. That is all that comes to my head as I sit and write this down after my trip to Bangkok. Let me start with a little background about myself. I am a 29 year old bachelor from a country where talking about sex before marriage is a taboo.
My sex life was not great and was almost non existent for the last couple of years. Towards the beginning of this year I got an opportunity in my company to visit US and I decided to take a break at Bangkok on my way back. So like any other punter,
I surfed the internet and visited all the sites that had information about Bangkok, including Stickman, BangkokBob, Bangkok Tonight etc etc. I also started PM’ing anyone I cared on Yahoo chat and made a lot of friends over the chat line.
I liked one specially, let’s call her RM. RM claimed to be a Filipino in Bangkok for the last 5 years and a teacher in a school. After chatting with her for a couple of months I decided to spend sometime with her in Bangkok.

Armed with all information and a long 18 hour flight I landed on the 31st March 2005 at 7:00 AM and checked myself into the famous serviced apartment in Soi 11 on Sukhumvit. I had decided to meet RM at 5:00 in the evening at the Surasak BTS.
So with sometime in hand (even though I was tired), I decided to head out to the famous Soi 7/1 Eden Club. A nice little beauty from the right of the famous yellow line caught my eye and I beckoned her on. She called a little jaded out beauty
but I was fine as this was my first experience in BKK and Eden. And what an experience it has been. Words fail me when I need to describe the excellent service and friendliness that the two displayed. If it was an act it was still wonderful. And
as the great owner of the place said. No bullshit. You get the best that you pay and it was true. Without going into too many details, let me say that considering the long sleepless flight I had, the patience and care that those two took was real
and they made me feel like I was a king.

He Clinic Bangkok

I left from there around 3:00 PM and after having a good lunch headed back to the hotel to get ready to meet RM. Now I had known her from the internet alone. From what I had heard and read in every site I was ready to harden my heart at the
first instance of a sick buffalo coming my way. So having showered and dressed, I thought I would lie down for sometime before catching the BTS to Surasak. Big Mistake.. I got hit with jet lag and when I woke up it was already 9:00 PM. I had just
slept on my first date in Bangkok. I called her up immediately and explained to her that I had fallen asleep. She accepted the fact and agreed to meet me in an hour in front of Times Square. About an hour later I went across to Times Square, and
there she was, a nice looking beautiful woman. No makeup on and dressed in simple top and jeans. We walked down to a nearby Indian restaurant and after a quick meal, went to the landmark bar which had live music. She said they were good and yes
that they were. It was nearly 1 AM I asked if she would not mind coming back to my place. She agreed and we had a great time during the night.

The next morning she said she needed to go back as it was the last day of school before the holidays and she had to give away some books to students and complete some other formalities. We agreed to meet again in the evening at the same Surasak station.
By now I was real friendly with her and to those who have heard the tale before, must now be shaking your heads.. Anyway to cut the long story short, I met her and asked what she would like to do. She suggested an evening cruise with dinner on
the Chao Praya Princess line. I gave it some thought and felt that it might be a good thing for me too see where this was leading. So we go over to the place and book us a table on the boat for the night. With 2 more hours to go, we decided to
do a little shopping and she lead me to a nearby Robinson store. As we went in I asked her if she wanted to buy something, ( I can almost see some regulars rolling with laughter by now ), but she said that she would like to buy something for me.
Anyway after having gone through all the three floors and not finding anything, I asked her if she wanted something. She said that she did not want anything.. But I kept telling her that she needs to be quite frank and open with me and yes she
can buy something to remember me by. So she walks straight to the Diamond sections and looks for a nice diamond pendant. Unfortunately for me they are quite expensive and I say the same thing to her. She quietly accepts this and we head out from
Robinson to walk all the way to Patpong 1. She kept ribbing me about how Patpong is and in fact, tried to force me to look into a couple of bars…At the end of it, I ask if we can take a taxi back to the river, and she says that it will be expensive
and also there will be a lot of traffic. This from the same girl who wanted expensive diamond pendants, it was sure nice. We spent an excellent evening dining in the boat, dancing and just talking. I have never had so much fun and good time in
my life. After this was back to the hotel for more fun in the night.

The next day was quite similar. We went around the Grand Palace and saw some sights. We came back and as I was supposed to leave, she dropped me off at the airport. I handed over all my leftover baht as I knew it would be pretty useless to
me anyway. We discussed how to work this long distance relationship and I was surprised to find that she was open and said that she cud continue but would require commitment soon. So one may ask what the point of this long story is. It’s
not even a week since I am back and writing this article, but I find myself feeling depressed and a deep longing in my heart to go back to Bangkok. I do not know why but I feel connected to this woman who has shared only a small amount of time
with me. It’s like a longing that I have to be with her, listen to her laughter, see that slightly amused look as I try to understand her accent, that feeling of having her in my arms; it is something that this heart truly yearns for. Is
this what love is all about? Does everyone who visits to Bangkok experience the same bottomless feeling in the pit of the stomach? Even the friendliness of the two ladies in Eden Club is an unforgettable experience. All that remains with me today
is this memory of being in heaven for a few days of my life and wanting to be there again and again and again. Having traveled to most of Europe, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Bangkok will always have this very special place in my heart.

In one of the previous posts I read that the originator of this website has said the real motive for many men who come to Thailand is a desire to be loved. For me it has been true. The feeling that I have today for RM are something that words
will fail to describe. All I can say is that coming back home I have started to miss the simple pleasures and fun of my stay in Bangkok.

CBD bangkok

To the woman who made my life such a heaven for 3 days of stay, if you ever read this article I would like to wish you love and happiness wherever you are. I hope that I can continue the long distance relationship and at sometime in life
be together with you.

nana plaza