Stickman Readers' Submissions March 23rd, 2005

In Defence Of Educated Girls

Some days ago, we had the pleasure to read a submission in decent English from a Thai girl. She didn't really like the seedy side of Thailand that punters in trouble describe so often, and tried to differentiate herself from "them".

No sooner she does, she is called arrogant and out of touch with "reality", with "real" people. How dare she call herself better than other girls "not so fortunate"?

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How does she dare think she is any better than prostitutes whose life is devoted to fucking, cheating and lying!

Wait a minute! Are people really equal? No, not in my book. They have the same rights, yes, but they are not equal. There are nice folks, less savoury characters and shitheads, and every in-between.

It's *actions* that makes the difference. In most cases, the girls ending in the farang oriented sex trade are not forced to do so. They do it for the money, mostly. It's not "poverty". I know a lot of poor people who have not chosen
to sell their bodies.

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So Thai whores *are* whores. And farang punters *are* punters. And it *is* a minority of the population. In the course of her life, a regular girl will never (or at least seldom) met a prostitute or someone admitting overtly he is a punter. A good friend
of mine (Thai girl) was shocked when I mentioned Thailand's record on prostitution. Believe it or not, she thought prostitution was something you find in other countries only, and that Pattaya was a standard beach resort. Obviously, she lives
quite far away from Pattaya, and no, she is not a snobbish "educated" Hi-So girl, nor is she disconnected of real life. I mean, she works in a department store for 6000 baht per month, more or less. She lives her life, a pretty average
life, nothing really special (save for the fact she is really cute and a good friend). But she wasn't aware of the nightlife in Thailand. Not a bit. Once, I asked her what she thought of prostitutes, and she replied "Sonksan"
(pity). But she sure as hell wouldn't want to associate with them.

I think the whole point of "educated Thai girl's submission was to say that there was more to Thailand and Thai girls that uneducated whores in dirty red light areas.

Of course, she probably enjoyed giving herself as an example, and she is proud of her accomplishments and her life. So what? Good for her.

Arrogant too, perhaps, but her point stands. There is more to Thailand than Patpong, Nana and Cowboy. And per experience, people of these areas DO have bad manners. Patpong is known for being pushy. Bargirls are a crude bunch by Thai standards and anyone
who has been in a regular Thai hang out (not hi-so, just a standard place) is bound to notice a difference.

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Some look at the fact that she had never been up close with a drunken bum pissing all over himself as a clear evidence that she lived a very sheltered life before. Quite possibly, but that's the life that most "good" Thai girls live until
their early twenties. Growing up, going to school or working, always home by 22:00, staying out of the red light districts…that's standard, down here, with an occasional party…THAT is the usual stuff. That's reality, for many.

You tell her "look at the real world, the world of drunken bums and sweet whores. Look at my world", and she tells you "look at the real world, the world of middle class folks respecting their parents and society and doing good in their
lives. Look at my world".

Reality clash? There is not one "reality". There are "realities". Her world is just as real as the bright neon lights. More perhaps, because on the next morning, it still looks the same, and you know you can't say the same for
the "lovelies" you pick up in Nana.

There are drunken bums, and there are prostitutes, and there are girls that don't f**** around with just anybody…

Give her a break.

About the school system however, looks to me like she is trying to paint a rosy red picture, and that just doesn't match observation. The very first Thai girl I met spoke great English, learned in a Thai university. But indeed she was a rare specimen,
and most Thai folks can't speak English, including many English teachers and translators I know of. 🙁

BTW, while we are discussing English teaching, it is quite unfair to put the blame exclusively on Thai English teachers. There are far too many farang English "teachers" around to blame poor results on "Thai English teachers" only.

Anyway, decent girls/folks exist in Thailand, there are a lot of them and they are mostly out of the bars area. I guess *THAT* was her point.

I concur.

Stickman's thoughts:

Fair enough.

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