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Stickman Readers' Submissions February 16th, 2005

Victimless Industry

By Gecko

Oh, so sad, she tricked you and took all your money. Oh, so sad, there was no sick buffalo, but instead a guy with a bigger wallet and a smaller gut. All you whining johns and perverts deserve what you got and more. She should take everything you have.

Prostitution is not a victimless industry; in fact, everyone is a victim, from the prostitute, to the john, to his wife, to the health care system, and so on. Prostitution is not a choice for most women – it is a lack of options. You cannot
say these women choose to do this for a living, when they never had anything else to select from <Absolutely wrong – they do have options, not great ones perhaps, but options do existStick> A lack of money and
education and future can drive people to do whatever they have to in order to survive. It's not a choice to spread your legs for strangers and open yourself to diseases to feed yourself and your family – when you had no other options.

He Clinic Bangkok

I'm sure everyone was shocked and horrified by the tsunami in Asia. There are thousands of children left orphaned by this disaster, and more repulsive than anything is that people are kidnapping and trafficking some of these children
into the sex trade. After the horrors they have seen and the loss of their parents, they are destined to a life a sexual slavery and perversion. <Come on, where is your proof of this? Conjecture, I should imagine. I am sure EVERY reader of this website would be outraged if that was the case, every reader without exceptionStick>

What men who solicit prostitution do is they drive this industry. You don't have to be the sick freak looking for little girls and boys; you can just be the john sleeping with an adult prostitute. What do you think happens to these little
girls and boys? If they live long enough, they grow up to be adult prostitutes and end up in your bed.

Think of your daughter, your little sister, your niece or nephew, someone you love in your life. Can you imagine him/her being "broken in" and prepared for a life of prostitution? I'm not saying it's everyone. What I am
saying is if there was no demand, there would be no supply and little girls and boys could be children like they are supposed to be, instead of garbage cans where brutal men leave their waste.

Maybe you think because they are little brown people they don't have the same feelings, wants, needs and dreams that you do? Or that you are some kind of god because you can give them $20 and they should suck you off for that? You think you are "helping"
the girls by "buying" what they are selling? If you really want to help, give the money away without expecting anything in return, or donate to a charity to help women and children escape prostitution, like Empower, DEPDC or ECPAT.

Is it a victimless industry when a prostitute or a john gets a venereal disease? The cost of care for someone with HIV/AIDS is a burden to any healthcare system and yours and my tax dollars/euros/baht. Is it a victimless industry when a john
gives this disease to his wife or, if she becomes pregnant, the child too? Is it victimless when a child is borne of one night between a john and a prostitute and then grows up to be a prostitute herself? Would you want your kid to be a prostitute?

You can pretend you're not hurting anyone, or that you are the only victim because she fleeced you for a measly few thousand baht, but the john is the driving force of this industry, and until the demand stops, the supply will not. You
have the power to change the world and be a part of something bigger than yourself and your wants.

Stickman's thoughts:

Sure, you make some valid points, but cut out the nonsense sensationalism. YES, there are some bad things that come out of prostitution, but you cannot deny that some good things come out of it too.