Stickman Readers' Submissions March 10th, 2005

Response To Calibra

Where to even begin? I really can't believe that I am responding to someone who is so closed minded and racist. It is one thing to have an opinion and something else to use such generalizations.

Are Thai women stunning? In my opinion yes but this is my opinion. You have the right to disagree. Are all American women stunning? Are all Latin women stunning? What of British women are they all stunning? It is a matter of opinion and one man's
stunner is another's old hag.

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I don't consider myself a rat bag or someone who couldn't make it in my own country. I was very happy and successful I graduated with an MBA form Yale, pulling in over 6 figures and had 5 weeks holiday a yr. I had beautiful wife, home, friends
everything I could want. Than during a 9 month period my father died of cancer and I lost my wife in a car accident. I thought I had lost my reason for living. So when the company I work for was looking for someone to head to Asia I went. I spent
2 years working in our office in Gunma Japan. From here I went to our office in Kulim Malaysia for a year and than onto Thailand where I worked in our Laem Chabang office.

I didn't meet my wife at a bar or nightclub, in fact I never made it to Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy. I met her at the Ramathibodi Hospital were she is a medical technologist. I am 42 and she will be 39 at the end of this month. She is 100% Thai and
comes from a middle class family. Her father was / is an officer in the Military, owns several gas stations and real estate. I on the other hand am the son of a fishermen.

Calibra, you refer to your wife as being the most beautiful Thai / any women there is. That is your opinion, in my opinion my Thai wife is the most beautiful, sweet, caring, intelligent woman I have ever met. Again we all have our opinions and this is

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You say that your wife looks to Hollywood actresses and models such as Cindy Crawford, Rachel Hunter etc and not to Thai women because these are the real beauties again your opinion. My wife looks to Kanyarat Jirarachakij , Pathumrat Woramali etc for
fashion and beauty. I have to say I find them very beautiful myself.

You asked if you will ever see a smartly dressed good looking western man and a smartly dressed good looking Thai woman of the same age walking hand in hand? Than went on to answer NO. You my friend are so wrong. Ok I am no Brad Pitt but I consider myself
OK looking and well dressed and Supaporn (Sue) is beautiful. We would often go to Chatuchak Park on Sundays for a picnics. I would see many mixed couples, we even got to know a few. One couple in particular the Naslunds (Marcus and Sayphon) a
Swedish / Thai couple became good friends with us.

We have been back in Canada for the past 2 years and Sue has fitted in great. My family and friends adore her. She works at our local hospital, does volunteer work for after school programs. She loves going to museums and gallery openings but has taken
a liking to hockey and often joins me at Leaf games. As much as we love it here he have however talked about retiring / moving back to Thailand again in about 10 years.

You ask why would anyone want to retire in Thailand? For one the weather, give me the sun over the snow any day. I love to golf and sail and I can do that year round when there. I can have a beautiful home there just as easy as I can here. I have many
friends I made during my 4 years of living and working in Thailand. We still spend 2 months a year over there visiting and have had many people come here to visit us and see Canada. Than there is the food, have you tried the food at Anna's
Cafe or the seafood at Auberge Dab?

I do agree with you on some points. It is still a developing country and there are a lot of things that need to improve. It is just the generalization and the way you seem to look down on those who are different than yourself. How you show such contempt
for the poor and less educated. No, culture or person wants to be poor or uneducated most just don't have the chance we in the West do. Not all of us have the same interest or desires. Your idea of happiness could be totally different than

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Stickman's thoughts:

Hard to argue with this…at last, someone with a balanced viewpoint.

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