Stickman Readers' Submissions January 6th, 2005

My Angel

Went into a Pattaya Thailand gogo bar, showed to my seat, look up at girls, and there she is beaming a big impish smile and flashing her boobs at me. She points at me and then herself, I nod. She smiles with delight.

Dance bracket over and she’s sitting with me. She feels so smooth, and she’s chatty and fun. Good English. Age 23 and she’s tiny – 40 kg but not at all skinny. How much. 1000 baht short time 2000 baht long time plus 500 baht barfine.
OK let’s go. “I have scooter” she says.

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On to the scooter and she whizzes off through the traffic with me at 50 years old and nearly twice her weight clutching her for dear life and lust. She wasn’t fazed in the least at the weight / control distribution. Get to hotel and she’s
hungry. Ok no problem. We go to a street stall and she picks out 5 meat kebabs on skewers. 50 baht. I pay. We go back to hotel and my room. She’s into the minibar. Packet of chips and bottle of water. She also cleans up other food I had
– a rambuttan and some coconut and egg Thai lollies. We shower, into bed.

I tell her I don’t want boom boom. She’s perplexed but doesn’t mind. We cuddle a while and eventually sleep entwined. Through the night however – about every 1 and 1 / 2 hours I have to get up to go to the toilet to poo a little bit.
She asks why. I tell her I am ok but I have an upset tummy.

Next morning, more cuddles and again I tell her I don’t want boom boom. I don’t tell her the real reason. My doctors tell me I have bowel cancer (a tumour in my bowel) and liver cancer but I don’t believe them. I also don’t
understand why sometimes I bleed after sex – but this is why I didn’t want boom boom with P. Explaining blood in the condom is no fun, and of course it is no fun pissing blood the next day.

We do talk though. She tells me about her life. She gets a customer nearly every night, sometimes two. She didn’t deny making 15,000 baht a week. If she worked in a shop she would earn 6,000 baht per month if she were lucky. No contest. She told
me she had been unhappy with her love life. She has had a boyfriend from Ireland for 4 years. He lives in Thailand and sells cars and she found out he’s a butterfly. He sleeps with other girls. I sense she loves this guy. Then she told
me about her other 3 boyfriends – not customers. . . or maybe long time customers. I don’t ask. The other “boyfriends” come from Japan – who she doesn’t love, and Australia – who’s a nice man and the fourth is
from USA.

She is worried about herself finding a man who will really care for her. I tell her she is young, that she wants to be careful to find a man who cares about her, who doesn’t want her to work bar, who wants to be with her all the time, and who wants
to take care of her. She starts silently weeping a little. When she sees I notice, she says “I OK” and pulls my head to her perfect chest. We cuddle. We talk, she talks freely about her job at bar. She says she goes with all kinds
of men – some old. One took 1 and 1/2 hours to come; and also some huge fat men. She says she has to lift up their tummies before she can position herself for sex with some of them. She’s tiny, and of course the thought of all this is distressing.
She looks sad. I tell her she’s a good girl. I really feel she is.

She says, “How do you know” – which I couldn’t answer easily because I had known her for such a short time. She became the devils advocate and said she smokes all the men she goes with, and grinningly, she also said she is a lesbian.
We cuddle, kiss and wriggle about. 10:30 am next morning she decides she has to go. She had left her cell phone behind at the bar and she needed to make some calls. She asks me when I leave Pattaya, and I say “Tomorrow but I may come see
you at bar tonight”.

She says she’s busy that night with one of her boyfriends. I say ok. More cuddle. I pay her 2,000 baht and 200 baht tip. She goes. She’s happy. 45 minutes go by. I am just finishing showering and there’s a knock on the hotel room
door. I think it is room service and say “Come back 10 minutes”. A few more minutes go by and there is another knock. It’s P! Why on earth did she come back I wonder. There’s nothing in it for her but she’s smiling
and upbeat. She presented me with a bag. And tells me she has been to the doctor. She thought I was dying and she told the doctor about my upset stomach. She had gone and bought medicine for my upset stomach 10 Imodium tablets and 4 packets of
electrolyte beverage powder. Then with another kiss and handshake she was off. Just a bargirl?. . . No – a sweet little angel, cheerful, warm, bright and kind. Thank you P for last night.

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Stickman's thoughts:

Wow, nice story.

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