Stickman Readers' Submissions January 4th, 2005

My First Thai Girlfriend Experience

By Bepou

I had my first trip to Thailand in October, and thus my first "Thai girlfriend experience" 🙂

I have read on your website some "horror stories" with Thai ladies, women having 6 sponsors, greedy on money, lying all the time, or threatening their boyfriend with a knife, or giving him to the police, or dumping a several years boyfriend
without a tear, etc, etc.

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I had hopefully a different experience, it was very positive and delightful, and that's what I want to write now. Maybe you can give me so advice, tips, opinions.

But first let me present myself : I am French, 44 years old, married with a French woman who once upon a time was beautiful and loving, but who has turned to fat and angry since several years, and especially since the birth of our 2 wonderful daughters
(6 years and 3 years old). I have been working 18 years as a hi-tech software engineer, now I have been unemployed for more than 1 year but actually this is on purpose as I hopefully have some money left. And I decided to spend my free time by
traveling the world, so I have made several trips to Africa (Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia), and then I decided to go to Asia for the first time, and which country did I choose for my first Asian trip ? You guess it, it is Thailand !

So I went for 2 weeks, 1st week an organized tour of central and northern Thailand, tiring but very interesting. And 2nd week Koh Samui, paradise island.

This is where I have met a lady that I'll name "M", I wont give her full name for privacy reasons.

Let me be precise that if M is my 1st and only Thai girlfriend, I had a lot of experiences with Senegalese women, either "prostitutes" or "girlfriends", the difference being very fuzzy 😉 (and BTW this leads to interesting comparisons

M is a bargirl, but I didn't met her in a bar. When I arrived in Samui the 1st day, I was tired from the organized tour, from the night train (Chiang Mai – Bangkok) and the plane, and I just wanted to visit a little bit, so I decided "no girl
today", despite the dozens of bargirls and massage girls hooking me everywhere at Lamai Beach. I just wanted to take my time and feel the atmosphere, and anyway I was too tired to make any really "good sex". So I drank a few cocktails
in a bar, went to an internet cafe, and then back to my room at the hotel, and slept very well, until late in the morning !

The day after I went at night to the Reggae Pub in Chaweng. There were dozens and dozens of beautiful ladies, so why did I go with M ? She is very beautiful, but there are some even more beautiful ! So why ? I am still asking myself, maybe because she
is not only beautiful but she also looks sympathetic and funny, she has a "good face", she is cool (not like those aggressive hookers). Or maybe it is just a question of pheromones, who knows ?

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So we have rapidly empathized, discussion, drink, dance, etc, and I took her back to my hotel, and we stayed 5 days and 5 nights together, and it was wonderful !

At this point I want to clarify : I am not naive, and I perfectly know she is a prostitute. And so what ?

I have been very clear with her that I am married and even if I do not love my wife anymore I won't split my family because I love my daughters.

I have no intention to take her "out of the bar" or "out of the prostitution", to "sponsor" her, I don't want to marry her, to bring here to France or whatsoever. I am not jealous if she goes with other men's (actually
I even wish her to have good and rich customers, because she needs money, same as all of us).

I take her for what she is : a beautiful, sexy, funny, nice, gentle, delicate, subtle, attentive girlfriend. This is exactly what she has been for me from the beginning to the end of our encounter.

Of course she is a prostitute, and of course I paid her ! And so what ? I have of course paid her food, drinks, gifts, transports, etc, during all my stay, but of course our last night together she asked me some money. Frankly the amount she was asking
was so ridiculously low that I ended by giving her the double ! And I still think it is cheap ! I told her that she was too modest, that it was a good bargain for me, and that frankly she could earn more money if she wanted !

And at this occasion we had a good extended discussion, about sex, money, prostitution, love and those kind of things.

I think ladies need respect, whether they are prostitutes or not is not the point, and I am rather horrified with men treating girls just like meat because they pay (including some reports on Stickman's website). Don't forget that bargirls have
not only an ass but also a heart, and some of them even have a brain.

I don't believe M when she said she loves me, of course, (and I lie when I tell her that I love her) but frankly I can easily believe that she likes me very well, because we had really great fun together ! And after all, I am surely not her worst
customer, I am a good payer, and even if I am not Brad Pitt I am not an "old fat ugly man", I look younger than my real age, I can be funny and I know how to take care of a lady.

I have a lot of funny stories which would be too long to write all of them so I tell just this one, maybe the best moment I had in Thailand. The 4th day I was with M, she decided to take me to her bar to present me her friends. It was the day after the
Full Moon Party in Koh Pha Ngan where we had been together. In the bar M asked me to pay some drinks to her friends, and of course I did, and I finished by offering drinks to 7 or 8 girls, even several drinks to some of them, and at the end all
the girls were very, very nice with me, dancing for me, petting me gently, and singing Thai pop songs in my ears, and we were laughing, laughing, and M was looking at me in the eyes saying "hey ? you're happy ? you're happy ?"
And yes I was happy, I was happy like rarely in my whole life. So "sanuk"!

Now the time has passed, 2 months already, and I've been 3 weeks in Senegal since that. I correspond with M by e-mail and occasional phone calls or SMS. She has never asked me for money or to "sponsor" her, or this kind of things (unlike
some of my African "ex-girlfriends"). She just tell me that she loves me, she misses me, she waits for me, or she tells me gentle jokes (she is actually a very funny girl).

And I plan to return Thailand next month, actually. I'll be glad to be with her for 3 weeks, I think we can have real fun again. I do not plan "long time love" with her, and she knows it. In the worst case (for me) she can dump me if she
has a boyfriend richer than me, who knows ? then I'll be sad but I'll survive, don't worry. There are so many other girls … In the best case, as there is no "long time love" planned, we can have really great fun for
3 weeks and finish by being very good friends, maybe for life, who knows ?

Anyway I think she'll be happy to have a good customer for 3 weeks, and I'll be happy to have a so nice girlfriend to guide me thru Thailand.

Stickman's thoughts:

It is nice to hear that your experience was positive!

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