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Two Sex Tourists Are Born

First of all, a warning; – This is a story with few redeeming social features or discussion about the Thai or Farang psyche. It may be interesting or illustrative for people who are considering travelling to Pattaya with the intent of meeting young ladies
in bars and indulging in cross cultural interaction with them.

After my friend had been to Thailand, including a trip to Pattaya on a holiday arranged for the family by his wife (taking your wife to Pattaya – akin to taking a bucket of salty water to the beach) it became very clear to him that
he would need to return with a like minded friend! Thankfully I was that friend! After his initial suggestion, and reading of this and other sites I enthusiastically agreed.

He Clinic Bangkok

I was tasked with making the arrangements, and the Internet proved its worth, with a very reasonable package deal with flights, transfers and a hotel in Soi 8. I know you could probably do it cheaper, but as Newbies it was way easier to have
everything arranged for us, and, as I said, it was still pretty reasonable by Western holiday standards.

Travelling out
I was a bit concerned about the standard of the airline, having read some dodgy reviews on the Internet, and with some of its flights being cancelled before we went. However, I need have had no fears. Phuket Airlines have
since ceased flights from London Gatwick, but at the time the ageing Jumbo Jet was only half full with a full aircrew, which meant we had the best service on a long haul flight I’d ever experienced. (My friend put it on a par with Virgin
Atlantic). Sad cliché, I know, but those air stewardesses are easy on the eye!

Day 1
We arrived in Bangkok at about 8.15am after 12 hour flight. Customs was easy – obviously a good time to arrive, because we sailed through, and even the scrum of hustlers at arrivals was less frenetic than I expected.

CBD bangkok

The Tour East representative was waiting as promised with my name on a sign and took us to minibus, where we shared the journey to Pattaya with an older couple plus a Scottish guy who appeared to be in his fifties and who had done Pattaya
before. We discussed our holiday and my friend indicated that we were planning on chasing girls, and I added that we were “cautiously optimistic” of success!

On arriving at the hotel we grabbed a bit of sleep then went for a walk around. We bought some supplies in the Top C supermarket across the road and had some Thai food in the cafeteria. A feature of this was the quality of the food in what
I would have expected to be a ropy supermarket outlet. It was great (and extraordinarily cheap!) I began to have an inkling what my friend had meant when he said I would struggle to spend my money. This was a theme – it seemed that the
quality of the food was uniformly good – the surroundings might change along with the prices, but the food was great wherever. (Or maybe I lack the critical facilities to differentiate).

We took the supplies back to the hotel then out for a walk around. We headed for Walking St via Beach Rd. Sensory overload! Guys trying to sell you suits, DVDs, anything else they might have.

We finally made it to Walking St and walked around for a while. Eventually we settled for a bar in the Shark “Arcade”. It was the first bar on right as you walk into the complex. I think we were both a bit over faced by the
bustle around, and didn’t really notice that there was a mini-complex there. Just sat at the first bar we came to.

wonderland clinic

If you’ve sat at these bars, you’ll appreciate the wonderful “Street Theatre” of removing money from the Falang. Dice Game, Connect Four – all of which we stunk at in comparison with the girls – obviously.
Read all you like, nothing can prepare you for the full on experience. So we settled back and enjoyed buying (stupidly cheap) drinks for the girls, and enjoying the entertainment.

I was talking to the girl serving drinks, rather than the more obvious bargirls, a really pretty 24 year old (didn’t look it) called Lat. Having read the sites I knew the score and asked if she could be bar fined, to which she replied
“I bar fine, go out, but no hotel”. (Great I’ve managed to find the only bar girl in Pattaya who doesn’t work!)

Anyway, the street theatre continued and my companion had obviously made friends with a slightly older girl (in comparison to Lat, not ancient, before he complains) with a wicked look in her eyes and she clearly felt we’d now put enough
in the bar till and could move on. There was obviously some talking with Lat and the other girls, and it became clear that she had decided to come with me. I was still a bit hazy in whether this included “hotel” or not, but decided
she was nice enough to spend some time with, and it provided me with enough of an illusion of who was the predator to massage my ego a little. The (person I assumed to be the) Mamasan ceremoniously showed me the chit for 200B for Lat’s
barfine before placing it in my checkbin, and Lat walked round the bar to join me, to the applause of her colleagues, for a moment at my side of the bar before we moved on.

