Stickman Readers' Submissions March 22nd, 2005

Finding A Diamond In The Rough Part 1

By Dave Wilson

I am an experienced visitor to the wondrous shores of Thailand, The Land of Smiles, and it never ceases to amaze me; I learn something new every time. I have been there on five occasions; the first two were spent in the tropical island splendour of, and
now heavily commercialised, Koh Samui. The last three were in the sex tourist haven of Pattaya. Not that I am a sex tourist, I cannot go to such a beautiful country and not go see it’s astonishing culture; taking advantage of the full package
of what this delightful land has to offer. Although I crave the nightlife – the beautiful women, discotechs, cheap drinks etc, I do appreciate real Thailand.

But let’s face it fellas, it’s the women we red-blooded males head out there for! I have always had a thing for Oriental women, other white Caucasian males like blondes, brunettes or red heads, but my type has always been yellow; be it Chinese,
Japanese, Korean, Filipino and indeed Thai and other races – they are to me the most beautiful, sexiest women in the world! It is a goal of mine to settle down and have children with a beautiful Asian in my early 30’s, but I’m not
sure if I can do that with a Thai lady!

He Clinic Bangkok

I am retiring to Thailand in about three year’s time, after I have completed my degree. I’ll be living off the interest I will be making from the sale of property, keeping the money in accounts over here in England. I will also be buying
stuff from the markets in Thailand and selling it on Ebay, and along with the interest I’ll be earning about a quarter more than the English teachers in Thailand. I want to settle down with an Oriental woman and ideally it should be a Thai
woman; but I have experienced a lot of bad situations with them, which I will get onto in part two. Now I want to make it clear that I do not hold the opinion that all Thai ladies are scheming, devious she devils, motivated by the want of money
and will do anything to get it; no matter what it takes! But it is, I think, hard to find a diamond in the rough!

I have never gone to Thailand to have a relationship with a native Thai girl, but in a lot of cases when men head off for LOS for short-time fun, they end up falling in love; I am now one of these men! But I am not someone who falls in love easily; up
until about eight months ago I have never felt that strongly for anybody. I will explain what happened to me in the third and final part of this trilogy. Thai women are everything you want in a woman – stunningly beautiful; make the effort and
look after themselves, caring and kind; do almost anything to make you happy, and are generally dam good in bed!

Ok! Maybe if you’re looking for a woman to be your intellectual equal you're better off looking in your homeland. Thais are selling Nazi memorabilia in the markets; are they catering for the German ex-pats and tourists? I think not! German
people would rather forget the atrocities committed by the Nazis; Thai people are just completely ignorant of World War 2 and the Holocaust; the most documented and important events in history! I mean how the fuck can anybody not know who Adolph
Hitler is? The man is one of the most famous figures in history and for all the wrong reasons; Thais must just think that all this Nazi gear is really smart; they wouldn’t know that a far-right Neo-Nazi wouldn’t have any qualms about
lynching one of them!

CBD bangkok

Closer to their home in WW2; an important part of Thailand’s history is the Japanese occupation of the country and the building of the bridge over the River Kwai. I have asked many Thai people if they know about this; do they know anything about
this fact? No! Anyway I’m prating on too much; if you want a woman to have in-depth discussions with – don’t look in LOS you’re better off with a western woman! Lack of education is a big problem in Thailand unless children
come from a middle class family with money; the children are going to have minimal schooling if the family is poor.

Living in England it’s hard for me to meet someone I like. I’m quite a good looking 26 year old, but let’s get this straight; I don’t think I’m god’s gift I’m not arrogant! I’m a genuine down to
earth man who is just confident and doesn’t think he’s all that. But it’s hard for me to meet someone in my homeland because I like Oriental women; rarely do I look twice at an English woman. I’m not saying I’d
never go out with a white woman or any other race of females for that matter; being a white western male myself I am still attracted to some females of my own race, just not generally! I have been out with some English women but to be honest the
majority of them over here aren’t much to look at; they don’t look after themselves well and the binge drinking culture of English men has spilled over (no pun intended!) to women. So if you like women with beer guts, who swear too
much and embarrass you in public by getting paralytic on the weekend; then come visit our great nation!

It’s not only because I’m not attracted to the general look of white women; it’s the disgusting stuck up attitudes I can’t stand! I’m fed up of snobby bitches who wear too much make up thinking they are all that! They
look down their nose at you and think they are better than you! Don’t they know that real men like real down to earth girls? When you see a rare site in England; a good-looking woman! If you were to give a smile she is more likely to give
you a dirty stuck up look; she’s fit but she knows it! I like confidence in a woman, nothing wrong with being aware she is attractive; feeling good about the way she looks! But when she plays on the fact that she’s good looking to
feel superior to you; the arrogant cow can fuck right off! I mean western women are spoilt; they have everything they want so why should they give a fuck about you!

Before I’m brutally attacked by the carpet munchers (sorry I mean lesbians! No I mean feminists!) I would just like to add that I do not hold this opinion of all western women. But Stick the other users who have written about this are right; over
here in the west the opposite sex really has got that bad!

Unfortunately this stuck up attitude has spread to females of other races raised in our culture; including Orientals, which is bad news for me! Native Orientals, particular Thai ladies, are generally more appreciative because they haven’t been
corrupted by the greed of the corporate western world. They haven’t really got much except the Buddha philosophy of life; unless they have become bar girls and are introduced to the wads of cash waved in their face for their services. A
change happens; once they start they can never go back, because why would they? Why go back to doing a regular decent job, work hard and get paid low wages (and in Thailand that’s LOW!)? When they can just sit about eating and drinking
with their friends, dance on a pole and lay on their backs for a living and get bar fines plus tips and the pay for the dirty deeds. They are well in the money!

wonderland clinic

If a beautiful bargirl seems like an angel without the wings but really has a dark hidden agenda, latching onto to someone; they will come out with the “I love you long-time!” bullshit. This is to make the victim or poor mug fall in love
with them, and if they succeed they are set for a generous amount of support from him on a monthly basis. Of course this is along with all the other cash they are receiving from I-don’t-know-how-many other foolish men! Why would anybody
want to support someone who solicits sex for a living? Why would a man want to fall in love with a prostitute? I mean I couldn’t imagine anyone I know shacking up with a Soho hooker here in England. I can never understand this but I suppose
I am hypocritical to a certain extent; although I have never sent money back! When I get round to explaining what happened to me you will understand.


Stickman's thoughts:

You went to Pattaya three times, but you're not a sex tourist. That's a first!

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