Stickman Readers' Submissions March 9th, 2005

Answer To Are Thai Girls Stunning

It was not my intention to make reader submission before a few month but finally I do it for the badest reason who is to answer a reader submission.
The badest because I know I will never understand clearly the reasons who make that one person
write a submission and maybe I misunderstood what he said!

First, I will agree on a few points :
– The food is clearly good and this is on of the first point when I choose a place to go for holidays.
– Same anywhere else, most of the girl are not stunning (or pretty, or any other word). But
it is first a question of point of view. A girl I will find stunning will be maybe ugly to someone else and vice versa .But most of the bargirl I have see are clearly ugly. Most that I didn’t like smoker, tattoo’s and heavy drunker!
– Bangkok for I have see is not a nice place to live and certainly retire! But…I hate big city and most of all traffic jam. So, my opinion can not be the opinion of someone who like big cities (yes yes, it exist!)
– Prostitution is
certainly the reason why man people go live in Thailand but, as Stickman said, not all people go live there for that reason!
I personally know more people who are married with non bargirl than people who are married with bargirl.

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Second, I disagree on a lot of point :
– Because I hate big cities, I certainly don’t like SINGAPORE (or HONG KONG,ect…).Live is expensive, people are not friendly, like you said about Bangkok, the traffic is bad!

I am a little bit surprised about the beauty of Malaysian girl, in 2 weeks of holidays there I didn’t see one girl that I find stunning NO ONE!!!). I am sure, it must have stunning girl in Malaysia but if I don’t see one of them
it means for me that they are not a lot.
Malaysia have also a small problem for me : the only place where you can drink alcohol is in the Chinese part of the cities(maybe it is different now?). I am very far to be an heavy drinker but no alcohol
at all is annoying.
– You said that Singapore and Malaysian woman’s don’t like white man a lot! So, why do you want white man try to go with them?

To finish(it will be long!), my point of view :
I find western women quite selfish and more and more crazy with the time(never mind, western man are going in the same way). But maybe it is me who is more and more crazy!
I live in
Europe and it is more and more difficult and is clearly not good at all for the health! It is also more and more difficult to do what you want. I really like the shop open 24h/24h in Thailand. I find the people really friendly and it is amazing
how it is easy to go walk and find people to talk with.
Last year, I was wondering about how many time I had go in Thailand and maybe I had better to do to visit again other country. After 2 bad story with bargirl(yes, I get into also!) I
was thinking it was time to see something else. I have to say that it is a long time I don’t get out a lot in my country and more time I didn’t go to another country than Thailand for holidays.
The only reason is that the first
bargirl was my girlfriend 2 years long and the second (just after) one year. And if I go out it can be a temptation to have another girl! I know that my 2 girlfriend didn’t make the same and go with(a lot of)men but it is not a reason.
One girl is already difficult enough to try 2 story in the same time!
So, I have go out more with friends and decide to spend one week holiday in Hungary. I have to say that I do better to stay home! I find the country expensive, the food
not so good if not bad and the people COLD(I mean unfriendly). The only people we can have a nice talk with were tourist!

All that to say that Thailand and the many friends I have there will see me again this year. And I can say that it is not the cheap pussies that make me go there! To be honest, until now I find that Thai girl are not very good in bed!
I think also that go with a girl only because she is stunning is not a good idea.

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PS : I apologize for the mistake I made in English.

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