Stickman Readers' Submissions March 18th, 2005

My Story

By Anon Thai Girl

Have been reading story from your website for a while some of farang friend send me your web. Honesty I started to read and wonder why many farangs complain about their relationship with bar girls. It’s could happened in bad side so
I’m not interest to read it

Now, I want to share my experienced with farang boyfriend.

He Clinic Bangkok

I know him from chat. He was so nice to chat with and not good looking in my eyes but who care? Just for chatting. I do like him more after we chat for a while and he wanted to visited me in Bangkok and I say yes.

We made plan to island together, I told him in first time we meet I only need friendship for start and see what happened he agree. I went to the airport to meet him with not exciting feeling just feel like meet a friend from abroad (I have
farang friends from work) then we went to island together he was nice and easy to talk with. We had wonderful time there for 4 days and back to Bangkok.

I meet him in the evening after work before he fly back to his country I decided to stay with him for few days in the hotel and lie to my brother that I stay with friend. You bet nothing happened because I don't have feeling for that we just kissed
and hold each other until he fly back.

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He came to visited me every 3 months. Our relationship was growing, we were in love he asked me to visited him in his country. So I went to the embassy for visa. Can’t believe I got in for 12 days holiday by tourist visa.

We stay together in his apartment, meet his daughter (6 years old) his family there was so nice. He gave me a letter before I leave, I read it on the plane he asked me to live there (dreaming) then I studied German language as soon as I have time I paid
for everything by myself.

Everything seem going well for a year he visited my family, we were nice and take care him well. After he back to his country. He asked me to stay with him there for 3 months and see what happened and he might married me soon. Tell you the truth I hate
this idea. Stay there and he might married me soon. I asked him what happened if we can't go well or some problem in 3 months? It's mean I have to back in Bangkok, finding job.

I told him we should engage. I’m not bar girl never asked him money and I’m not a first woman who will living in abroad he can't say not sure I would happy there or not. He deny to engage me or any commitment and can't tell me
clear what happen after 3 months. We should stay together and see it. I said no I really can’t.

My family would not allow me go and it's not easy to find job (he never mention my life after 3 months) I was so sad he disappear, no pick up phone call. Send SMS to me sometime but without feeling it's happened more a month. He let me crying
and ask myself if it was my fault?

wonderland clinic

He should learn Thai culture. I have to be step-mom if I married him, learn new language, finding job there, miss Thai food but I love him so I think I could do it but he didn't think about it. Just want me to stay for 3 months. He send last message
that he need time to forgive me and he will back to talk.

I can see the bad sign. It's all my story with broken heart. (sorry for my English language)

Stickman's thoughts:

Farangs and Thais….just so different. Too different?

nana plaza