Stickman Readers' Submissions February 26th, 2005

Kiwi Does Phuket

By Kiwi Peter

Well well well say no more. I'm a kiwi who has been to Bangkok many many times over the last four years and have just spent the last three months in Phuket and a little in Bangkok.

Yes I do love the girls and I love them like crazy. I can't seem to stay away from Thailand and I'm planning to come back in a few weeks. Crazy fool that I am.

He Clinic Bangkok

I've fallen in love with one or two of them as you do. I spent six weeks with the last one which was great but we had our ups and down. Yes she was a bargirl. I paid 1000 baht a night for her plus the 200 baht bar fee which I thought
wasn't too bad compared to Bangkok. The catch is they make sure you spend at least 1000 to 1500 baht on beer and other things.

I took her home around 1.00am after five hours of drinking and had a great time. The sex was good as usual. She was a little drunk which didn't seem to bother me because it was the first night.

The next night it was the same thing again drink drink drink then discothèque. After a week or so I was getting a little tired of the same thing every night, so I said to her lets just stay home and watch TV for a few nights which was
okay by her. <does it need to be ok with her? – Stick>

CBD bangkok

After a few nights at the hotel we decided to go back to the bar, she said we stay only two hours which really ended into fours hours. The next day I said to her we go bar every two days she was okay about that.

Then one night she started getting angry with me because I was talking to other girls. She didn't seem to like that too much. She kept calling be a butterfly which in a way I am but don't like to admit it. That night she got so
angry that she ended up fighting with the other girls so we decided to leave. I knew as soon as we got back to the hotel it would be hell and it was. AS soon as that hotel door opened she was into me like a dog. She keep saying you a butterfly
you no love me I leave and so on and so on. She ended up staying after about two hours of crying.

In a way I did love and care for her and she was a great chick and I would love to take her back to NZ to live but I new it would cost me a packet.

After that night I knew there was no way I would take her home with me.

wonderland clinic

After about two weeks I said to her I need to go back to Bangkok and do some work which was bullshit. I really just wanted to get away from her and Phuket for a while. I said to I'll be back in a week or so which I did. We met up again
for another two weeks and did pretty much the same thing again with a few fights about money in between.

The thing I can't understand why I keep going back to her when we had so many up and downs but I did.

I said I need to go back to Bangkok for the third because I was starting to feel a little confused with her and the sex wasn't that great, even without a condom. Yes I know I'm a fool, no condom.

I said I may come back again in two weeks to see her.

Arrived back in Bangkok and had a look around. I ended up shagging a few more bar girls. I said to myself when I arrived in Bangkok “no girls” but after a while I couldn't help myself. My head was saying this girl in Phuket
loves me but does she really love me. I was feeling very confused and mixed up, not the first time to feel like that in Thailand.

After a week in Bangkok I had enough of the traffic and crowds and was I was feeling very tired. Every time I come to Bangkok I feel stuffed. All you want to do is sleep. Is it the heat?

The strange thing is when you arrive in Phuket I'm fine. I feel great health wise
So jumped on the plane back to Phuket but this time I didn't tell her I was coming. I just wanted to be by myself for a while without any problems
and bullshit. I checked in to my hotel and just mucked around going down to the beach and having a few drinks at the black sheep which is owned by a kiwi.

Then about three nights later there's a knock on my door and I opened it and was her. She said why you no ring me and started yelling and screaming.

I said I just wanted to be by myself for a while and think things over. We talked for a few hours and she ended up staying for another week.

At the end of the day I was just very confused about her. I did love and care for but wasn't really sure what to do. I knew if I took her home it would be hell but I just didn't want to leave. Then there were times I thought fuck
all this bullshit and go home. In the end I did.

I've had Thai girlfriends in NZ before, if you could say girlfriends. I met one at a local massage place down the road about five years ago and fell in love with. That lasted a few weeks before the normal bullshit started

At the end of the day I've never been able to work a Thai girl out, and really know what she's thinking. Maybe it's just money and wanting to get out of the country I don't know. Maybe they're just looking for that
lottery ticket a guy who is more than happy to spend thousands and thousands of dollars.

Anyway I'm coming back to Thailand for the twelve times and who knows what will happen. Every time is different.

Stickman's thoughts:

She doesn’t love you. She is just doing her job and is after your money…mate, you are not doing us Kiwis proud….

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