Stickman Readers' Submissions February 1st, 2005

Ko Phangnan State Of Mind

My first night out in Haad Rin (Koh Phangan) was probably one of the best of my life.

That morning, I had met a beautiful blonde-haired girl named Becky, from the UK (I’m from the good ‘ole US of A) who had a delightful accent and giant blue eyes, a deep tan and a magnificent body (I’m a straight woman and even I was
impressed.) We made fast friends that morning and decided to hang out on the beach together that morning.

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As we were lying on our sarongs, taking in the sights & sounds of Haad Rin beach, a pair of girls trudged through the sand carrying huge backpacks and holding a guidebook open. They asked if our bungalow operation had any available rooms. Unfortunately,
they didn’t. Becky and I said that we would watch their backpacks for them if they wanted to try their luck further down the beach. They were grateful and when they returned they had landed a room at the next set of bungalows over. We introduced
ourselves, their names were Jo & Martha, and they were from the UK, same as Becky. And thus began my debauchery.

All four of us sunned ourselves on the beach and got acquainted. Jo was a cute brunette with a marvelously curvy figure and Martha was a tall, thin, strawberry-blonde with a wicked sense of humor (a BRITISH sense of humor at that!) As the day wore on,
we agreed to meet for happy hour and went our separate ways. When the four of us met for a drink later on, we had become six thanks to the addition of a British couple (whose names I don’t quite recall.)

Becky, Jo, Martha, myself and the British couple went out to dinner, and then hit the beach where the open-to-the-ocean bars pump music into the night air. We sat on sandy straw mats and sipped buckets of Thai whiskey mixed with Coke & Red Bull. We
listened to the music and watched some people twirl fire poi. Everyone on the beach looked better by the light of the little kerosene lamps on the tiny tables centered on the straw mats. The night air was warm, the sea breeze wonderful. Since
the full moon party was only 3 days away there were tons of people on the beach and the air was electric with anticipation. These people had come half way around the world and wound up on this beach for a party, and damned if the party wasn’t
starting a little early.

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We started dancing and that’s when the male half of the British couple asked if anyone wanted some Ecstasy. I had never tried E before, so I chipped in 1600 baht (about $40) for two tablets and off he went to fetch it for our group. Everyone was
giving me advice (only take half the first time, drink plenty of water) about the E, and promised to watch out for me, so I took the pill (a whole one) and waited for it’s effects to take hold.

Meanwhile, our little group was dancing and having a great time. Around midnight I spied a couple of guys, one of whom looked like George Michael (younger) and I wandered over and started up a conversation. The George Michael look-alike was Australian
and both he and his friend from New Jersey were lifeguards (great bods!) One thing led to another and I, amazingly, “pulled” both of them back to my bungalow that night. There is a God and He is benevolent and merciful.

So the next morning, 9am, I wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, just dying to tell my new-found friends what happened the night before. They are not up yet. I hadn’t realized how late Haad Rin nightlife went, but apparently they were out until

Finally, Becky knocks on my door and sees the largest shit-eating grin on my face and says one word: “BOTH?”

Jo is similarly amazed. “They were BOTH fit!” (“Fit” being the British slang for ‘good-looking’.)

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Unfortunately, I had caused some consternation among the group as it was my first night on E and I had taken the tablet of E and then disappeared. I quickly put those fears to rest! Many, many jokes were cracked about my obviously being well able to take
care of myself (and two others!) over the course of the next few days. I have to say that I took the ribbing quite good-naturedly as I couldn’t get the stupid smile off my face!

Ah, Koh Phangan days & Koh Phangan nights!

Stickman's thoughts:

So gals enjoy Thailand much the same as guys do?!

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