Stickman Readers' Submissions January 13th, 2005

Down Memory Lane

By Pip

I first came here on company business in November 1983 and like many men fell in love with Thailand on that first visit. I was taken to a massage parlour by my hosts – it was one of the large places in Sri Ayutthaya Road.

I found that experience a real turn off. Raw from the UK, I was not used to selecting a girl based on appearance only. I believe I was taken there because my Thai married hosts saw my visit as an opportunity to enable them to be naughty themselves.
But never mind. My next visit to a massage parlour was even worse but that's another story entirely.

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The next evening I was taken by an ex-pat to Patpong; now that was quite different and I found myself taking the most lovely young lady from the Pink Panther bar who stayed with me for the rest of my visit – about six days. Prior to then
I had NEVER been with a prostitute before – the ones found round the back of railway stations in the UK were generally old harridans.

On my next visit to Bangkok some three months later 'my' Pink Panther girl had by then disappeared, as they are wont to do so another lady from the PP stepped (or laid) into the breech. She was great; we stayed at the Ambassador
in Sukhumvit and apart from her magnificent legs which I fondly remember draped all over me, I also remember her for peeling the oranges and presenting the segments in a circle on a plate, along with cutting the other fruit of the 'welcome
fruit basket' for me to eat.

One evening I found a small upstairs bar called the 'Suzie Wong' – at the Silom end of Patpong 1, now occupied by a chemist's shop. They had a live show there twice nightly, 10-00 p.m. and midnight. A Thai guy, complete with
spectacles, had a stonker on him like a cricket bat handle. The first show was real penetration but stopped short of eruption. That has been the only bar where I've sat with two naked girls one either side!

However, the second show went all the way with the bloke finally squirting. I suspect he was allowed to go home then!! He was also performing (at 11-00 a.m.) at another upstairs bar called the Penthouse, more or less directly opposite; that
place is still there though I've not been inside for years. It favours Asian clients mainly.

Then there was Super Girls where at a couple of times during the evening there would be a roll of drums and down from the ceiling would come a big chopper type motor-bike suspended on a chain. On the bike would be a naked guy and girl – she
would be entered from every possible angle but I don't recall any finale so to speak – maybe that happened at 02-00 hrs, for I was never around at that time. They later changed that routine to an enormous champagne glass where a belle would
soap herself all over for ten minutes. Many a time I've been in there when the bell-ringing early warning system for police approaching was operated.

In those days, the mid 80's, the bloody night market wasn't in Patpong, so it was easy to get around bar-hopping. The Safari Bar was there, just like it is to this day – no difference; even then the topless girls wore those pasties.
Nana Plaza had a few drinking bars and a couple of restaurants but was basically a car park fringed by these small bars. Perhaps Mr W hadn't hit town by then?

Cowboy was much the same although the only big bar was Tilac. I recall the Long Gun being a narrow, single shop-house with a stage in the centre where the occasional naked girl would cavort about four feet away!! Our Place was also a single
unit with a semi-circular stage against the side wall. Had nice girls in there – one, named Wassana, spent the night with me and next day took me round Wat Po and Wat Arun.

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Memories, eh? A few weeks ago (October) I chanced on being in the Patpong vicinity one evening so decided to give it a go. Safari, as I mentioned was exactly like it's always been. I had a beer at happy hour, Bt55. Couldn't believe
it. Then I was tempted to follow the advice of a tout stating that all beers in this upstairs bar were Bt60 until 10-30 p.m. Hmmmm. Then I saw it was a King's Group bar, so went ahead. The guy was right but even more fascinating was the fact
that the large stage was dominated by topless and NAKED girls. Yes, naked, in 2004 and they were periodically doing the disgusting shows. I'm no prude but even today I don't like seeing girls smoking or shooting darts from their fannies
– that orifice is worthy of far better things.

I've gone on too long now – any queries, please let me know. Everything I have reported as 100% kosher.

Have a good day, Phil.

Stickman's thoughts:

Nice report.

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