Stickman Readers' Submissions February 22nd, 2005

Good Girl And Nice Guy 2/3 Destined For Disaster

“Good Girl” & Nice Guy 2/3 – Destined For Disaster

“Good Girl” & Nice Guy 2/3 – Destined For Disaster

After about 3-4 weeks, I was finally settled in, in Perth, and after talking to Julie on the phone less than before, but still a lot, I decided I wanted to resume old times. What was happening now was beyond my reach of comprehension, as I will later
explain. Things seemed great, and I continued to talk to her. I was very devoted to her, and felt I had her affection. I asked for a postcard from Japan and Thailand, on her return trip, neither ever came. I wrote this off thinking nothing of

In June she moved back to Thailand, and after not having passed her TOEFL she had nothing to do except job hunt. In July she started work at The Amari Hotel head office, which sounded exciting to me.

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At one point I went out one evening and got completely and absolutely drunk, and made out with some random Australian girl, this would have been a non issue, if I hadn’t phoned Julie later and her asking if I kissed any cute girls… I shouldn’t
have said yes, but if that was the worst I did then I am a good boy. On other occasions I was in the computer lab working on projects and would come home to a 2am phone call of yelling and screaming about me being out with girls. Unfortunately
this was untrue. We would always talk, and say things like “I am waiting to be with you again”, “I love you teeruk”, “Chan rak ter”, “You are the only one in my life” and
so on convincing me of this.

For the month of July I went to Singapore with a good friend and we drank lots of Tiger, and had a good time, I flirted around with some bar girls, but that wasn’t my goal. We even went down to Geylang to check out the Boyz and Durians. My friend
had to go back to Perth early, so for my last week I booked a ticket to Bangkok, not knowing if that was smart or not, I was ready to do some exploring.

It was about this time I first found Stickman’s site, and read up franticly about do’s and don’ts, to me which may seem odd I came away with just this: Ladyboys and BarGirls and Jewlery stores were off limits for me, yes yes I know
all the fun stuff. I was going to see the Thai capital and if I was lucky, Julie.

CBD bangkok

Being in Bangkok alone, speaking very little Thai was intimidating, but overall I had a good experience. I had 2 close calls, one with a motorbike and one with a tuktuk driver, but it was over all a positive experience. I have written about my week in
Bangkok and will email Stickman the week of fun I had. I surprised Julie at her work on the day I arrived, and she was crazy about it. (She was very happy to see me) she said however she thought she was never going to see me again, which at the
time I thought nothing of this comment, but this will have later ramifications. I obviously paid for a room near Khao Sarn Road. She ferried me around in her brand new Corolla, and we split the meals as best as I can remember, at one point I bought
her some clothes, she had wanted more, but I said she had to buy those, so they went back on the rack. I was supposed to meet her parents, and while nervous I was excited, practicing my greetings and wais. When I got to dinner,
I was informed they had a funeral that just came up to go to. Wasn’t sure if Julie just didn’t want them to meet me, or if some tragic death had occurred that morning. Either way was fine with me. I started getting suspicious of
her, when she started telling obvious lies to people, but she would calm me down with a kiss or some form of molestation to take my mind off the real issue.

One night she had to go home, “because her parents didn’t want her sleeping with me” so at 3am I tried to wake her up, and got screamed at, and I said I just wanted to make sure you get home so we are not in trouble with your parents.
On another night she did stay the hostel desk wouldn’t let her in saying no hookers. Obviously this made her mad. She did show a lot of affection towards me bringing me breakfast and mangos in the morning before work, meaning she had to
drive Bangna to Rama VII and back to the city for work, all for me. <Yep, if you do not know Bangkok, that is quite a hikeStick> On the morning of my last day when she stayed the night against her parents'
wishes, her car had a wheel lock, luckily she talked the police down from 500 baht to 300 baht so I wouldn’t have to pay as much. Haha. Then we raced to Don Muang at 180k, hell, I barley made my flight. She gave me the real deal with some
tears and hugs at the departure stand.