My companion’s friend led us into Sharks Go Go, making sure we had collected enough 2 for 1 drink tokens for all of us. (A nice touch by her, I thought, since reason had long since left the idiot Falangs). I know I’d read about these places,
but mirrored tables, pole dancers with no underwear on your table and apparently very few limits? More than I was expecting! I was still talking to Lat and playfully covering her eyes and acting shocked. She indicated she’d never been there
(I sort of believe her, she was a bit wide eyed). (We were allowed/instructed to put a 20 B note into the suspender thing of one of the dancers by our ladies – a face thing?)

After the two drinks (one free, the first not expensive by Western standards) we moved on to the Blues Factory. If you go to Pattaya go in there! Great house band, and then the best rock cover band (with a guitarist who looks and sounds like
a Thai Hendrix) I have ever seen.

Well, the night was wearing on, and we headed back to the hotel via Baht Bus. After going up to the room my friend’s girl rang Lat, who decided they needed to go and get something to eat. At this point I thought she’d decided
to leave and they were saving my face. I offered room service, but she was adamant that she had to go out. I was a bit annoyed (but didn’t show it) because I figured she was bailing. But then, I hadn’t paid her any more than the
bar fine and drinks so no problem. Although ending up alone on your first night in Pattaya would be a bit depressing!

However, I held out some hopes and about half an hour later Lat returned. We did the shower thing, she did the towel thing (they all do the towel thing!) and we retired to bed. I’m not going to get graphic here, but if you haven’t
been with these girls you will have no concept how much they seem to enjoy what they do! I keep couching this in terms of “seem to” “appear to” and so on, but I genuinely believe that they are really enthusiastic, at
least if they have some rapport with their boyfriend for the night. I have been in committed relationships where the lady has been much less concerned and enthusiastic about my and her pleasure! In my mind I sort of expected sex before going to
sleep, then again in the morning before bidding farewell. I did not expect a tigress demanding continued action throughout the night, and managing to grab 30 minutes sleep when and where I could! My friend and I talked about it the next morning.
If marking out of ten (not gentlemanly I know) Lat scored approximately 27.36.

Meanwhile my friend had his own story – he too had experienced the “going for something to eat” interlude, his companion having telephoned my room to speak to Lat. His girl was apparently one of the Mamasans in the bar,
and as such was clearly a hard worker, as well as being experienced and good at her job.

When she returned my friend made a big mistake! He hadn’t realised how fantastic these girls are, and had initiated a performance related pay system. Boy was his girl into the work ethic. I don’t think he walked normally again
throughout the holiday!

In the morning I walked Lat to a taxi and waved goodbye, “maybe” see her again, because I wanted to butterfly, but also because I could finally understand how these guys lost there minds and hearts to totally inappropriate girls.
I’m as cynical as they come and I would have to admit that it would be difficult to have two consecutive nights with this girl without having feelings for her. No way was I going back to that bar until I’d racked up some more experiences!
(The laughter you can hear is no doubt my friend with the funny walk).

I met my friend for breakfast at about 11.45am, then back to the room to sleep! I think shell shocked might be a decent description of the two Falangs. Read all you like, research everything well, but you will not believe the place when you
get there. I guess this echoes other posts, but the relationship at least simulated by these girls is different to anything you would expect from a pay for sex scenario. I guess that’s why people get hooked because you do get an approximation
of a relationship, not just the physical act. By the way, there are a lot of “stunners” in spite of some of the submissions you’ll read on here.

I’ll send Stick some more soon, sorry about the length of this one, I wanted to set the scene.

If there is a moral to this little tale – do not put your bar fine on piece rates. You may enjoy it, but it will cost you more, certainly financially, probably physically and possibly emotionally, than you could ever imagine it possibly

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