Stickman Readers' Submissions March 9th, 2005

Racist Knobhead

You really don't do yourself any favours buddy do you? The title of my post is based on the first words that came into my head as I started to read your post.

I won't count the amount of times you refer to the colour of some Thai girls skin but name calling like 'little brown uneducated farmer's daughters' and 'tattooed sun blackened whore' clearly shows you for what
you are – a biggoted racist. Strangely, a racist married to an Asian who, despite her supposedly superior whiter skin tone, is just as likely to suffer racial abuse in the west. You ever heard the term 'Chinky'?

He Clinic Bangkok

As Stick comments, you lose the near credibility of some of your remarks with your generalisations and 'I know it all attitude'. So, you are married to what you think is the most beautiful girl in Thailand and she has lighter skin
– what qualification does that give her exactly? Should we all look up to you as a 'shining example'? I don't think so.

You talk about uneducated girls with such contempt – is it their fault their parents are so poor they couldn't afford to educate them? Who the hell are you to look down on someone who sells their body – you're a racist and I know
who I hold in higher esteem. I'd rather have a hooker for a friend than a bigot, any day. You cannot seriously believe that your white skin and the lighter skin of your wife make you superior to others? If you do you are seriously deluding
yourself and just as you say Thai people will be sniggering at some of the bar girl's customers, its is likely that a hell of a lot of people back home will be sniggering at your high and mighty attitude behind your back too.

We've all seen the fat old guys with a young girl on their arm but that's their business not yours and not everybody who you see is a loser back home. Believe it or not, living by the sexual norms (boring maybe?) that obviously
map out your life is not for everyone – some people like to 'live it large'. If they can do that in Thailand without harming anyone, what's it to you? What qualifies you to comment?

CBD bangkok

'Everything written here is accurate too, I know because I have lived it, seen it and thankfully left it'……jeez, another Thailand expert. You need to wake up a little and realise that you actually know very little of the world
because you seem to live in a sterile place and form your views on everyone you see as lower than yourself, from your hoity toity loft.

The following comment told me more about you than all the rest of your post:

'Do you think his “wife” is a literate elegant classy looking woman with opinions who would not be out of place in a London coffee shop or a Paris department store…I don't think so mate. And don't give me that
shit about beauty being on the inside!!!'

What is the relevance of that? None, but it told me a lot about the sort of person you are, one who is ridiculed for their snobbery in the UK, not looked up to – although most of your sort actually believe that you are superior beings, laughable. By the
way, on the subject of education – speech marks are used for noting the spoken word. When you want to highlight a word as you did in the passage above – "wife", you should actually write it like this 'wife'.

For the record, I'm married to a Thai girl who is almost 20 years younger than me – I'm not fat and nor do I wear sandals. My wife is about as far removed as yours is from the bar scene. If you know so much about Thailand you will
also know that such age differences are not uncommon in Thai/Thai marriages. My wife has brown skin and because of biggots like you she spends a considerable amount of money trying to make her skin lighter – like a lot of Thai people she's
been conditioned to believe that white is right! Believe it or not she's not seen the sun for quite a while as she now lives in England, she's still brown though – she was born that way dummy!

wonderland clinic

Have I chosen a Thai girl because I have some 'physical deformity', well I am almost bald but I had little choice in that matter but as it happens, oriental girls are my 'type'. Having found myself single again as I approached
middle age and having kept myself in good shape, I found nothing attractive about the majority of available western females my age who seem to be well overweight. I therefore decide to go to pastures new and see if I could find a partner there.
Yes, I'll feely admit that I partook of the bar scene but I was actually introduced to my wife by a mutual friend and we were chaperoned at first. Did my wife marry me for money? I doubt it but it will have figured in the equation when she
considered my proposal – once again if you really know Thai culture you will know that financial security is high on the agenda of most Thai girls when choosing a mate. Does my wife truly love me, well I believe she does but I'm not an expert
like you. Why am I telling you all this? – to point out your ludicrous generalisations. I'm not trying to score points.

Let's continue your education a little. Native Thai people have a tendency to be brown in colour just as African people tend to be black – its genetic in case you were wondering. If brown is so bad, why is it that half the western world
seem to be trying to get a tan?

I could go on but Stick summed it up in his response – this is just an expansion. Take a long hard look in the mirror pal and sort yourself out. Alternatively, why not hook up with 'Anonymous' in the post that follows yours – even
though his remarks are nowhere near as strong as yours, he's looking like a contender for the position of Understudy to the High & Mighty ' Calibra'.

'Calibra' – the name itself speaks volumes about your personality (disorder).

Stickman's thoughts:

Calibra has upset a few people…..

nana plaza