Stickman Readers' Submissions March 28th, 2005

My Love Story

I am currently putting down all of my experience in a modest novel and as I am looking on internet for inspiration I pass through your page frequently. I now feel it’s time to share a moment that changed my life for all future, or until this day

I think it was my second trip in Thailand so I had learned “nid noi” about Thai ways and Thai thinking, but of course I have to give some credit to my travel mate for filling in the blanks.

He Clinic Bangkok

As all other people who ever travelled to Asia, you fall in love with it, and so did I. The blend of rich and poor, the colours and exotic food, the different thinking, and most significantly, the women. From the first foot step on Bangkok international
airport I knew I was home and this feeling still is inside me although I live in Sweden at the moment

The story begins:

Me and my friend had spent some rough nights in Pattaya with girls, beers and even more girls. But as all good things it comes to an end and we were going to round it up in Bangkok the last night.

CBD bangkok

Anyway on my last night in the city of angels I met her, I didn’t realize it then that she was the one, my friend took me to this bar in Nana for a last Singha and an attempt to go out with a blast. We sat down and about 10-15 seconds
later my friend had some company next to him and I was still alone. I might add that at this time I was damn tired of girls and beers and really just wanted some sleep and that might be the reason why I was still alone at the table. But that problem
was soon fixed by my mate’s new girlfriend, she called for a shy girl sitting in the back of the bar.

And I was stunned, I thought love at first sight was bullshit but now I know it's true. She moved in a shy manner and had long dark hair, big dark eyes and a smile to die for. She could barely speak English but the night ended up in
the usual way with barfine and the rest of the night spent together.

I will not go into details about what happened in the room but she was truly beautiful and not just sexy or pretty but beautiful as a woman. The next day me and my friend left early in the morning for our flight back home and before I knew
it I was back home thinking how stupid I was not getting her phone number. How do you contact a bargirl from Sweden when you just know here nickname, she is dark haired and has dark eyes, yeah right.

Like a miracle my mate had gotten the phone number from her friend, so I called her and asked for my girl’s number and it all ended up in phone calls and email contact and my economy suffering big time from many trips to Thailand.

Our relationship went deeper as time moved along and I had no idea where it was going, and finally I had decided it was going to end. I took that decision based upon personal reasons and I stood by it at the time, but times change.

wonderland clinic

I went to see her over Christmas to break it up and it was a lot of crying from both sides and it felt really bad but at the time it was for the best.

2 weeks after my homecoming to Sweden I started to think what the hell had I done, rejected the love of my life! I thought it’s now you live your life and you can’t always plan your future, sometimes you just have to walk through the door
that opens and look at what’s on the other side.

I called my travel agency and asked for the first flight to Thailand, I had 4 hours to go home and pack and off I went. Of course I called my angel and told her I was coming but she thought I was joking or something because she didn’t
even meet me in the airport. However she called me when I stood at the passport control in Bangkok telling me she had been up all night wondering if I was serious about going there.

We met in the morning outside “our” hotel and checked in and went up to the room, and after we had packed up my suitcase and I had taken a shower I felt it was time. I had practised the speech in my head a hundred times on the
airplane, but now it was blank.

When I came out of the shower she was sitting on the bed and I walked in front of her and went down on my knees and asked: The feelings I have for you is something I have never felt before, and I want to live the rest of my life with you,
so will you marry me?

We have been together ever since and have had our share of ups and downs but most ups and it has now past 3 years and we are still happy.

Stickman's thoughts:

Wow, with the cold of the Swedish winters that she has to endure, she must REALLY love you!

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