Stickman Readers' Submissions February 12th, 2005

The Most Beautiful Girl I Ever Met #3


Something I forgot to mention in my previous submission was that my tilac had already told me about a new Nokia phone she had bought. She had even sent me an SMS indicating it was Nokia 6230. So before my departure I had already
done some research on the web & downloaded all the drivers & the Nokia PC Suite software onto my laptop……

mens clinic bangkok

During the taxi ride from the Airport, she keeps flashing around her new Nokia in my face, and she is so proud. Just like a little kid with a new toy. She shows me a loads of photos of her friends and even a couple of videos, one taken in
some gogo bar, and another showing this farang playing his harmonica on Kao San with her giggling hysterically in the background. When she’s not showing me, she has the wallpaper set to this other guy’s face! Later, she explains
he’s only her friend who teaches her English from time to time? Oh! Really?

The taxi ride was fast at that time of day on the ‘sky-way’ and we must have got to her place in about 30 mins. We finally make it to her shabby little room. We both have a shower and I ask her “You clean teeth?”.
Without further ado, I switch off the lights, lock the doors & she lays down on the bed. I unwrap the prize I’d waited so long to open, by sliding her towel off. I go down on her and watch her facial expressions while I’m at
it. I just love watching her moan and groan and it’s an incredible turn on. She loves it, and we shag like nobody’s business. It’s so hot in there we both end up slipping and sliding all over each other. I go for another cold
shower and she falls asleep. I take out the laptop and start installing the Nokia PC Suite. A few hours later she wakes up and I show her the photos we had taken on my last trip. She loved them, of course, they were mostly of her. She is hungry
so we head for a food stall and eat some boiled chicken breast with rice and a few slices of cucumber plus two Pepsis for about 80 baht. Wow, so cheap and so delicious! I love that spicy sauce they give you on the side. I suggest we go to MBK
so I can buy her some clothes, but what I really want is that USB cable for the Nokia. Obviously she doesn’t understand the significance of this cable and seems quite happy when I suggest we can connect her mobile to my laptop. She’s
also happy because any trip to MBK might result in me buying her some stuff.

We walk to the Soi corner and grab a motorbike taxi each and head for MBK. Riding that bike in the hot afternoon sun watching her beautiful head of hair ahead of us on the other bike was such a fantastic experience that I cannot put into
words. I was so happy!

There we walk around for a couple of hours and I buy some sexy panties for her and a couple of shirts for myself. Not forgetting to buy that USB cable! As we walk around I can’t help noticing every man is looking at her. I mean every
guy that walks past. She really has a stunning body! We eat at a restaurant they have there where you first have to buy the coupons & then exchange them for whatever you want to eat! She eats rice again while I just have a bottle of Singha.
We head back to her room and & she goes back to sleep. Meanwhile, after the usual frustrating driver & software installations, I connect the laptop to the Nokia but don’t know her pass code. I wake her up and ask her to type in
the Nokia pass code. She types it in and goes back to sleep. Suddenly I have access to all her personal shit on the laptop and I manage to download all the Contacts, Images, Videos, and Messages she has on her phone! Ha! Now everything she’d
been up to in the last few weeks was under scrutiny! I tried to avoid confronting her with her lies and just enjoy being in her company. I didn’t really want any confrontation, but sometimes, it was inevitable.

She wakes up, completely unaware of what I’d just done and we head for the Silom Complex on motorbike taxis again and eat at the MK Restaurant. I love that soup where you just throw everything in and then fish them out with chopsticks.
Great stuff! We walk to the Patpong Market and she wants to buy a couple of porno DVDs, while I buy some other stuff. Then she gets a call on the mobile & she’s talking to some guy so we argue about that & she walks alone to find
a tuktuk. I walk serenely behind her taking my time to browse all the stalls that crowd the pavements. She slows down realizing that I’m not running after her and returns to my side. After a few teasing comments, we get back to normal.
We stroll up Silom Rd and browse the stalls. Finally we get on a tuktuk back to her place. I buy some beer & we settle down to watch those DVDs. She is obviously in the mood again and after a quick shower I go down on her again and she is
loving it, I watch her face as I’m at it and it’s fantastic. It drives me crazy with passion. We end up slipping and sliding again, and she tells me that she finishes at the same time and she giggles like a child. She seems very

