Stickman Readers' Submissions March 18th, 2005

Heaven Or Hell Part 1

Heaven Or Hell Part One

I suppose it's time I told my story, having been studying Stickman for a year now.

It all started about a year ago, when a work colleague said he was going to marry his Thai girlfriend, and said that he would like me to be there.

He Clinic Bangkok

I thought why not? (50 years old and divorced) let's go and have some fun.

In the meantime two other colleagues said that they would come along too, one a Thai virgin like me the other a veteran of LOS.

So along came the 3rd of August and off we set from Heathrow.

CBD bangkok

We arrive in LOS on my 51st birthday (a day I will never forget), get a taxi to the Eastin Hotel Bkk. A couple of hour's sleep, shave and shower, and we are ready to hit the town.

I just could not believe what was happening, I had heard the stories and now was experiencing them 1st hand. Tim (the Thai vet.) was showing Ken and myself the sights, after hitting a few bars, Tim said I will take you to Nana Plaza. I somehow got separated
from them, and ended up in a gogo bar, which one I don’t know because the alcohol had taken effect.

I sit down in this bar and these two little darlings come and sit with me, the usual chat ensued. At the end of the night I ended up taking both back to my hotel. A birthday I will never forget.

Next morning comes, I pay them and off they go, and I just lay on the bed giggling to myself. We all meet up at breakfast, Tim and Ken wanting to know what happened to me the previous evening.

wonderland clinic

Tim said he was going to go out for the day and would see us later, Ken and I thought let's go to Gulliver's, for a few beers and watch the girls play pool, it was just a few beers something to eat then back to the hotel and get ready for another
night out.

We said let's start at Gulliver's and take it from there. This is where my story really starts.

Inside Ken, Tim and myself are sat under the car just looking, Ken starts talking to a girl he spoke to the previous night (she is now living in England with him), Tim is on the prowl, I am just sat there taking it all in, when a gorgeous girl on the
next table starts talking to me, and invites me to sit with her. The usual talk, what your name, where you from etc, she tells me her name is Nid and she is 28 years old??, and works as a seamstress. She speaks fair English and we get on quite
well, and so it's back to the hotel.

Next morning we get up have breakfast and go out for the day and have great fun.

My colleague's wedding is in 2 days and we have to go to Korat the next day, so I ask her if she would like to accompany me, at first she says no, then later agrees.

So it’s off to Korat, Tim, Ken and Nok and myself and Nid. Tim phones Nick the guy who is getting married, and we meet him at a new temple that is being built somewhere between Bkk and Korat. I find out that a Buddhist wedding starts at 6am in
the morning, so we spend a quiet evening in the hotel bar. The 3 of us go to the wedding, (the girls are still asleep) which I found very interesting. We got back to the hotel about midday, and Nid and I went and had a look around the shopping
centre in Korat, this is where the 1st request for money came. Nid told me she had to pay the rent on her room, only 6,000 baht and could I help her, and yes you guessed it I paid it for her. Later it was on to the wedding party in the evening,
by this time Ken was on his way to meet Nok's parents.

The following day Tim, myself and Nid headed back to Bkk for a couple of days.

During this time I was taken to Nid's room, and met her sister?? and some of her friends, we also spent an evening at Tawan Daeng.

I ask Nid if there is anywhere she would like to go, and she suggested Hua Hin.

Tim came along with us, and butterflied all over town. While we were there came the 2nd request for money. She told me that she had had some money problems and pawned some of her gold, and would I buy it back for her, the cost about 30,000 baht, just
over £400, and yet again I gave in.

After five days in Hua Hin it was back to Bkk for the last 6 days of the holiday. This is where we met up with Ken and Nok again, and Ken telling me that he is taking Nok back to England as she already had a visa.

Nid and I did a lot of talking, yes I was falling in love with this gorgeous little dark skinned maiden. We went to the British Embassy to get the forms for a visitors visa for England, I read through them so I would know exactly what I needed to do if
I wanted to take her back to Farangland.

She said she would like to come to England, so I told her that I would be coming back to see her in January and would apply for a visa if she wanted.

She never asked me to send her any money, I offered, I said I would send her about 20,000 baht a month, she seemed quite happy with this.

Along came the day to go home. After a tearful goodbye at the airport, it was back to work and save up for the next trip to LOS.

We spoke on the phone almost everyday, e-mailed each other.

A request came for more money in October, something had happened on papas farm and he needed 25,000 baht, again I gave in. <You fxxxing idiotStick>

So there I am in dear old England, thinking of her all the time and also thinking am I doing the right thing.

Roll on January 2005, I may find out

To be continued.

Stickman's thoughts:

Some people have too much money.

nana plaza