Stickman Readers' Submissions January 31st, 2005

Strange Happenings In Cambodia

A few friends and I were discussing strange para-normal events, and it made me think back on 2 strange events that I experienced in Cambodia a few years ago…..

Nha Meow's revenge

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A friend (we'll call him B, to protect him from any embarrassment) and I had arrived in the port town of Sihanoukville in southern Cambodia. We had also met up with an American lady on our entry and her and B had started to get to know
each other, there was a definite spark between them. While exploring the beaches of S/ville, we saw many small wooden carvings stuck in the sand resembling phallic symbols as well as numerous bananas littering the shoreline. Strange?

Back at the guesthouse, I was reading the tourist pamphlet in the room detailing the history of the town and came across the reason for our findings that morning. Apparently the carvings and bananas are left by the locals as offerings to Nha Meow (Sorry,
but I really cannot remember the exact spelling of her name) who was reputed to have been a very hot blooded woman (sexually) and who could not wait for her Sea Captain husband to return from his voyage. She set out to search for him and was drowned
in a freak storm at sea. They claim her soul still roams around searching for her man and sexual satisfaction. Offering her gifts leads to sexual strength and luck. I read this out to B and he laughed and grabbed his crotch and said F**k Nha Meow!
I happened to be eating some bananas at the time, and I took one and laid it on the balcony and dedicated it to her.

Now things started to get strange.

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Miss US came to our room and asked if we wanted to go to the beach with her, and I was amazed when B said that he was tired and needed a nap. I thought he would have jumped at the chance to get up front and personal with her. I agreed to
go with her as I wanted to see if there were any worthwhile snorkelling spots around. After lazing around on the beach and having seen nothing worthwhile under the sea, conversation naturally turned to B and I asked Miss US what she thought of
him. She said she enjoyed his company and I agreed as they made a good couple. Little by little she opened up to me about her religious beliefs and sexuality. I told her that she was in the middle of nowhere and that her and B should get physical,
no one would ever know. She went silent and I did not pursue the subject further.

We got back to the guest house and she went to her room, still in a thoughtful mood. Fifteen minutes later there was a knock on the door and Miss US was there again. "Where is B?", she asked, and I could see there was something very different
about her. I told her that he was busy showering and she said "tell him to get here now, I want him!" Naturally B would not believe me when I passed on the message, but he sure as hell believed it when he saw her expression. If I had
lit a match that room would have exploded with all the lust in the air. Hastily I made a retreat arranging to meet them later that night and wandered to a pub on Victory Hill.

It was very quiet and there seemed to be more activity across the road at a local karaoke bar, so I went there instead. The manageress cum waitress cum cleaner cum singer was a pleasant young girl and we got chatting and flirting. After a few compliments
about her looks and singing, I saw that the hook was firmly set and we arranged to go into town after she closed the bar. Sure enough, 2 motos arrived and we went for a few beers at an English style pub where she insisted on regaling me with more
singing. When we left the bar, there was only one bike so the three of us climbed on and got back to the guest lodge. I got off at the gate and was surprised when she joined me and sent the moto driver away. "Where you stay?" I asked
and got the reply I hoped for, "I stay you". That part of the equation solved, now to the financial bit, "How much you want?". She laughed and said "100 Riels" which was only a few cents but I thought there had to
be a catch somewhere. Oh well, I was horny enough to not to worry and the dastardly deed was done and she also spent the night. She awoke early the next morning, having to get home, and once again I offered her "taxi money", but she
just laughed and said "no pay, me like you" and off she went.

Now I needed to find out how B's dream night went with Miss US??? At the table they both sat in stony silence and it was only after B and I were alone that he could tell me what happened. After I had left them, they went to her room
and in no time were both totally naked. She was dripping wet and horny as hell, but as B (who had left a trail of satisfied women in Thailand) was about to enter her, he went suddenly and inexplicably VERY LIMP!! No matter what he tried, nothing
could get him hard again and needless to say he was extremely embarrassed. Things were never the same again between them and she went off to another town.

One banana = 1 freebie
One insult = 1 extreme failure

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Strange but true…..

The other weird event will have to wait till later.

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