It’s so hot in her room, it’s unbearable and I find it impossible to sleep. The fan is on full speed but it doesn't do anything, it just circulates the hot air and probably makes it worse. There is no window that can be
opened and both doors are locked from the inside. She sleeps immediately so I get down to investigate her messages, that are now on my laptop. I don’t believe what I’m seeing. I find myself completely engrossed by what I find…
I discover what seem to be hundreds of SMS messages from so many different guys: (all names changed) There’s Derek from Switzerland, Pierre from Paris, Sigmund from Norway, John from London, Kevin down in Phuket and many many others, they
are just so many messages I couldn’t manage to read all of them or absorb their contents. I find loads of farang contact names and loads of guys who live in Thailand since the numbers are local numbers. It’s incredible what I discover
this night and she doesn’t even realize what I’ve been up to. I finally fall asleep! But she sleeps alone! Totally alone hugging her Teddy Bear!

Chao Praya River

wonderland clinic

We get up around noon and after eating at a local food stall, we take a taxi to the Chao Praya Riverboat. I ask the taxi driver to take us to Chinatown, by the river. I argue with the taxi driver because I am convinced he is going the wrong
way & I ask him to take us back to the 7-11 where he picked us up so I can buy a map. She gets very upset about this walks off to talk to some friend on her soi. I buy the map and I go back to wait for her at the soi corner. She finally decides
to join me again but she goes into a deep sulk that’s very hard to break. We then take a taxi to The Oriental by the river. We sit by the river and wait for the ferry but she won’t open up or talk to me. She is in a bad mood all
the way to the Kao San pier. After the tuktuk from the river to Kao San, she finally opens up. We walk up and down Kao San and we play ‘spot the ladyboy’. I buy her the Best of Blue CD but she doesn’t want to hang around very
long. She wants to go straight to Soi Cowboy to see her sister. I try very hard to smooth things over but she gets another call on her mobile and starts talking to this guy. We end up arguing in the taxi again, and its so frustrating sitting in
that traffic jam not going anywhere, I just want to scream or get out and walk. It takes a very long time to get there and she falls asleep on my lap. We have a couple of beers with her sister and a friend and we leave walking to Soi 7. There
she wants to eat oysters and keeps saying “Shell make me horny, you know?” and suddenly after taking our seats, she invites a friend to eat with us. I thought that was a little bit cheeky but I didn’t say anything. She’s
obviously another freelancer just hanging around. Then we head back to her room for another shag and a nap. She explains that this guy from Norway was her boyfriend before but was too stingy with his money. She had spent 3 weeks with him on Koh
Chang and she complained that she was always hungry when with him and that “He no good for me, you know?”. She would like to go back home for a day to see her family and suggested we could go further north to Loei to see some friends
she had up there. So I said “Why not?”

Later, we go out to Patpong and have a few beers when she asks me if I would like to marry her. I was really surprised at this and said I would like to but wanted to get to know her better first. I also explained that I had to get my divorce papers .
We enter one of the Kings Group gogo bars, and it’s really pumping in there. Really I have never seen anything like it. We have to sit right at the front because its completely packed and its not the ideal place to be sitting with your
tilac. She didn’t like it and wanted to leave. We leave, and I apologized for taking her in there. We kept getting offers for “Ping Pong” shows and stuff, but I wasn’t interested in any of it! We then meet her friend,
the one that I’d met on the first trip at the bar on Kao San and we enter another bar and have a couple of beers. We sit at a table and this fat old French guy starts chatting up her friend. He doesn’t greet me but seems to be smiling
a lot at my tilac. They seem to exchange whispers and I just want to leave. It turns out later that he had offered my tilac 5,000 baht to go with him that night, but my tilac had turned him down. Good for her,
the cheeky bastard. She keeps saying she wants to go up North to see a friend and maybe we can cross over to “Lao”. We head back to her room where I practice some Thai phrases with her with my ‘Learn Thai’ software
on the laptop. We then settle down to watch a DVD for a while and she goes off to sleep hugging her Teddy Bear again. She sleeps a lot and seems to be used to sleeping alone.


