Stickman Readers' Submissions February 28th, 2005

Are Thai Girls Stunning?

I am from Australia and travel to Bangkok on business regularly. For holidays if I want to visit an Asian country, I go to Singapore and Malaysia but never to Thailand. When in Thailand, I've never indulge in the company of a Thai bar
girl / prostitute.

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Why do a lot of your readers think Thai girls are stunning?

I find a LOT of Thai girls are just plain ugly. I am at a loss as to why so many of your readers keep using the words "stunning" or "pretty" to describe the Thai girls. Sure there are some pretty ones but for someone who
has never been to Bangkok and read your web site, it is definitely very misleading.

I've been to Bangkok 7 times (all business trips) in the last 12 months and can assure those who have not been to Bangkok, this is simply not true. What I see a LOT was big, fat, balding white guys walking hand in hand with a MUCH smaller
dark skinned girl along the main road (to these men, any female is stunning). This is a VERY shocking site for the first timer. I am now used to this and actually quite enjoy the freak show while having a beer. You can see the grin / smirk on
the guy's face.

If you like Asian women, the Thai girls just cannot compare to the girls from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan – in terms of looks, class and education.

I also cannot understand why a lot of your readers say these dark skin girls are so much better than a white female. I lived in Australia and I can assure you, the girls here are by no means ugly. The Thais simply cannot compare. Sure there
are ugly Australian females but this applies to all countries (male and female). But reading the submissions from your readers, it paints this picture of Thai girls as the best and sexiest. This is completely false.

I don't see what's so sexy about:
– A dark skinned bar girl / prostitute in a tank top and tight jeans. They all look the same – fuck ugly.
– Someone who is not that fluent in your language apart from the basics to
scam money out of you.
– Someone that will spread their legs to anyone from anywhere no matter how old the customer is as long as the money is right.

The impression on most people's mind when it comes to a Thai/White couples are:

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1) She is a whore (true most of the time).
2) She is an internet/mail order bride (also true most of the time) – similar to a Philippino / White couples.

Why is it that there are more Thai or Philippino / White couples and other Asians / White? This is not just in Australia, but in the US and UK as well.

Why is Thailand so popular with westerners?

I cannot understand why Thailand / Bangkok are so popular with white people. Surely Thailand does not have the best beaches in the world. When you mention Phuket, the first think that comes to most peoples mind are "prostitutes and bar
girls". When you mention Pattaya – same. Bangkok – same. There are a lot of very good resorts in other countries.

Some say the weather. But the weather is stinking hot and there are a lot of our countries with similar weather.

In my opinion, a lot go to Thailand because the sex is cheap. It must be heaven for a guy to have a girl for the whole day and just cost him maybe 100 too 200 dollars.

In Thailand, you will see heaps of single middle-aged Europeans, Arabs, Indians, Chinese and Japanese. The majority of this lot is there for only 1 thing – cheap sex.

If you go to Malaysia or Singapore, you see Europeans, Chinese and Japanese (less Arabs and Indians) families. This lot is the real tourists.

A lot of farangs must feel good thinking that they are a prized item when it comes to the local girls. WAKE UP, you are just a meal ticket nothing more. If you think otherwise, tell me why it is not that easy for you to get a girl in Singapore
or Malaysia. If you don't believe this and think you are shit hot, go there and try it. They call white people "Ang Mor Kaw" which is translated to "red haired monkeys"

Sure if you are successful and good looking, you will be chased after not just in Thailand but in most countries. But would you then choose a Thai girl?

Quite a lot of you mentioned that you have met your girl's parents after only knowing her for a short time. In most cases, you are much, much older. What are you thinking? You picked her up in a bar, pay her and fuck her and then proceed to meet
the family? You may think that you are some kind of god or god's gift to this world – in reality, you are just a reject from your country and a whoremonger, nothing more nothing less.

As for the girl, what kind of parents does she have? She brings back someone who is much older than her and from a different culture. I am sure if her parents know she is working in the bar they also know you just fucked her last night. Yes,
they will happily accept you with big smiles because her family is her fucking pimp. You can bet you are not the first one to meet them as well. Can someone please tell me if this is a common practice for other races apart from the Thais?

If you ban prostitution or increase the cost of sex to the same level as the tourist's home country, do you think you will lose at least 50% of the tourists? For those that disagree, please provide a good reason for this?

Sure the food is good (this is the only thing I like about Bangkok) but you don't fly half way around the world for the food, do you? And surely, you don't go 2 to 3 times a year for the same food. But you will do it for the cheap

Why would you take a HUGE pay cut and move to Bangkok? For me here is a list of good and bad that you have to consider before making the move.


1) Food is good.
2) Sex easily available if you are into it.
3) Most things are cheap.


1) Stinking Hot.
2) Dirty (look out at your hotel window and see how polluted it is).
3) Pay is ridiculous compared to your home country.
4) Shit traffic.
5) Most are out to scam you.
6) Language barrier.
7) Low standard
of living.

Most people only migrate to another country to seek better opportunities and a better live for themselves and their family. Usually this group is professionals seeking better opportunities. It is unlikely Thailand can offer this group anything.
What is Thailand famous for? Temples / Prostitutes or Medicines / IT.

You are retiring and migrate because you love the country. But retiring to Thailand? What is the real reason? Will you take your wife with you?

A multi-millionaire. This group of people have enough brains to be able to earn that much money in the first place so it is very unlikely you will migrate to a 3rd world country. You can always fly there whenever you feel like it.

From reading your site, most of the people that move to Thailand are singles. Have you heard of a western family selling up and move over to Thailand?

This group has got to be the rejects and losers from their own country. I am sure some don't just sell up, some probably divorce their wife and leave their kid(s) behind as well – just to enjoy cheap sex with bar girls. It is really
beyond me how someone can choose to leave their country and families and stay with or marry a prostitute. A lot of people will say there's nothing wrong with prostitution. If you are a prostitute and meet new friends in a party what would
you say if people asked "What do you do?"

If things worked our and you are still together and have kids with her (an ex. prostitute), the poor kid is going to grow up not knowing that his / her mother sucks and fucks for money, not necessarily because of hardship but laziness (she
must have other choices).

If things don't work out, guess what she will be doing? Office / factory job? Noooo… straight back to WHORING – that's all she knows.

Can someone please tell me why Thailand is called Land of Smile? This has got to be the most inaccurate term. Land Of Sex or Land Of Scams would be more appropriate.

I am sure the hate mail will pour in but before you do this, ask yourself this first (if you are still in Thailand):

1) Where would you be today and what will you be doing right now if you were in your home country.
2) If you were married before with kids, what are your wife and kids doing now? What am I doing now?
3) Do I still want to be here
if prostitution was banned?


While some of your points are valid, you take a far too simplistic view of things, in my opinion. You do not seem to realize that there are huge numbers of farangs in Thailand who do not go down to the bar areas are quite happy.

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