Stickman Readers' Submissions January 24th, 2005

I Am A Man

I am a man, an old man. The mind that is young is housed in an old farang body, the mirror never lies. The mind likes beautiful women – not fat old farang women but nubile brown skinned women with flashing eyes and white teeth and long dark hair. I find
them in Thailand and happily pay for the privilege of their make believe love (and some bloody good enthusiastic sex). Their attentions make my life happy if only for a short time. My money makes them happy for much longer.

I feel for the people of Thailand,. I hate the poverty that forces them into this situation of selling their bodies, yet I can do nothing to change it. It could be worse – I never treat the girls badly and always show respect and admiration for their
courage in facing the realities of life. Minimum wage laws only apply in certain areas of Thailand and 170 baht a day (or far less) compared to 1000+ baht a night? I know what I would be doing if I was a Thai women of reasonable good looks faced
with that kind of poverty!

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No one ever says bad things about the rich old men in Europe who marry European girls some 30 years or more younger than themselves and simply because I was born in my country (and work bloody hard) gives me the money to live like a rich man for several
months each year in Thailand. What on earth is wrong with that? I have been visiting Thailand for over 30 years now – once lived there for over 14 years – speak, read and write Thai and have many Thai friends far from the bars.

I have personally put three children through school and university in Thailand and helped their families immensely (without any sexual connection with any member of those families.) That too has been very rewarding. When I return to Bangkok I always stay
for a period of time with these families and share in the real Thai life – cold showers and cockroaches and immense true love from the kids and their parents. If I was broke those homes would still be open to me and I would never go hungry. I
love the real Thai food, and the real Thai culture and even own properties in Bangkok and outside. Yet I still visit the bars and do enjoy them – but know very well that life there is not the true Thailand that I love. If my real Thai friend knew
of this they would cut me dead!

Can anyone find true love in the bars – yes! I know several guys who have. Thai women can look inside the person and love the goodness found there (and NO I do not mean ''jai dee''. The real meaning of which seems to be good and also
foolish farang easily parted from his money.) There are bad people in the bars (as there are in Europe too!) Many scheming and conniving harlots – but also many very genuine girls who seek to meet a farang who will love them and give them a better
life. Forget the 19 year old girls – they only want your money for a few nights.

The OLD (?) 27 + year olds have learnt all about life and know that their days are numbered and usually seek something more permanent than just a couple of weeks with a holiday maker. The Thai mentality is far removed from our own in Europe – but I always
thought that this was simply looking back in time to a way of life that used to be found in Europe too. 40 years ago English family ties were very strong too!

When I first fell in love with Thailand some 30 years ago there were so many people sleeping on the streets – no one had a TV. Now I think that there are more people sleeping rough in London than Bangkok – almost as many mobile phones and YES gradually
the Thais are catching up to us. There is a long way to go but it will happen. I wish them well and hope my financial contributions of 1000 baht a night via the girls help. As for the guys who talk about meeting girls in the bar and sleeping with
them all night for free – I can only say that you are foolish and stupid pal! They either robbed your wallet whilst you slept or arranged a big commission (remember you do not speak Thai) on everything you paid for. Sucker! Good luck to the girls
and may they rip you off forever!

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