We get up around 11am again & we head for Lumphini Rentacar. I don’t have cash so I have to go down Sathorn to find a an ATM and get some cash. She forgets the mobile phone & has to go back to her room to get it. We get back
and rent out a Soluna for 1,200 baht per day. We fill up with gas on Sathorn and head north on the skyway. She sleeps most of the way and we arrive to stay the night.

That afternoon I think we head for the nearest town to buy some food at the local market. I stand out like a sore thumb walking around there as I’m the only farang in sight. We get lots of looks. I buy a bottle of whiskey for her father
and we go back to her home. I show her father the photos on my laptop and we have a few whiskeys. The previous night we had been talking about getting married and I told her father that I would like to marry her and she had agreed but there was
one problem with that. I was still married (although separated) to my first wife and explained that the papers might take about 4 months. That evening over a few glasses of Thai Whiskey we even discussed the dowry with her father ‘You buy
father motorbike’ That was it! At the time I thought it might be a bit sudden to talk of marriage but I did give it a thought. Later in the evening, her father disappeared while I remain on the hammock and drank Whiskey all night with a
friend of the family, some old guy. My tilac disappears for about an hour or so and I keep wondering where she had gone. That night I couldn’t find the cigarettes that I had bought in duty free and was convinced that I had put
them in the car. Later, after getting a little bit too drunk we argue about that & she accuses me of talking bad about her family. But I explained that I did not accuse anyone, I just said that they were missing. Well, we end up in bed and
I really don’t remember if we had sex or not. I pass out. Next day my legs were completely covered in mosquito bites and were itching like mad.

Dan Sai

Next morning we head north for Dan Sai where she wants to go and see a friend. We stop at a Ginger Warehouse where we meet a middle-aged woman with a baby. The woman wants a lift back to her house so we head there in the car. It’s
raining all day so we decide not to go to Laos after all and just stay there with her friends. Maybe that was the idea in the beginning, but I’m not sure about that. Initially, there was the woman with that baby, another attractive girl
of the same age (mid twenties), her friend, and some neighbors. I tell her I want to stay in some bungalows she had recommended a nice with view. She goes there with her friend on the motorbike to pay for the night. I was very tired that afternoon
and fell asleep on the couch.

They return and talk all afternoon and when I wake up, there’s this guy there. For a Thai man, he is very tall and muscular, and quite handsome I guess, late twenties I would say. She introduces him to me and explains that they used
to live together when she worked at a factory near Sriracha some years earlier. Now, was this her true ‘faen’ that she hadn’t told me about? I really wasn’t sure of anything any more. She had lied to me about so many
other things that I was a bit suspicious. Of course, they were speaking in Thai and I could only gleam from their gesticulations what was really going on.

I kept studying their behaviour to see if I could detect something out of place. I found their behaviour highly suspect. For instance, there was this curtain cordoning off part of the room and all three of them had been in there while my
tilac was changing her jeans. I mean, what was going on in there? I could here them talking in Thai and laughing. And my tilac must have been down to her panties in front of him, while with me she would be a bit shy to be seen
in her panties, unless the light was low. I mean, what was going on in there? Later when she sat with me, this guy had gone behind the curtains to change and came out with a towel around his waist heading for the shower. As he pushed the curtain
to the side, and as he could see that I wasn’t looking, but, in fact, could see from the corner of my eye, I swear he opened the towel up in front of my tilac and flashed his dick in her face, then closed the towel again and headed
for the shower. WTF was going on? What was he doing? I mean, why would he flash his dick at her if they weren’t involved sexually in some sort of way? I mean was he just trying to piss me off? My tilac just smiled and looked away.
Nothing was said and no mention of it was ever made.

