Stickman Readers' Submissions February 14th, 2005

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

After spending hours reading many of the submissions on your site, I want to say thank you to you and all of your submitters for sharing their experiences and wisdom. I'm sure everybody comes to their own conclusions as to whether the LOS experience
is a positive or a negative one. It does seem however many men go looking for love and are blinded by the beauty of the women and, not being familiar to a different culture, blinded by what goes on behind the smiles.

My experience was and, at times still is, the same but after being over there seven times I like to think I'm starting to get some savvy now that I am married to a beautiful Thai woman who is with me now in the States.

He Clinic Bangkok

At fifty years old I started to realize I wasn't quite as good looking as I thought I used to be, and even though I'm still in shape, it was getting harder and harder to get a date and the ones I did get were not quality and it seems I'm
getting pickier more in my older age. I also came to the realization that a quality life and friendship was more important than just getting laid.

I know what it is like to be taken for everything you have worked for all of you life for by someone who just can't get enough no matter how much you give. It seemed like the more I gave to a woman, the more they wanted. Instead of "Thanks for
the $500 you spent on me yesterday" I got the "But what are you going to do for me today" attitude.

So I went of the match dot you know who thing and after about 157 bad experiences I was about to give up and resign myself to being single the rest of my life and raise my 12 year old daughter alone. And then "IT" happened. I got this letter
and pic from this Thai girl who wanted to be friends and see where it would go. I have had some experiences with American Asian women, but couldn't get past the "American" part of them. I have come to the conclusion that women are
the same everywhere, some good and some bad, but it seems there are more good across the continent. Anyway, I answered the letter and the response I got was that it wasn't this women I thought at all, but the wife of a couple that introduced
Thai women to American men. She knew some Thai women and wanted to introduce them to me. I thought, well here we go again, somebody wanting to make a buck off my bad luck and they wanted to take me to Thailand and show me a good time and introduce
me to some bar girls and make their money.

CBD bangkok

After a couple of letters and some phone conversations I thought maybe they were on the up and up. They convinced me that they were there on a vacation in LOS [she is Malaysian] and had heard the stories of the Thai women being treated so bad by the Thai
men and thought they had heard many of the same stories of the men in the States being taken to the cleaners by the woman here, that maybe there was an opening in the market in the cupid business by introducing Thai women and American men. They
told me that they interviewed all the girls and at the time had three cities they visited and about 80 or 90 girls to introduce to men. NO BARGIRLS! That was a strict taboo. They came to my house and showed me some pictures of the girls that were
available and I was ready to go!!!!

I always wanted to experience Thailand and Asia and thought that even if this didn't work out I would have a good time. I had a personal guide to some places and at fifty years old I was ready for a change of life vacation.

It was everything they said it would be and then some. I met so many women I was almost overwhelmed in Chiang Mai. And then after about four or five days on to Udon Thani. It was there I met the most beautiful women in the world and a million dollar smile
that stole my heart away. On the first date she bought my food and cut it up and prepared it for me at one of the local markets and then she tried to feed me. I haven't experienced this since I was about one years old and at first it was
a little embarrassing to me, but I was told this is one of the many ways that they show their affection. Needless to say I had a lot more to learn about Thai culture. And I am still learning today.

Moral of the story: There are still people out there today that care about others and are willing to go the extra mile to help out. Sure, I paid for the services for the help of "thailandromancetours" but the cost was not much more than a plane
ticket and the best of the best of hotels and food and many extras. If I took five trips over there alone or with a friend, I would have paid ten times more and probably not learned half as much.

AND…..I eventually brought over the love of my life and we have so much fun learning and teaching each other about our cultures and sharing a life together. Life has much more meaning to me now. I feel like I am getting younger instead of older.

wonderland clinic

So to any of you out there that are looking for the same and want to know more about how to find a good Thai lady and NOT have to go thru all of the bar girls I would be happy to share more of my story with you.

I will tell more of our experiences in another submission, but for now I wanted to share with you that there is an easier way for those of you who want to find a true love experience and not get taken for another ride on the emotional express.

Feel free to send me any comments or question you might have to And thank you Stickman and all of the others who share your stories with all of us.

Stickman's thoughts:

Always nice to hear a positive story!

nana plaza