Stickman Readers' Submissions January 17th, 2005


In 2000 I was sent to Thailand to meet with various Asian business concerns engaged in oil exploration and production in Southeast Asia. I can't divulge any details of my business for obvious reasons, but I can say that this was my first taste of
Thailand. I was 52 years old. I'm in great physical shape and look much younger than 52. In any given year, I made seven figures in income. Stock options add to that significantly. I lived in a home far too large for sense, had several $90,000+
cars to drive including a Hummer, enjoyed a lavish vacation home in the mountains of North Carolina, took the family on extravagant vacations when the kids were still living at home, maids attended to the home, etc., etc. And now, at 52 years
old, with the three children in expensive universities in the States, I made my first trip to LOS. Most my career previously was spent in dreary locations in the Gulf of Mexico or Alaska's north slope. Or even worse, the North Sea. Aberdeen,
Scotland is nice if the weather is good.

I landed in Bangkok and was welcomed by a bevy of oil executives that whisked me off in a limo to the Marriott on Sukumvit Road and a luxurious suite. Since it was late, around 12AM by then, all I wanted to do was take a shower and relax.
My time clock was way out of whack. But, in typical Thai style (I later learned) they wouldn't think of it. With an Aussie and British guy in my age bracket and business in the group I figured why not? I slept most the way in first class
anyway and wasn't that tired. So, after a shower I met up with the group in the lobby and off we went.

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Instead of jumping in the limo, we walked around the corner to Soi 4 and wonderland. A bit crazy with outside bars, girls all over the place. There were old, young, fat, ugly, handsome, every sort of foreigner all over the place. The group
took me into the Nana Plaza and we went into the Hollywood bar. There were so many bars in that place. Three floors full. All of us began drinking and watching the young lovelies dancing on stage with little on. Some didn't have anything
on at all! Most of them were younger than my youngest daughter. I got to admit, I got a hard on. The Brit and Aussie seemed to take it in stride while the Thai guys kept pushing me to take a girl back to room. Yes, I wanted to, but thought the
best of it. I was a long married man and didn't want to come home with something dripping from my tool. Besides, I had the reputation of my company to uphold. I passed.

I got back to the room around 4AM alone much to the dismay of my Thai colleagues. I just wanted to sleep. I had a lot of things to do the next day in preparation for meetings on Monday and I had drunk far too much. I needed to rest.

The meetings on Monday went very well resulting in closure on a significant arrangement benefiting all concerned. I was feeling quite high. I called the home office to report the results of the meeting and I was the hero of the day. I called
the wife to tell the news and life was grand.

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That night everyone involved in the day's discussions went out for dinner. It was grand. I don't recall the name of the place we went to, but it was elegant. A party of over twenty people, men and Thai women, all first class. The
Thai men had beautiful young women with them. I later found out that they were second wives. Not the wife for children. The mistress is more to the point. I'll wager the tab for that dinner came to well over $3,000 US dollars. It was simply
superb. It lasted for hours. Both the Brit and Aussie guys had Thai girls with them that any man would have died for. To my good fortune, I was blessed with a pre-arranged escort for the night. Her name was a rather long Thai name and she asked
me to simply call her Poon. She was 32 years old, held a bachelors degree in petroleum engineering and an MBA from Warton. For those who don't know, Warton is one of the top MBA schools in the U.S.A. My MBA is from Stanford but Warton is
just as prestigious. Poon was delicious. I couldn't keep my eyes off her during dinner.

After dinner, the men adjourned to a cigar room where we smoked Cuban cigars and sipped aged cognac and talked business. The girls settled into an adjacent karaoke room and sang Thai songs. As the night wore on, the Thai men left with their
mistresses as did the British and Aussie guys. I was feeling a bit tired and told Poon that I wanted to go back to the hotel to sleep. She asked if she could come back with me and I gladly consented. I really wanted to get in her pants.

When we got back to the suite, Poon went into the bathroom and took a shower! I am not used to that. My wife isn't unclean, but the thought of a freshly washed girl to lie with was really a turn on. I poured a Scotch from the bar and
quietly waited for her to return. She emerged from the bathroom in a towel and asked me to take a shower which I gladly agreed to do.

What happened after that is private. I will reveal that I never thought I could perform like that again. I mean, I still love my wife. But, I haven't preformed oral sex on my wife in over twenty years. With Poon, I couldn't stop.
I mean, I didn't stop. After the release, we lay in bed and chatted. We talked about many things in general and then talked about sex. I told her that I haven't had sex like I had with her in years. I thought I was all used up. She laughed
and said that sex was what made the world go round. I agreed with that. She then told me that she was bi-sexual. She liked women as much as men. I about fell out of the bed. I closed a big deal that day, had a great meal, just screwed a beautiful
woman and now she tells me she's bi-sexual. God was overly generous to me that day. We chatted about her bi activities and then she asked me if I wanted to do a three-some with her and one of her friends. One of her friends? How many do you
have, I asked. She said she had many but she wanted me to meet her favorite. My mind was reeling. Was I dead and went to heaven? This was simply out of the world. I said ok. Of course! What else could I say?

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The following night, Poon's friend met us at a large seafood restaurant where you shop for your seafood and then they cook if for you. It was a large place somewhere down and off Sukumvit Road. Poon waved to her friend and she came running
over. Her name was On. She was 23, dressed to the T's and oozed sexuality. We took the shopping cart and picked out our food. While we waited for the cooked food, On and Poon chatted it up in Thai. Both girls were like school kids. They were
excited. Well, to make a long story short, we all ended up in my suite at the hotel. The night was simply grand. I never watched close up and live two women going at it. With the help of Cialis I was right in the middle of the action. For you
guys who can relate to this, when I woke up the next morning laying next to two lovely girls, my face was all crackly. Like it was glazed from the night before. It was!

I returned home two days later. I contacted a good friend who is a lawyer and arranged for a divorce. There was nothing personal in the matter. Although I love my wife, we had discussed moving on in our lives separately. It was not a sudden
decision. The catalyst was provided by my trip to LOS. The sex life between my wife and me wasn't at all active for years. I still love her, but life is passing by quickly and I merely wanted to spend the last years doing what I want. We
talked about it at length and she understood what I was going through. I wished only to ensure that she was well taken care of in life. She was the mother of my children and the love of my youth. I gave her the houses, the cars, and an ample alimony
for life to maintain her lifestyle until death. I was left with a nice investment portfolio to last the remainder of my life. In other words, money was not a concern.

I retired in 2003 and now live near Kata Beach in Phuket. I live high enough to have avoided the tsunami damage. Phuket is still recovering and I'm doing what I can to help. Poon is with me and we live happily. She conducts business,
oil trading, on the internet. She travels to her Bangkok office once a month for a few days. I pretty much busy myself around the property, do some consulting work, surf the internet, etc. We bring On down to visit frequently and that breaks up
the routine. Poon also knows several girls here that stop by to spend a night with us. When Poon is in her ''season'', she'll bring over a lovely girl we call ''little girl'' to spend the night. She's
18 and lovely. When Poon is in season she's particularly enthusiastic for a young girl. I simply like to watch as Poon enjoys herself. Afterwards, I take over.

My chance business trip to LOS changed my life. Poon changed my life. My ex-wife and I communicate often. The kids are doing well. Life is grand.

Stickman's thoughts:

My God, you are one lucky guy…

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