Now the funny thing is, she had told me that his girlfriend was the other attractive girl. So why would he be flashing his dick in her face? I couldn’t believe he’d just done that. Another thing that I didn’t quite understand
was the fact that she had wanted me to take a photo of her with him and with the baby. Was I taking a photo of her with the father of their child? I mean, was this the real couple, and not the other girl? Shit man! It was mind boggling. It was
just surreal, the whole experience. Later on that guy had to take off to work and I was very happy about that. It seems he worked transporting ginger to other parts of Thailand. Apparently, he was headed to Chang Rai in a big truck. I was glad
to see the back of him really and secretly hoped he would not be coming back. My tilac said he would be back the next day. Dan Sai to Chang Rai and back in one night? I didn’t get that either…

Later on, the three of us go and eat some delicious pork barbeque at a restaurant on one of those round aluminum tray-looking things with holes in them that they put over some charcoal, and it was wonderful. There I was with two beautiful
ladies in the North of Thailand pecking away at this delicious barbeque pork. I was really enjoying it but obviously I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about most of the time. My tilac explained that her friend also ‘worked’
but only went with Thai men. “She not go with farang”. We order some beer and the waitress brings over three glasses. Two of the glasses are just plain glasses and these she gives to the girls. The third glass had a cartoon picture
of a buffalo on it, and she hands it to me. <Now this is funny, it really is. I've never heard of this happening before, but can quite believe that it would happenStick> Now was that coincidence? Later my
tilac talks nasty about the waitress and complains that the plates are dirty. I was sure there was going to be a fight at one stage, but the waitress backed off and submissively brings other plates. So we drink a number of beers and decide
that the next day we would drive to the market in Loei.

Her friend leaves for the house and we go to the bungalow by car. I put on the TV and go for a shower. She doesn’t want to have a shower, and I sense that she doesn’t really want to have sex either. She keeps asking me to massage
her feet and legs and I don’t mind at all but she clearly only wants to sleep. She sleeps in her clothes. I watch a DVD but cannot sleep for most of the night. I keep thinking about all those messages that I have read, I keep thinking how
many lies she had told me, I think my head was going to explode that night. At the same time, I keep thinking how tender and sweet she was with me sometimes. It upset me when I thought of all the shit she has to put up with when she’s in
Bangkok. I lied there on the bed just looking at her beautiful face. I kept trying to analyze the things she had said, her behaviour with others. I kept trying to figure out whether she just wants my money, or does she really like me? I mean why
would she want to marry me just like that? Why would she bring that up just after such a short time together? I mean, would she actually marry me just to get a motorbike for her father? The thought of it was just ridiculous. Was this the long
term scam that would finally empty my bank account and leave me with nothing? That night, I just couldn’t get to sleep at all. Absolutely no sleep!

Dan Sai – Loei Market & Buddhist Temple

The next morning she gets up around 10am and we head back to the house. No sex that morning either. This was the day we were going to the market. It was my tilac and her friend, her friend’s mom, the middle-aged lady and the
baby. They were very nice company and I was delighted to be their chauffer for the day. It didn’t stop raining on the way there, but once there the sky opened up and the sun came out for a while. We walked around this market and I was amazed
at how many things I had never seen before in my life. I will never forget these giant yellow mushrooms. Everything was so tidy! Later we drove to some shops where they all got out. I remain in the car to try and sleep. I didn’t sleep the
night before and I was very tired. They bought some stuff and we head back to the house. Once back at the house, that muscular guy was back already. Shit, I thought he was headed for Chang Rai in that truck. They talk for a while and decide we
should all go to a Buddhist temple together. So off we go, this time, the old lady and the baby stay behind while that big guy joins us. He sits in the back and I must say, apart from what had happened the day before, he was very friendly and
smiled a lot. We did what they do at a Buddhist temple, that is, light some incense sticks and some candles and my tilac retrieves a piece of paper with some Thai written on it. She reassures me that what is says on the paper is “Good for
Me and Good for You”. We take some nice photographs, again, her with him, and her with me and we leave. We return to the house and after some chatting, my tilac suddenly decides she wants to leave and head back for Petchabun. She doesn’t
explain why, she just wants to leave, just like that. No explanation, nothing. So we throw some ginger in the boot and off we go.

