Stickman Readers' Submissions January 20th, 2005

Infatuation Thai Part 1

Infatuation Thai, Part 1: Sweet Tooth Enters the Kingdom of Thailand

First, let me pass my kudos to Stick, his site and the large following of readers and submitters for this wealth of information called I have become quite attached to this website and religiously read it. However, I have never
posted any of my personal experiences of Thailand. You could consider me a lurker or voyeur…until today, when I finally decided to act on my urge to write about my own experiences.

Also allow me to introduce myself. For the sake of these submissions (in addition to reasons of confidentiality) let’s say my name is Sweet Tooth. I reside in the state of Minnesota, in the United States. This is the first installment
of a series of short stories I wish to share with Stick and his readers about how I have become INFATUATED with Thailand. Over the last five years, I have been traveling in and out of the LOS (no pun intended!). My submissions are one part therapeutic
(for me) and one part informational (for you). So, I hope we all benefit from my stories.

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A quick trip to will tell you that the word infatuation means several things:

1) A foolish, unreasoning, or extravagant passion or attraction. See Synonyms at love. or

2) An object of extravagant, short-lived passion.

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I am not sure which one best defines how I feel about Thailand. I guess it is safe to say both of them apply to me. What I thought would be a short lived passion has become what some would say is a foolish, unreasoning and extravagant passion
or attraction.

However, I take it all in stride and keep a great sense of humor about it all because Thailand is really a fascinating place with some very interesting people. The culture is like none that I have ever encountered in my worldly travels over
my business career. The stories I submit are ones I cannot share with any friends or family here in the States.

You see, I am married with grown children in the U.S. I am now in my late 40’s and have always worked hard since graduation from college to help build up and sell small companies. I was a millionaire (on paper) by the age of 35. I
was part of the boom age of technology in the U.S. and have more recently been part of its bust too. I have seen the good, bad and ugly of people and money along the way. It has been quite a journey.

Up until my first trip to Thailand, I had never been unfaithful to my wife. Although I have never been very religious, I always took a strict, disciplined and conservative view towards fidelity. I was also not tempted very much in my travels
over those years because trips were limited to the continental U.S. and parts of Europe. I was always too busy and into my work to go looking around for women anyway. I also did very little sightseeing on the road. I was usually dashing in and
out of those airports and cities that left very little time but to check voice and e-mails.

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Soon after this new century started, all that changed with my first trip to Thailand. That may have been when my mid-life crisis started also! I am not sure. I try not to psycho-analyze it too much because that is not nearly as enjoyable
and fun as just letting it all happen. Some guys go out and buy expensive sports cars when they are in a mid-life crisis. Me, I simply enjoy my trips to Asia and the resulting memories. Maybe it is the fact that I now enjoy the freedom from my
chastity bondage I was in during the last century. After all, Thai means “free” and so Thailand is the “land of the free”, right?

But you may ask how I could be married and consider myself celibate? Well, you have obviously not been married to a U.S. woman! I parlayed the good life onto my wife when the money started flowing as if there would be no end to it. We had
the huge dream home, large foreign cars, and social club memberships. However, my marital sex life was probably on par with the once almost extinct Panda Bear of China. No sex, no off-spring. I was fortunate to have poked fun at her at least twice
early on in our marriage (when I had no money!) and she took me seriously by bearing two great kids. Now that our kids are grown and out on their own with university diplomas, I feel a more compelling need to let my own hair (and zipper) down.

My inaugural trip to the Land of Smiles occurred sometime in the year 2000, when I was on a business trip to Taipei, Taiwan. That country in itself has some interesting stories, but nothing like what I experienced in Thailand. I found Taiwan
to be way too expensive for my partying tastes. I was fortunate on this particular trip to have a business associate (and now good friend) who knew his way around Asia pretty well already. Let’s call him Happy Buddha, or “HB”
for short. HB had at least a two year head start on me. He suggested that we fly down to Bangkok over the weekend to help break up our long business stay and bouts of stress in Taipei. He had already been to Thailand before many times with friends
of his from different parts of the world. He knew the dirty little secret of Thailand and he was about to let me in on it. He had the codes!

I thought he was acting somewhat funny on our flight down to Bangkok when he started trying to soften the blow (so to speak!) by explaining to me what I was about to experience. At that point in time, HB and I did not know each other that
well, so he was not sure how I would react to all this. I had never discussed or engaged in such activity with him in the past because most of our dealings with each other were in the U.S.

So, he proceeded to tell me stories of his previous trips to Thailand and what he and his friends did in their partying adventures. He talked about the sex shows, the blow job bars and the freedom to do what your libido and wallet wanted
to do. I just sat there in amazement like a kid hearing a fantasy story of a land far away where everyone ate candy all day long. It became apparent to me that I was about to enter an Adult Candyland! I guess I was drooling and in a daze just
listening to his stories, so he immediately knew I was not going to be a prude on this trip.

HB had successfully whetted my appetite about Thailand. Little did either of us realize that we both would still be feasting off this candy years later!

The moment I stepped off that plane in BKK my current phase of Infatuation was born. I had a funny feeling that my Sweet Tooth was about to get some cavities…


Stickman's thoughts:

So tell us what happened next!

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