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Educated Thai Woman – Ad Other Social Elitists

‘Educated’ Thai Woman – And Other Social Elitists

‘Educated’ Thai Woman – And Other Social Elitists

By Not So Ugly American

While the US and Thailand certainly have significant cultural differences, it seems that the highly educated elite share much in common. A certain corncob seemingly lodged in a precariously uncomfortable location.

The need or desire of Ms. ‘Educated’ Thai Woman to use the term ‘Educated’ as part of her title / by-line speaks volumes to me. Why must every society have a section of the upper-class that is so isolated and so
out of touch with the real world?

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I have traveled quite extensively thru the US, Central / South America, and Asia – without fail every society has a certain section of people who seem to consider themselves the social elite. So superior to all other segments of society,
so learned, so educated, yet so lacking in any form of common sense.

‘Normal’ Thai people she says. After reading her submission I wonder if she has ever had any form of meaningful conversation with a ‘normal’ Thai person – with the exception of the poor young lass that has to fill
up the tank of her Benz. And I do not think “Fill it up” can be considered a meaningful conversation. How can any ‘normal’ Thai grow up in ANY part of the world and NEVER see a drunken person until they are part of
the adult work-force? While I do not wish to imply that Ms. Educated was lacking in her upbringing; I think it would be a rather large stretch of the imagination to consider someone who appears to have lived such a sheltered life to be part of
the general ‘normal’ population. (How much of the ‘normal’ Thai population have classmates of which 100% have at least a bachelor’s degree and 75% of which have master’s degrees?)

Those ‘Farang’ that her and all her “highly educated (Thai) women” look down upon are most likely also looked down upon by similar ‘highly educated people’ everywhere – even in their home countries.
Some of us even travel to Thailand for a little escape from these elitist attitudes. The ‘highly educated’ social elitists need to take the cob out and take a serious look at the real ‘normal’ people all around them.

My family is from a rural part of the US. And we ‘Bubbas’ get similar treatment by all the high faluten’ debutants in the US. Those that feel their PhDs, Yale, and Harvard educations places them on some sort of moral
high ground and that their schooling has elevated them to such a position to pass judgment on those of us real ‘normal’ people just trying to pay the bills.

Lets take a little look at the submission from Ms. Educated shall we?

“And those call girls are just plain ugly and disgusting anyway”. Well, well, well now wait just a minute. If these little lovelies are so ugly and disgusting can someone please explain to me why so many guys are willing to
endure 20+ hours of actual ‘in-the-air’ flight time (at no small cost), to travel half way around the globe to spend a few short days in the company of these “ugly and disgusting” ladies? Doesn’t make much sense
to me. While I can agree that it takes all kind of people to make the world go round, and that not everyone shares the same tastes. I would say that the mass volumes of blokes that are willing to spend the money that they do spend pretty much
blows holes all thru not only Ms. Educates statement “plain ugly and disgusting’ and well as the submissions from Aussie Asian and Calibra as well.

Side Note: I find Calibra’s article of particular interest in this matter as he not only states that he feels his wife is stunning (and she is Thai / Chinese), but further indicates he would rate 1 in 50 Thai ladies in the stunning
category. Let me tell you that if I can find any place on the globe in which 1 in 50 of the female population is stunning I will move the heavens and the earth to move to that location. Hell, I’ll settle for 1 in 100. I want each of you
to take a look around – this weekend while you are out and about, on the town, at a football match, what ever, count the number of women that you encounter and then the number of them that are stunning. Should you come up with a number
that in any way approaches the 1 in 50 ratio mentioned above you are to come straight home and e-mail me directly with specific instruction at to the location of this garden of Eden, and book me a room at the local hotel on your way home. Maybe
time in the western world has frayed my vision but sometimes it feels like I go days, nay weeks without seeing a single stunner. Yet in LOS it is hard to go from inside the airport to the taxi stand without seeing at least one.

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Back to my diatribe:
Of course I do not have a master degree in public health from U of M – so maybe they teach a logics class are part of that program that would explain this in clear detail. If so they should probably also teach
that class in the U of M school of business because someone who can really figure out how to get thousands of people to pay to travel half way around the world to pay to spend some time with “ugly and disgusting” people could probably
learn to sell sand (probably even get them to pay extra to ship the sand in from Australia) to the Israelis. Watch out Bill Gates, Billy-Bob Bubba, just made his first 100 billion in the sand import-export biz, just a few short weeks after obtaining
his MBA from U or M. Our course Billy-Bob will have to take a few Ms. Manners classes and brush up on his language skills so as not be offensive to the ears of those upper-call elitist who will be signing all these big dollar contracts.