We get to her house around late afternoon and after chatting for a while it turns out that the old man, the friend of the family wants a lift to Bangkok. They fill the boot with about five boxes of stuff and off we go. As we approach Bangkok
it's dark already and it turns out that the old man can’t remember where he is in the dark. My tilac explains he can only remember where he is during the day. Maybe he was half blind or something, not sure about that?

So there I am driving down this highway when she says turn right. Of course she says “Turn Right” when I am actually just driving past the exit, and it’s too late already. So we keep driving looking for one of those elevated
U-turn bridges (EUBs). We drive and drive and it must be about 20kms before I get to the next EUB. We finally turn ‘round and keep driving, now we cannot take that road they wanted so we have to keep driving in the opposite direction. It’s
already around 10:30pm and here I am driving away from Bangkok, I am tired and the gas is getting low and really these other two people in the car don’t know where they are going.

I suggest we go up this exit lane so we can turn round. Suddenly we are cruising East on the Outer Circular road and there is no EUB in sight. I keep driving and driving, the gas is getting lower and my patience is wearing pretty thin. Suddenly,
the Norwegian sponsor calls on the mobile and she starts explaining to him that she now has another boyfriend but “I not know him long time”. And she is talking about me to this guy on the phone. He was due in Thailand in just a
few weeks. At this point I just freak out. I stop the car, grab my cigarettes, get out of the car and start walking down the hard shoulder thinking “What the fuck am I doing here?” I light up a cigarette and she comes walking down
the hard shoulder after me. We argue. It’s now about 11pm, I am really tired, I have no gas, the gas stations will be closed in one hour, (Sorry Thaksin, you’re a very smart man, but that one I just don’t get it?) we are on
the wrong highway and we are headed in the wrong direction and there is no EUB in sight. On top of that, these people don’t even know where they are going. On top of that my newly found girlfriend turns out to be a full time hooker. I finally
conclude “This is a fucking nightmare!” (Stick: How did you know? J)

Now after shouting at my girl and switching off her mobile and keeping it with me, we return to the car. We keep driving and I see this entry ramp coming down on the left, I look over to the other side and there's a big warehouse. I
stop on the left hard shoulder and reverse up this entry ramp, all the way across the highway into thewWarehouse exit. They talk to the security guard to explain what is going on, and he lets us in, explaining we have to drive all the way around
this place to get to another exit on the other side.

Finally, we are driving in the right direction, but we are still on the wrong highway. We make it back to where we were some two hours earlier and finally I take that right she had indicated the first time. We drive down that highway for
a while and I really couldn’t believe it when she said, it’s the wrong highway! I keep thinking “Oh shit man, get me out of here”. I could hear myself screaming inside but was doing my very best to hold it in. We keep
driving and I keep watching that gas needle getting closer and closer to the red. It’s approaching midnight and there’s no gas station to be seen anywhere. They keep on chatting in Thai and I am convinced that they don’t have
a clue where they are. In fact, I am getting some pretty nasty thoughts up in my head!

