Stickman Readers' Submissions February 3rd, 2005

My First Visit To The LOS

First off I had NO idea on how the bar girl/go-go scene worked in Thailand, I'm a complete newbie at this stage.

I have always been interested in visiting Thailand, in fact I'd never been out to the Far East before and this was always a dream of mine. Thailand has been a fascination of mine for the past 5 years mostly due to the national sport of Muay Thai.
I have a friend that has been travelling around the Far East and he suggested that I come over and meet up with him. Great I thought, I have a great opportunity to go out and see Thailand with a good friend.

He Clinic Bangkok

I booked my ticket just before the Tsunami disaster and was thinking of cancelling my trip, but went ahead anyway. Fast forward to BKK, the day I arrived in BKK I met up with my buddy and we booked into a hotel near Khao Sarn road. After that we went
out to Khao Sarn road for a bite then on to some Irish pub. I met a cute Thai girl in the pub, she had a friend that my buddy tapped off with. After the pub closed we then went on to play pool at some dodgy looking place. After staying there for
an hour she asked if she could come back to my hotel room.

So I'm thinking … my first night in BKK and this is happening, pretty cool! So we went back to my room and I thought I'd get some action, it was a weird night she was playing all hot in the pub but was giving me the cold shoulder in the hotel
room. So we just fell asleep, at about 5am she gets a call on her cellphone and says that it's her mother and she has to leave, she asked me to go with and meet her mother, I declined. I didn't think much of it and just blew it off as
my first BKK experience.

My friend and I then left BKK to head down south to Koh Samui, on arrival I was blown away by the scenery, the weather, the beautiful beaches. The first night there we decided to head out to get some food. Walking down the street we were greeted several
times by the local bar girls and girls working at the massage parlours. I couldn't get over how friendly the people were in Thailand, I was thinking that this is paradise!

CBD bangkok

After eating we walked down to a section that had numerous bars, every bar we walked past the women were greeting and calling us over for drinks. We ended up at one particular bar and decided to stop for a drink. I met this bar girl and she was very cute
and friendly. At this point I still had no idea what a bar girl was in Thailand, I simply thought that they were just that: a bar girl, someone that served drinks. Her English wasn't that good but we could understand each other pretty well.
We only stayed for one drink then headed off home.

The next night after eating we ended up back at the same bar, the bar girl that I had met the previous night was there and when she saw me she was so happy to see me, for that night I felt so happy. She told me that she had only worked at the bar for
2 months. She finished work at 2am and then I met up with her at a club, we danced and had a few drinks, in fact she had too many. She ended up at my place where she passed out. When she woke the next morning she asked if she could stay at my
hotel as she lives in a house share. I said sure no problem. At this point I was thinking that this is the best holiday ever, I met a cute women that isn't a pro and she really likes me.

She spent the next week with me and only worked one night the whole time. She never once asked for bar fine payment, she only asked me for taxi fee the one day so she could go home to get a change of clothes. She did say to me the one day that she likes
me and if she didn't I would have to pay her money, at the time I didn't think much of that statement, guess I was too busy enjoying the fact that I was having a blast.

The following week we decided to head over to Koh Phangan. She asked if she could come with and I asked her about the bar and if it would be ok for her to come with and she said sure no problem at all. I had a great time in Koh Phangan and paid for all
her meals, accommodation was taken care of and she never asked me for money once.

We then went back to Koh Samui and she stayed with me for the next 3 days. During the whole trip we had sex pretty much everyday that was initiated by her mostly and I was loving it. I'm gonna get flamed here big time for saying this but all the
sex we had was unprotected, once again I stress the point that I had no idea what a bar girl was even at this time. (Note: I'm planning to get tested, at this point I'm really concerned and the magic of the holiday is a distant memory
due to my concerns.)

wonderland clinic

My buddy found out how the bar girl scene worked and told me about it, that they have to pay a fine to the bar (usually around 300 Baht) if they skip work. So a few days before I leave I get asked for money, by this time I was kinda switched on to the
whole scene. I was asked for 3 thousand Baht for nails and hair. I declined to pay. She never asked me again for money although I did give her 1 thousand Baht when I left anyway. We exchanged phone numbers and she has contacted me saying that
she needs money, she also asked if she could come over and see me and I said sure, she then said that I would have to pay for the flight and all travel expenses including visas. We haven't spoken since. <Assuming the girls were bargirls as such, and it sure sounds like that, then this is pretty bloody questionable. You should have paid them!Stick>

I just wish that I could have researched the whole Thai bar girl scene or had someone that could have informed me before I left. I had a great time there and will never forget my first Thailand trip. I was just too stupid and naive to think that a bar
girl was just that and also that she really liked me. By the time it was time for me to leave she actually said that she loved me and cried when I left. I stayed 2 nights in BKK before coming back home. I met a bar girl in BKK and told her about
my romance in Koh Samui. She asked me if the bar girl I'd met spoke English well and I said no, the BKK girl said that's probably a good thing as she probably hasn't had too many men. She gave me the low down on the whole bar girl
scene. I'm much wiser now and will definitely love to go back to Thailand. My major concern right now is I hope that I haven't contracted any diseases.

My advice to anyone out there (you probably know this anyway but I feel I must stress the point) take precautions it's just not worth it. Yes I felt special, I felt wanted, I had a great time but I'm not too sure it was worth it all.

Stickman's thoughts:

Mmmmm….not paying bargirls is bad news.

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