Stickman Readers' Submissions February 7th, 2005

Bringing Farang Women TO LOS

Bringing Farang Women To LOS Part 1

Having been a reader of this website for some years now it’s good to finally contribute something that hasn’t been said already.

Perhaps a little about myself first, my family originate from Mauritius but I have lived in England all my life (so far anyway), & have been a fairly regular visitor to LOS over the last thirteen years. I have always come back with lots of stories
of my adventures & shown around pictures I’ve taken in the bars & back in the bedrooms. This has always got me a lot of envious looks & comments from male work colleagues, the female ones (only those I know very well) whom I
have shown the pictures to were always very curious & quite interested. One lady whom I am seeing now after a lot of questions agreed to come & see for herself.

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So after taking a week in Cambodia on my own (top place everyone should take the time to go there), I met her at BKK airport. The first thing she noticed was the strange odour that hangs around BKK the next was once we got outside was the heat. On the
taxi ride to the hotel she was amazed at the sheer volume of traffic. Pulling up just by our hotel the Majestic Suites she saw a food vendor, when I explained to her that they were selling crickets, cockroaches & other insects, the look on
her face was priceless!

So that evening we took the short stroll into NEP, I could feel we were being looked at by a lot of the farang men probably not so much that Kath is a farang woman here in what is predominantly a male playground but more for the way she looks (if you’re
wondering what I mean she has a 40F bust!!)

Our first stop was in Secrets bar on the first floor, not one of the best bars but this was the first bar I ever went into in BKK so I always start my trips off here. The staff were very polite but a bit standoffish. Next we moved on to Angelwitch this
was much better in here the girls are much nicer looking & there seems to be more going on. Same thing again though very polite but no girls would come over & try to hit us for a lady drink, I did notice a lot of curious looks from the
bar girls but that’s all. The mamasan came over & chatted to us & was full of questions about what Kath & what she doing here.

CBD bangkok

By this time Kath had seen several katoeys & was really intrigued by them, so we went into the ladyboy bar in the corner on the first floor (can’t remember the name).

Inside there was a Japanese looking guy being worked over by four of them, (god help him) once we got our drinks the attention was on me initially ,two of them were desperately trying to persuade me to take them to the room upstairs. When I pointed out
I had my girlfriend with me they said that’s ok she could watch if she liked? This really made Kath laugh being quite broadminded she wasn’t offended at all. Kath was quite taken with how they looked & dressed & said some
of them looked more feminine than women you see back in the UK. They did come up to Kath however just to compare boob sizes with her. I don’t think they had seen real ones that big before.

On next to G Spot, lots of polite smiles from the waitresses, & a couple of times Kath was invited to come up & dance on stage by the bar girls but she declined (shame I know) but again the same thing no girls would over & try to hit us for
a lady drink.

So then we proceeded upstairs to Carousel, it’s always funny in here watching drunken farangs falling off the electric bull, I know the mamasan in her & some of the girls so straight away they came over & chatted with Kath. They were full
of questions about her & what she did for a living, I got the feeling they don’t meet a lot of farang women.

By this time it was getting late so we closed the evening in Voodoo, it’s a little different in here as the waitresses will get up & dance on stage along with the bar girls, after a few more drinks I persuaded one waitress to shed her uniform while on stage by waving a hundred Baht note at her. One of the bar girls did come over & chat to us, but her English wasn’t too & my Thai is even worse. But when the bar closed about one-thirty she left with us for something to eat in the coffee shop of the Nana hotel opposite. It’s quite good sitting here by the window as you can see all the antics going on between the now very drunk farangs & the girls still trying to get a customer for the night. After we had finished eating our Isaan lovely went home (no we didn’t have a threesome) I offered her some taxi money but she declined politely & wished us both a good evening.

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