Stickman Readers' Submissions March 7th, 2005

Stunning Girls And Worthless Guys

Stunning Girls & Worthless Guys

The Submission entitled “Are Thai Girls Stunning” is a rare and very honest submission. I will now add more fuel to the fire.

I lived in Bangkok for 4 years, work related. How I managed it I do not know. It's shit. Plain and simple. I would say approx 70% of guys I saw or talked to in Bangkok were rat bags who did not have what it took to make it in their own

He Clinic Bangkok

I have also worked in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. These places are definitely on a par with Western countries, if not more so. Do not call Thailand a developing country. It is a third world country, not even close to the ones mentioned

I used to live in a very nice apartment in Sukhumvit paid for by my company and was surrounded by squalor and pollution. It was like having a house on the moon, what’s the point? It’s like this everywhere in Thailand. Thailand
is a filthy hole. Any town or city you go to it’s the same story.

I sometimes frequented Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and the like out of morbid fascination. I must admit I enjoyed being there and getting pissed, only because I knew I could leave whenever I wanted. It is one of the greatest freak shows on earth.

CBD bangkok

Are all Thai girls stunning? No, far from it. I would put the ratio at 1 in 50 and that’s being generous. I am married to a Thai / Chinese and she is by the far the most beautiful Thai / any women I have ever seen, with a shapely ass
and good sized tits. You will never see this on a Thai. I know my wife is genuinely beautiful because as an ex model she once featured the front cover of several Thai beauty magazines. I am not showing off here, just telling it as it is.

And do you know what? My wife does not look to Thai women as being role models for beauty. She looks to Hollywood actresses and models, people like Cindy Crawford, Rachel Hunter, Elle McPherson to name but a few. These are the real beauties
for christsakes.

Another rare quality, myself and my wife are the same age, 30 when we first met (34 now). Also my wife is educated and can speak English well. She ran her own business (not a crappy stall or a no name hair Salon or something like that, but
an actual business that required organization and running and paying wages and book keeping).

As regards meeting the parents, it took a year of genuine dating before it was considered suitable to do so. When we did meet them I did not rush out and buy beers like some of the twats on this site have done, because her parents don't
drink. I was treated exactly the same way as I have been treated back in the UK when meeting the parents.

wonderland clinic

These guys that go with these little brown uneducated childish farmers' daughters are weak, stupid, gutless and……worthless. It really is that simple. Back home they are pieces of shit. In Thailand they can hide and play out the "I
am somebody" role with all the other trash.

I’ll tell you something right now. When Thai people see an old fat Westerner with a young Thai girl they are disgusted, and quite rightly so. You people are disgusting.

Do you sandal wearing white tree trunk legged gut bursting sweat dripping twats not see the women sniggering behind the counter in Carrefour, or just out of sight behind the clothes rack in Robinsons, as you clumsily stomp around with your tattooed sun
blackened whore from Nana. My guess is deep down inside you know what is going on alright.

Retiring to Thailand??? Who the f**k would want to do that?? My idea of retirement is as follows……Good house in my own country, my home. Sons / daughters frequently popping along. Grandchildren. Summer, Autumn, Winter. Old friends. Keeping active.
Going out for coffee, lunch sometimes. Holidays to the States, Singapore, golf in Malaysia etc etc. Being able to look around me and see the majority of people well dressed and well off. Knowing I will pass away surrounded by genuine family and

Check out that joker Dana. Do the words “old, broken down, lonely” spring to mind with him too? What has happened? He has become worthless. Want me to prove it? Why do you think he constantly goes to a third world country to
exploit third world uneducated poor children? Do you think he could pull off the same level of exploitation in London or Paris or New York? No, because decent people would see him for what he is….a jumped up smart arse who can only be somebody
around people who are nobodies. He would get his mouth burst within the first couple of hours, by a woman.

Yes, I did mention the word “children”. Do you think I’m out of order here? Then why do so many old guys choose to walk hand in hand with the youngest looking whore they can find? What’s going on here then eh?
You don’t have to be a genius to make the connection!! Step forward Michael Jackson.

The main common denominator with all these types wandering the red light areas / other areas of Thailand is worth, or rather, the lack of it. It is an inescapable formula: Worthlessness = Loneliness. Why are these people so worthless? Because
they have some sort of physical deformity (fat, ugly, etc etc) and they lack the inner strength or the brains to counter that handicap. Uneducated poor people (uneducated Thai women) see this and easily exploit it for their own benefit. You don’t
have to be clever to do this because as you can see from the majority of submissions on this site lonely worthless people are generally stupid and have little respect for the status quo.

Want me to yet again prove this? OK. See how many smart looking Thai / Western couples you can find in Thailand. Will you ever see a smartly dressed good looking Western guy walking hand in hand with a smartly dressed good looking Thai woman
of the same age? No, you never will. Imagine the spectacle of seeing Dana walking hand in hand with one of his “conquests” (an IQ deficient sun blackened pug faced whore) or Cent walking with his wife. What a sick sight that would
be. Smash the c**ts I say.

Everything in the submission by Aussie Asian is spot on. Everything written here is accurate too. I know because I lived it, seen it and thankfully have left it.

This is a well put together site done by, I suspect, an intelligent well presented individual who is leading a genuinely good quality of life in Thailand. It’s just a pity the majority of contributors really are not, despite the rosy
and misleading picture these people like to portray.

Stickman's thoughts:

Why oh why do you have to include so many generalisations? By doing so you kill any credibility you may have had. Some of the points you make are fair, but abusive comments and generalisations simply reduce any credibility the article may have had.

Further, different people like different things. Not everyone is the poser that I suspect many will think you are.

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