Up ahead they see a sign and finally, they say they recognize some name. We keep driving and after asking for directions from at least three taxi drivers, we drop the old man off at a gas station (which is now already closed for gas) and
I give him 200 baht to get a taxi to wherever he’s going. So at last, we got one problem solved. Now we had an even bigger problem. That gas needle was nearly in the red and all gas stations are closed. I think we are about 40-50km NW of
Bangkok but I’m not sure. I don’t have a map, so I think I will take my chances and head for Don Muang. If I head East I am bound to cross that North South highway at some stage and from there its easy to Don Muang. If we get there
at least we could, I don’t know “hang around” or even find a room for the night and wait till the morning or whatever. Meanwhile, I was hardly on talking terms with my tilac and was as frustrated as hell knowing that
I will probably not get laid tonight either. <Mate, that is the least of your problemsStick> I try and drive slowly so we don’t use too much gas and as we approach Don Muang, guess what? I missed the exit!
I stop the car on the hard shoulder and try to reverse up the highway but it’s impossible, there are too many buses, trucks and taxis all over the place, all racing towards me in the mirror.

Really, by now I am getting seriously worried what to do and where to go. I don’t know what to do. That gas needle really is well and truly at the bottom of the red and I think the engine is just going to die any second. I take a left
turn and start driving into some suburbs. I’m worried now. I keep driving asking my tilac to look for hotel signs. She sees some sign and I turn left again. We drive down this other road and I don’t see any hotel. I stop at this
place to buy some whiskey, I will be needing it, I thought. <I hate to interrupt the story, but in the provinces close to Bangkok there are gas stations everywhere. The big shop that says Shell doesn't sell things found in the ocean, it sells gas. The big shop that says CalTex is not a far flung administration office of the states of California or Texas, but a place you can buy gas. TPI does not stand for Thai Private Investigator. It too is a place you can buy gas. Get it?Stick>

I do a U–turn and return to that bigger lane, thinking …..any second now, we’re going to be stuck and in a very vulnerable position. Very worried now. I keep driving down that road barely toughing the accelerator and finally
my tilac spots a short-time hotel, one of those places where you park the car behind the curtains, and then walk up stairs or whatever. My God, what a night. Now we don’t speak and she wants to sleep in her clothes again. I could
have screamed. I tell her to go for a shower and, brush her teeth and not to sleep in her clothes. She goes into a deep sulk again, and there is no way she’s gonna get out of this one tonight. She goes into the bathroom takes her shower
and goes to sleep. I neck down some scotch coz that’s the only way I was going to sleep that night. I watch a DVD movie on the laptop and I end up finishing the bottle. Finally if all that shit wasn’t enough, I manage to accidentally
lock her SIM card on the mobile! If you try the pass code 3 times it just locks up, until you enter the PUK code. Well she didn’t have the PUK code so I guess I just messed up her life, because all of her contacts, customers and friends’
numbers were on there and I just locked her SIM card. What a disaster! How many things can go wrong in one day? Unbelievable. Truly unbelievable!

Bangkok – Bangseng, Seafood Restaurant – Pattaya

Next morning I get up about 6am and leave in the car looking for a gas station. I was very lucky because less than a kilometer down that same lane I came down last night was a gas station. I fill the tank with gas and head back for the hotel.
Again I hang around waiting for her to wake up so we can take the car back before 12 noon. She is totally unconcerned at what time I have to take back the car. <OK, last time, I promise. Why the fxxx didn't you wake her up and tell her "we leave in 20 minutes" or something similar. Be ASSERTIVE – Stick> Finally she wakes up and we head back on the skyway for her room. She felt much better now and the sulking was over, so we discussed what we could do next and where we could go. I suggest we could head down to Koh Samet and stay a
couple of nights there. She didn’t want to stay in Bangkok and I think we need to do something seriously good to try and overcome the nightmare we had the previous night. I didn’t like the Soluna very much, it was a bit old and the
steering was a bit knackered so I head to Lumphini and get another newer one.

