Stickman Readers' Submissions February 21st, 2005

Bangkok 1990

“Good Girl” & Nice Guy 1/3 – The Fun Beginning

In my previous story “The Last Good Bargirl,” I mentioned my prior trip to the Land Of Smiles in 1990. Some of you wanted to hear that tale, so here it is (to the
best of my recollection).

The year was 1990. I was a 19-year old freshman student at the University of Miami (in Florida, USA). As summer was rapidly approaching, my parents (who were helping me thru college) presented me with an ultimatum. I was to either stay in
school over the summer, or find a job (work, the horror of horrors!). Anyone who knows South Florida knows that few more oppressively hot places exist on the planet than Miami in the summertime. Needless to say, I began to investigate the options
open to me for study abroad. Because I was a slacker, very few programs were still open at the time I began to investigate. One of the few programs still available was offered thru my University and involved study in Bangkok. The class to be taught
was “intercultural communication” set in Bangkok Thailand. At the time I knew nothing about Thailand (except rumours that I had heard about the skin trade). Being an adventurous (and horny) 19-year old, I signed up. The entire group
was quite small. There was only the professor, myself, a male student, a female student from Miami, and a female student who was from Thailand. I have tried my best to remember their names (I have always been bad with names), but except for the
professor I cannot remember any of them…

He Clinic Bangkok

The trip to Bangkok was easily the longest flight that I had ever taken in my life. The flight went from Miami to Detroit to Narita to Bangkok. For someone that had never been on an airplane for more than 2-3 hours, the flight seemed like
an eternity. Thankfully, my walkman helped me pass the time. Before I knew it, we had arrived in Bangkok.

I had thought that no place in the world could be hotter or more humid than Miami in the summertime, but when I stepped out of the air-conditioning of the Bangkok airport I knew that I was wrong. Why is it that the hottest and most polluted
part of any city you visit is the area where you meet your car outside the airport?

It was early June, 1990 in Bangkok and my adventure was about to begin. The Thai student and her family picked us up at the airport and drove us to the hotel that I would call home for the next two and a half months. Once again, I am unable
to remember the name of the place where we stayed. It was a quite small place, only about 10 guest rooms total, and was run by a small family. The other male student shared a room with me. The professor had his own room, and the farang female
got her own room. The Thai girl would stay with her family. Our classes would be held each morning from 8-11 in the coffee shop of the hotel.

CBD bangkok

The first day or two of the trip was spent during the usual tourist stuff. The beginning classes were mainly focused on general Thai culture. We learned the taboos about foot-pointing, head-touching, yelling and losing face, etc. The group
would then go see the major tourist attractions during the afternoon (Grand Palace, Temple of the Dawn, etc). For some of these trips we would have a private car, but for many we would take the bus. In 1990 public transportation in Thailand was
WAY different than it is today. The Skytrain was a pipe-dream at the time. Metered taxis were still a thing of the future. However, the bus system was (and still is) a relatively fast and cheap way to get around Bangkok. I purchased a bus map,
and the professor taught me how to decipher it. For the first 2-3 days we did little at night except hang around the hotel coffee shop and have a beer or two (I quickly learned that I preferred Kloster to the ubiquitous Singha). That would soon

On the third or fourth night, the professor asked all of us if we would like to go and see “Patpong.” He warned us that it might get a little adult-oriented, and that the trip was completely optional. Being a horny 19-year old,
I was unable to refuse. In 1990, I had shoulder-length curly hair. I was no Brad Pitt, but I had absolutely no trouble finding girls at my college. I would quickly learn that an above-average looking, young American was quite a rarity in the Bangkok
bar scene. The professor and myself were joined by the farang boy & girl in the group. We left that night and took the bus to Patpong, a trip that I would repeat many times. The street of Patpong today looks quite like it did in 1990. I don’t
remember if the big sign above the entrance to Patpong 1 (off Silom Road) was there in 1990 because I was so mesmerized by the street itself. I was raised in Alabama, and led a quite sheltered life until college. I was a hell-raiser in high school,
so I had done more than my fair share of drinking & partying. However, there was no huge congregation of nightlife similar to Patpong in my hometown. In South Florida, South Beach (Miami) was probably in its prime in 1990. I frequently went
to South Beach to drink & party during my freshman year in college. South Beach was rather spread out, so the nightlife was less concentrated than Patpong.

Patpong was complete over stimulation for my 19-year old brain. There were strange sights and smells that both enticed and repulsed me. The street vendors were all beckoning me to look at their wares. The strange smells from the food vendors were sometimes
quite intriguing and sometimes quite repulsive. The neon lights proclaiming “SuperGirls” “Pussy Galore” “Goldfingers” and “King’s Palace” were mesmerizing. As we walked down the street,
beautiful Thai women all greeted me with “Hello handsome man” and tried to take my hand and lead me into their temples of pleasure. We all followed the professor down the street into a club where he knew the owner. I would later
learn that the professor was researching a book on the nightlife industry in Bangkok and the most effective communication methods for convincing the bargirls to use condoms (more about this later).