“The way the bar girl talk show how crude and low-class they are” – No, the way they talk shows that they lack a good education, they are probably from a poor family, and which part of Thailand they grew up in (Isaan
vs. the North, vs. Bangkok vs. the South). This does not mean that they are not part of those “hard working Thai people” that Ms. Educated just a couple of paragraphs earlier was extolling her great virtues and explaining to us all
how she respects the “hard working poor Thai people. And I respect them as much as I respect any body”? So you respect them, but they are still crude and low-class?

Then Ms. Educated goes on to explain to all us dumb ‘Bubbas’ that the reason the elite Thais look down on the poor Isaan wretches is because of the highly evolved Thai language and how it allows the well educated ‘Bangkok
Elite’ to quickly pigeon hole all of these ‘crude and low-class’ simply because they speak the language they have been surrounded with all of their lives. (That is if they are not pigeon holed before they utter a word due
to their skin tone).

While I will agree that poor does not have to equal ‘low-class’, and that one can have proper manners even if one is poor, I think it is rather shallow and short-sighted to judge people by their dialect. I mean it was not so
long ago that similar ‘elitists’ in Briton were still holding on to the fantasy of the moral high ground associated with those that spoke “The Queen’s English”. And besides that who determines what is proper
manners? Obviously unrestricted flow of bodily noises is uncouth. But who cares if you use the proper fork at dinner?

Ms. Educated must really being having a time of things with all those ‘Hillbillies’ in Texas. Of course if she is living a life as sheltered as her life appears to have been when she was growing up in Bangkok, then she may never
get to meet any of the ‘real Texans’ anyway. While I am sure that some of the real down to earth Texans do visit one of the various museums that Ms. Educated donates her valuable time. Most of them are probably no different than
the rest of the work-class folks in the US, and therefore are spending far too much time working to pay the bills and keep food on the table, and therefore have little time to venture down to the local museum for a bit of cultural expansion.

Next move is to retire in Chiang Mai? “Holy Hill Tribe Batman!” Has she ever been to Chiang Mai? I hope she is not opting out of Bangkok because of all those “crude and low-class” linguistically inferior Isaan
lasses that are invading the many soi of Bangkok. While those folks in Chiang Mai may not speak the same dialect as the Isaan folk, they are certainly not well healed in the elitist Bangkok Thai that Ms. Educated would probably find more appeasing
to her ears. Of course maybe the folks in Chiang Mai are the hard working poor that Ms. Educated was telling us early she so respected. Maybe it is just those lazy rice grown’ good for nothing Isaan folks and their nasty crude, low-class
dialect that burns her ears so badly that she finds them ugly and disgusting.

Nice logical defense of the Thai school system by the way. Many of us mention how bad the Thai school system is, and the answer to this appears to be just send everyone to private school? Yea – OK? Looks like the Thai private school
system could use come work as well.

Hey I have an idea to pay for sending every Thai child (especially those crude, low-class Isaan folks) to private school. This will probably be some expense because we will either have to bus the Isaan kids to Bangkok or pay exceptionally
high salaries to all the Bangkok elitists to move and work in just a crude low class environment – such as an Isaan village. Let’s add an education tax to all bar fines. What the hell – let’s double the bar fine. 50%
goes to the bar – 50% goes to Taksin and the boys to fund the new Isaan private school system.

Nice defense of the upstanding values of the Thailand elite as well. In how many developed countries in the world does one feel it necessary to defend the elite in their society by also confirming that they are not or were not corrupt? Do
you think Colin Powell's kid or grandkid will have to defend the virtue of Mr. Powell by not only confirming that he traveled amongst the very elite in American society, was once a five star general, and then feel it is also necessary to
let you know that he was not corrupt? Speaks volumes for the Bangkok elite for me – how about you?

Let me close by first apologizing to the individual know to us as ‘The Educated Thai Woman’. I am positive that you are not as bad as I may have made it appear in my above diatribe. But I have a real problem with the global
classism that is part of our world today and it really burns my hide to watch some of the nicest Thai people I know (that are not even bar girls) get treated like crap in Bangkok simply because of their skin tone and / or their dialect. So while
I understand and appreciate that I have taken certain liberties with what you have submitted and probably with the meaning behind what you intended. Your article was a useful vehicle for me to blow off a little steam and maybe to even entertain
a few of the most ardent of ‘Stickman’ readers.

Stickman's thoughts:

I'll never forget my first Thai girlfriend's words of wisdom on the subject. A poor girl from rural Isaan, she was a smart and once told me: "Kon Thai tee roo-ay took kon chop oo-ud roo-ay" which translated means "Every rich Thai person likes to show off their wealth."

People who feel the need to show off or pose have absolutely no class in my book.

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