Stickman Readers' Submissions February 3rd, 2005

And Then There Were Three

December can be a bitch, don’t you think. There’s the present buying thing, the entertaining customers thing, the not having enough time to fart because something else needs to be done thing. All before the holidays. Sometimes I find it
a drag and when things got to a certain point last December, I decided to have a good drink and play about a bit in the naughty bars. This feeling comes over me periodically.

They know me around town because I like a drink or two and because I have been known to indulge in all the pleasures available around Nana, Soi 33 and Soi Cowboy. Having lived in Bangkok for a few years now, many of the girls recognise me, tolerate my
god-awful Thai and know I’m good for a few drinks.

He Clinic Bangkok

I have had many fun nights out in Bangkok over the years but this particular evening in December is worth recounting.

So, finished up at the office and headed off to Nana for a drink and a look ‘round. Trawled around the Plaza for a few hours but nothing really captured my interest. Had a few beers. The next thing I know it’s past 1.00 am, I’m a
bit pissed and still alone. Sod it, the bars are closing. No problem. I whip out my mobile phone and start scrolling through my address book looking for tonight’s lucky candidate. I seem to have collected a list of bargirls' names
and numbers. How did that happen?

I call Nam but she’s already been bar-fined and is getting nailed by Jurgen the German. This gives me an opportunity to call Nam’s friend On (who I have fantasized about for a few weeks but because she was Nam’s friend I had always
passed on before).

CBD bangkok

On had the night off and was at home. ‘Sorry to bother you then….’ I start to say only to have On butt in and invite me to her apartment as she is having something to eat and drink with some friends. ‘OK, you come? Not far.’

Now going to a bargirl's apartment in the middle of the night is probably not the most sensible thing in the world but anyway, I arrive at On’s apartment to find a group of lovelies indeed having a midnight picnic along with a few drinks.
I pull my senses together and join in.

Let’s see, we have On, Jum, Lek, Fon and Mel all lounging around eating, drinking and yakking away in Thai. No-one seams even slightly surprised that I had just gate-crashed their little hen party. They all make me feel most welcome so I make myself
comfortable and they ply me with beer. What fun!

We all chat and drink away and gradually the girls begin to flag. It is late after all, by now about 4.00am and sleep is starting to catch up with Jum and Fon who declare themselves knackered and leave for their own apartment which is upstairs. Lek gets
a call on her mobile and scoots off to another gig.

wonderland clinic

On invites me to sleep on the couch. Mel and On apparently share the king size bed in the corner of the room. What’s a man to do?

Mel puts the main light out and On slopes off to the bathroom.

The room does not go completely dark. You know, there’s that ‘city night light’ coming through the window accompanied by that ever-present, low pitched Bangkok burble.

‘What’s happening here’? I think to myself as I settle down on the couch. I’ll just rest here for a bit.

I’m a bit drowsy and my eyes start to close but Mel is slowly removing her clothes. I watch in the half-light. She knows I’m watching but she makes no attempt to conceal her modesty. Then she climbs onto the bed and pulls the cover over
her up to her waist. The light from outside illuminates her breasts. Now I can’t sleep and down below, my little major begins to stir but I do nothing.

Presently, On returns from the bathroom wrapped in a towel and glides over to where I am stretched out on the couch.

Now, On is a bit of a stunner. She is about 23 and tall for a Thai girl, about 5’8’’ with a delightful figure and long silky hair. I reach out and touch her thigh, she lets the towel drop to the floor and my little major strains against
his confines.

On kneels down next to the couch and kisses me. Mel, meanwhile has slid across from her position on the bed and unbuttons my jeans. Wow!!

OK. So having sex with two Thai beauties is not a bad way to round off a boozy night out and I was indeed, feeling very privileged. Where do these girls learn this stuff?

In the morning I wake up about 10.30. We are all in the bed. Both girls are fast asleep. I lie there, half awake, half asleep looking forward to another day in the City of Angels.

God I love this city.

Stickman's thoughts:

You lucky bugger!

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