So we take off for Bang Sen. There’s a marvelous seafood restaurant there which serves excellent food for a pretty good price. It’s the first or second one along the seashore as you drive in from Bangkok, some of the others
are expensive so watch out. We thoroughly enjoy the seafood and she explains when she eats “shell” she gets really horny. Later we drive on to Bang Sen proper and check into a hotel there. Again, she goes and lies on the bed seemingly
to sleep. I wash my clothes & put on the TV. Now it's been two nights without a shag and I am really frustrated. Here I am in Thailand with this beautiful girl in my hotel bedroom and all she wants to do is sleep! After going on and on
about the seafood making her horny, she just lies down on the bed and goes to sleep! She was driving me nuts! I told her all this and we have another argument. Finally we make up and after a shower I go down on her again and she shags me on top
this time like she had done on the first day in Kao San. It was just as good and I absolutely loved it! I think she did too from the sounds she was making! We finally lie on the bed and hold each other and exchange lovely words together. She said
to me “Why we not go Pattaya tonight?”. So it was decided! That night in Pattaya was perfect, no arguments, no problems, just a very enjoyable night out. We eat chicken, rice and cucumber at some food stall, we had a few beers at
one of those beer bars and later we even went into Peppermint gogo where all these girls were dancing on the stage without panties. I had never seen anything like it. Another great night to remember.

Bangseng – Sattahip – Ko Samet

Next day, at around 11am, she wants to go and eat “shell” again on the beach. We have to wait for my laundry anyway so we go over to the beach and take a couple of seats. Suddenly some vendors arrive as if by magic selling “shell”.
We eat and then return to the hotel to pick up the baggage. She stays in the car with the AC on. I have to go get the baggage and she doesn’t offer to help. I find small things like this really annoying and extremely selfish of her sometimes.
Really sometimes she treated me like shit, as if I had to do everything. She had left everything lying around and I had to pack it all in her bag pack. Now, this I did not like and was enough to put me in a bad mood. <I hate to say it but were you supposed to be a woman? Perhaps God mistakenly attached a cock instead of two tits. Get with the program! This girl is walking all over you.
Be a man, not a mouse!Stick>

Well, we drive down to Sattahip, and there’s nothing there, it’s a boring place and after she’s eaten her rice soup we keep on driving until we get to some place where they have speed-boat launches crossing over to Koh Samet. Before
negotiating the price of a speed-boat, we eat at a local restaurant and she want to leaves immediately. Even as I’m still eating. WTF is wrong with her? What’s the hurry? Were they talking about her in the restaurant? Well, no, there
was nobody else there. Really, sometimes I didn’t know where I stood with this girl. Sometimes, she just drove me crazy! We leave and finally we find a speedboat across. She did all the talking and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t
try to bring down the price. I’m pretty sure about that. But why? I couldn’t understand that. I mean why would she do that? We leave the car, and I don’t leave anything in the car just in case. This means I’m dragging
my laptop onto Koh Samet, and I feel like a bit of dick head who thinks he has lots of money or something. If only they knew! Anyway, the crossing is great fun and she really enjoys it, she finally is very happy and I can see she is enjoying herself.
They drop us off and tell us to call them the next day to come and pick us up. We sit down at this restaurant on the beach and I immediately order a pizza. She orders Thai food. We ask one of the waiters where we can get a bungalow and he explains
after we finish eating, he’ll escort us. So later, we make it to the bungalow and it's pretty basic but has a nice solid double bed. We have a shower and again, we get down to some serious shagging. However, while she was on top, after
I had already come she starts to fuck me really hard and it hurts! I mean, WTF is she doing? Does she know she is hurting me, or is she just frustrated and wants to come herself? Finally she comes and moans and groans really loud. I didn’t
mention this to her later so I guess I will never know. I did find that a bit odd though! I mean, she must have known, surely? I felt like it was some kind of punishment or something. Weird? Later that night we have a great time drinking beer
at some open air bar just there on the beach, there’s good music and lots of laid back people just having a good time. And I’m there with the most beautiful girl I ever met. We head back to the bungalow around 3am and I don’t
remember if we had sex again or not. It was another night to remember.