The first bar the professor led us to was a street-level bar. We all sat down and got a beer. Within seconds, a cute girl was sitting next to me stroking my leg. The manager of the bar recognized the professor and joined us. He bought us
all a round of drinks and encouraged the girl next to me to get even more friendly. The other male student was getting slightly uncomfortable with the situation. He had a crush on the female farang student, so he was doing his best to turn back
all the bargirls that the manager was sending his way. I soon ended up with two extremely cute bargirls (one on each side of me). The female farang student kept giving me dirty looks like I was somehow taking advantage of these cute young things.
As the girls got more friendly, I began to feel my cock begin to rise. There is no way to say this without sounding like I’m bragging, but I have a rather large member for my size. In 1990, I weighed about 130lbs and was about 5 feet 9
inches tall. My cock was larger around than my wrist, and I could grab the thing with both hands and still have a good portion protruding from the top. I only mention this because as my cock began to rise, both of the girls next to me quickly
took notice. The began to rub it thru my pants and squeal in delight. They stared to call the other girls from the bar over and would talk to them quite excitedly in Thai. They must have been talking about my cock because each girl would take
a feel after talking to the girl sitting next to me. It seemed like one-by-one every single girl working at the bar came over and sized up my cock by feeling it through my pants. I did not know how to react to this, so I just sat there with a
big smile on my face and enjoyed the attention. Judging by the look on her face, the farang girl in our group was completely horrified by this. The professor and the bar manager both thought it was quite funny. After a little while, the professor
told us that we could check out one of the upstairs bars if we wanted to. We all agreed, and we were soon inside SuperGirls. The professor told us that most of the upstairs bars would rip us off, but that SuperGirls was a reputable place.

Up we walk along the stairwell leading into SuperGirls. Upon our entrance, we selected a booth in the corner. I gaze towards the stage and see two Thai girls getting it on onstage. I had never seen two girls get it on before (except in porn
movies). I gaze towards the stage and watch these two girls playfully get it on with each other. Very quickly again, I have company in the form of a bargirl sitting at my side. However, this one is not as cute as the girls from the previous bar.
I try to look disinterested in her as I watch the stage show. On the walk over to SuperGirls, the professor had explained to me about the “lady drinks” in each place and how the bargirls make money. After a while the girl next to
me gives up, leaving me to watch the stage show. I watch the next couple of shows in amazement. The girl smoking a cigarette with her pussy does little for me. I don’t really like to kiss girls that smoke with their mouths, let alone one
that does it with her kitty. Next, I find girl that is pulling the seemingly endless rainbow-colored streamer from her pussy is rather funny. I had dated a girl in high school with a rather cavernous cootchie, and this girl on stage reminded me
of her. After that, I watched as a girl used a blow-dart from her pussy to pop balloons on the other side of the room. Weren’t those guys holding the balloons nervous that she would miss the balloon and hit them in the eye?!? Finally, the
lights went dark and the rock & roll music started to play. A hole opened in the ceiling, and a motorcycle started being lowered thru the hole. On top of the motorcycle sat a guy and a girl. They felt each other up for a while, then the guy
put on a condom and entered the girl. She was doing her best to act like she was loving it, but I could tell that they had done this a million times before. Eventually, the decision was made to leave. I went home that night, alone.

wonderland clinic

However, the next night I ventured out alone to Patpong. Each bar was like the first one that I went to last night. As a fairly handsome 19-year old American male, I would attract a lot of attention in the bar scene. Then, once a girl would
feel the “snake” in my pants, a gaggle of girls would form to take a feel. Anyway, this night one girl selected me. She was beautiful, and a typical Thai specimen. I was unfamiliar with the entire process, but she told me that I
would not have to pay her anything for the night. She only wanted me to pay for the room. Because I had a couple of beers in me already, I was easily sold. We ventured out into the street, and she led me to one of the short-time hotels. I paid
for the room, was given 2 condoms by the staff, and was escorted to the room. I was a little shocked when the girl asked me to shower with her, but I went anyway. She took off all my clothes, then stripped herself. She started giggling when she
took off my pants, and saw my trouser snake in full view. We stepped into the shower, and she completely washed and dried me (ignoring my trouser snake), then washed herself. She took me by the hand and led me to the bed. I took off her towel,
and you can imagine the rest. When we left the hotel, I kinda knew that I would never see her again, and it turned out to be true. The experience was wonderful, but in this age before cellphones there was no way to keep in touch.

The next nights, I kept going back to Patpong. I saw many shows over the following nights. The one that I remember best (although I cannot remember where I saw it), was the “turtle show.” A young lady went around the bar with
a plate of small, soft-shell turtles. They were crawling all over the plate, definitely alive. The girl then got up on the stage, spread her cootchie and inserted the turtles one-by-one. After insertion, she danced around for the rest of the song,
then squirted the turtles back onto the plate. She then brought the plate back around, so that everyone could see that the turtles were still alive (and none worse for wear). Later, I wondered how many trips into that girl the turtles would make
during their career. However, these thoughts were soon drowned out by many Klosters and many young, nubile females.

After about 10 days in Bangkok, the professor said that we should visit a town called Pattaya, just a short bus ride away. That will be my next story…

nana plaza