I returned to Perth a new man, I thought in my heart Julie was the woman for me. Thailand has its issues, but I could deal with them, or work in Singapore, Hong Kong, Perth, or convince her to come to USA with me. Love makes one blind for sure, I spent
countless hours researching visas and immigration details. We talked about her coming to visit me, but she could only take off work for three days and expected me to buy the plane ticket, 800 bucks for three days?!? I could buy a new girlfriend
for 800 dollars. School got a little busy, and I cut back on the hours I spoke to Julie. I finally took a Thai class at a TAFE (community college), I hoped Julie would assist me in learning, but no luck, my English lessons were free I guess.

When Spring break started in October, I was ready to get away from everything. A friend of mine flew from New York to Singapore to Perth, and we went backpacking for a few days, then my cousin flew in from Washington DC and the three of us hit the clubs.
I was never really interested in the girls at these clubs, but I wanted to show my friends a good time. Well after one week of solid partying, I called Julie to see how things were, and she seemed okay, yet distant. I asked what was troubling
her, and she said nothing at all. I even went as far as saying have you found someone new, and said it would be okay, I would understand. Her response was always no, I am just missing you. Well I went on for a second week of partying with my local
and American mates and thought all was normal with Julie. Well school started up again, and I resumed a calmer life. One evening I phoned Julie and she told me she couldn’t talk, and on the third call she said she was with her boyfriend
and she didn’t want him to know she was talking to a guy. Well this was news to me and I hadn’t seen it coming AT ALL. Yes I was busy for two weeks putting back rum and coke on tap, and Crown lagers, but it wasn’t like I did
anything to cross her. Well I was distraught, but I figured there was an explanation. The next day I was on the phone with Julie, and her comment was I am sorry about that, I was trying to watch TV and you were bothering me, the boyfriend was
an excuse, again you are the one for me Andrew. Well if I had paid attention, I would have remembered she wasn’t at home that weekend, but I bought her apology and went on living my life and loving her.

In the first week of November I called her one night, and found out she was in Pattaya. I was jealous, I had never been there, but I wanted to talk, and was told no, I am in the bathroom and my friends are sleeping. Well this was at 11pm in Thailand,
so I think I said oh sorry to bother you and your boyfriend, which was heavily denied. I decided I needed to know for sure, and almost hired Stickman, but decided to buy a plane ticket to BKK instead (No offense Stick). <You should have done both!Stick> I sent her an SMS one morning that said I arrive tomorrow, can you get me at the airport, really the ticket was a week away, but I wanted to see what would happen, I could always arrange a different date with her.
Well I get a call 5 minutes later at 6:15 am, WHAT! You can’t, I am leaving tomorrow for work in Samet, interesting, I didn’t know that Amari sent a marketing secretary to Samet for work. I was upset, and said I’ll push the
trip off a week to the real date. Still the answer was NO, I am with my family at my grandmothers, up north. Well I offered to travel there. I had always wanted to ride an elephant, still the answer was no. Now I was getting pretty suspicious,
so I figured she was definitely seeing someone. A lot of my calls were dropped and my requests for pictures and things from Thailand were getting denied. I canceled the plane ticket and decided I had had enough and went with a French girl I knew,
to Melbourne. If Julie can have fun and travel around, so can I.

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Well I kept in touch, maybe out of desperation, I don’t know. She was less upset after she knew I wasn’t coming, I got the picture, there was some guy, but it was always denied. I admitted to her having never thought of leaving this relationship
till now, she didn’t scream at me as she had earlier in the year upon this comment. Emails began to go unanswered as well as SMS and phone calls. The excuses were “teeruk I am so busy with the holiday season”, or “Andrew
I am so tired from work can we talk later, but don’t forget, wait for me sweetie”, or my favourite “Pad Thai misses you a lot”.

Stickman's thoughts:

It is about to go BANG!

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