Ko Samet – Bangseng – Bangkok

Well, next day, we speedily boat back to the mainland and drive back to Sriracha to pick up her sister. On the way she keeps going on about eating seafood and getting horny, I guess what she really wants is to go back to that seafood restaurant
in Bang Sen. We go back to the same restaurant and enjoy another spicy seafood session. Boy, that big fish is so spicy, her sister and I are in tears, but very very nice indeed! We make it back to the highway and drop off her sister. Now she starts
again with this seafood-horny business so I suggest we stop at a short–time hotel and have a quick shag, but she doesn’t want to. “I sleep in car and we fuck in Bangkok”. So there was no more to do than drive back a.s.a.p.
Again she falls asleep and we are there in no time. I wake her up on her Soi and she gets up and goes straight for a food stall. No mention of the baggage or anything. She just gets out and goes straight for that food stall. This really pissed
me off, so I don’t follow her and instead head for her room with all the baggage, I mean, all of it. I had the key so I just stayed there. In all honesty, the place was a mess, so I start cleaning it up. I tidy some of her CDs and some
of her clothes and I clean the floor. This girl seems to have completely lost her self-respect and I couldn’t help feeling sorry for her. <No, it is YOU who has lose your self-respectStick>

She was all alone in this big city and her situation was completely hopeless. How could this happen to such a beautiful girl? How could things have gotten so bad for her? On many an occasion we had talked about her situation, about love, about sex and money, about her family and her friends but really, I felt that I knew nothing about her. I take the car back to Lumphini and on the way back I buy her e new One-to-Call SIM card. I go back to her room and try to get some sleep. It was impossibly hot in there. She comes back and we lay down on the bed and talk. I offer to give her a foot massage so I get some cream and start working on her feet. She has such beautiful feet. She just lies there subdued and I go into a trance working on her feet and then on to her beautiful legs. I try very hard to make her realize that she should take care of herself, to always brush her teeth, to shower every day, and to always use a condom when she is working. She assured me that she never works without using a condom, and only has un-protected sex with her boyfriends, namely the Norwegian guy, which she had now finished with, and me.

I ask her why she hadn’t gone to the dentist when I had sent her the money, but she didn’t have an answer. I tell her I would not be sending her any more money, because she didn’t stop going out last time and explained it was not fair what she had done to me. Again, I tried to explain to her that sex should be a wonderful part of making love with the person you love and should not be used as a way to make money. She kept saying “I not want fuck money-man, you know?” “I not want”. It was no use and the conversation wasn’t getting anywhere. Really, I felt completely powerless to help her, I mean what could I possible do to get her out of this situation?

So it was our last night and I didn’t want to stay out late because I might miss my flight the next day. She suggests we go out and have a beer or two at the night Bazaar. We head there in a taxi and take a table. She orders some Thai food and I go and get a nice mushroom pizza. There’s a band playing in the background and it’s really nice there. I sit there looking at her and she is truly one beautiful girl. I think to myself, boy I am going to miss her like crazy this time and it’s really going to hurt bad. We have one of those big German bottles of beer and talk for a couple of hours. Later, we head back to her room. I really don’t remember what happened when we got back but she told me she wasn’t coming to the airport the next day because “I cry too much, you know?” I think we just fell asleep that night and the next morning I kissed her one last time and told her to take care of herself. I go out and put my shoes on outside ready to leave. Oh shit! I don’t want to leave. I take off the shoes and go back inside. She’s awake now and she asks me to stay with her and take care of her. We hug one last time and I hold her beautiful head to my shoulder, I take one last breath of her hair and I kiss her one last time. I give her 2,000 baht and a hundred dollar bill and I force myself to leave this time. Boy was that hard!

To be continued……….??

Stickman's thoughts:

Yes it was hard. This girl might have a beautiful body, but my God, she is laughing at you. You really need to harden up. This is a classic case of you being completely walked over by a girl. Unbelievable.

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