Stickman Readers' Submissions January 5th, 2005

Big Body In Thailand

This site helped me much, when I was planning my trip to Thailand, so I decided to post some of my opinions and experience. Maybe this helps some other first time visitor to the Land Of Smiles. My English is not perfect, as I am citizen of a small Eastern
European country. I hope, you can understand.

Why do I dare to write and why do I think it is not an another boring story? After my first visit to LOS with my European girlfriend through a travel agency, I decided to visit Thailand one more time, together with my friend. Time: beginning of November
2004. Reason: beautiful country and girls, of course. I am not a typical sex tourist, but for this moment leave that beautiful countryside alone and speak about the girls. Because I am not Brad Pitt and my 37-year old, 195-cm tall and 103-kilo
heavy body guarantees the disinterest of many European girls, I was a bit afraid. I am big and a bit overweight. So, this is mainly a story for similar people. This is also a story for people who do not like only ‘F’k and go’
style. Story for shy people. Not only Thais are shy.

He Clinic Bangkok

The first day in Bangkok we visited Patpong, to make some review of situation. We entered one of the King’s group bars, recommended on this site. Girls immediately recognized newcomers and in a few minutes there were a nasty amount of lady drinks
on our table and a matching amount of bills too. But we expected this, had good fun and after few drinks we left.

It was very late and bars were almost closing, but we decided to have one more beer. We entered some other bar and were attacked immediately by a large number of beautiful girls. Despite the low money requested by them for short time I was not interested,
but after a few minutes my friend decided to go with one of them to short-time hotel. There was something strange on those girls. They were artificially nice. Yes, the first Thai girl of my friend was very probably a katoey.

We moved to Ao Nang in Krabi province. There are two areas of bars with bargirls. One is behind the seafront buildings, and the other one is on the right side of the road direction Krabi, about 300 meters from seaside. Not many girls there, but enough
for beginning of the season and first encounters. Many of them were probably beginners to the business, very young, shy and almost no English. Some of them pretty, some not. A couple of old whores.

CBD bangkok

We were snorkeling around seaside bars, after a while two girls grabbed us to one of them. The girl of my friend was pretty and he decided to take her to the hotel room. My girl had a beautiful body, but for some reason I did not like her so much. Maybe
she was too young, almost a child. I paid some drinks for her and left, decided to go to sleep. She was very sad.
Out on the street there was a girl sitting on the bench. I made a big smile and said ‘Hello’ to her. The
only reason was, I like to smile to Thai people. She: ‘Hello, where you go?’. Me: ‘Pai tee-o’. We started to chat. She was waiting for her fellow, owner of one of the bars. She was on holidays in Ao Nang (today I know
for sure, she is not a bargirl). We decided to meet the next day. Let's make a long story short. We spent a few beautiful days together. I can speak a bit of Thai, but it was fantastic to have a Thai speaking guide during the day and a Thai
screaming beauty during the night. She was not asking for any money, but of course every day I supplied her with an appropriate amount and I also paid for food etc.

After having sex with many European girls I swear, those nights were the most beautiful in my life. That beautiful passionate lady made me absolutely happy and I hope I made something for her too. All scares about my big body flew away in the moment,
when that 40-kilo ferret in my bed started to lark.

But time had come and I had to leave Ao Nang. She writes to me almost every day and despite the experience of other guys, she is not asking for money and has no dead buffaloes. She only wants me to come back and to see me again.

I guess, there is no farang who makes no mistakes in Thailand. My friend paid only 500 Baht to his beautiful girl during the first evening in Ao Nang. I know, shame on him. But he did not know, because in our country girls are not much more expensive
and he was very sad when I abused him. He decided to give her more money on the next day, but she had already left the town. After all he was punished next evenings. All of the girls already knew he is The Cheap Charlie and no one was interested
in him.

wonderland clinic

The next few days we spent in Chiang Mai and around, most evenings of course in the bars. I can not remember the name, but the place is opposite of East gate, beyond the channel. I was surprised by the small amount of girls there. I recommend to come
early in the evening. Almost everyday we were late after long trips and there were only few girls left.

I have modest recommendation to those of us, who are not that nice and who are not ‘F’k and go’ style cookie-pushers. If you want a go-go girl to be a fun with, do not be pushy, do not lose common sense. Look around and if you like
a girl, make a smile and wait, if she comes. If not, stay at peace with that. There are many others. I made a mistake in a go-go bar and took one of them ‘by number’. Beautiful tall girl. Of course of Isaan origin. I had no fun with
her, she was cold and quiet and after some boring minutes I paid her and told her that she had better go. For all that failure she was pretty dear next evening in a bar. We spent a nice time chatting and laughing together. She was cuddling and
kissing me. Time to time she called some girls and tried to recommend them to me.

That evening I saw an awkward situation. Two old, fat and ugly farangs came inside. After a while one of them called mamasan and asked her for one of the girls. She grabbed her hand and brought her to them. Laughing happy girl turned to a piece of misfortune.
I think, everybody can imagine eyes of panic-stricken dog. I hope, I never have to look to such eyes.
After all I met beautiful waitress in one of the regular bars. She is happy being with a nice smile. No way she wanted to go with
me to hotel, but after some more meetings she became my tee ruk for couple of days. Beautiful time, beautiful nights. No requests for money, but no worries, for sure I did not left her poor. She writes to me almost everyday, that she wants me
to come back. Deja-vu?

I have some more experience with go-go girls, but nothing special to mention here. I wanted to tell you that despite of you are not the most handsome man on the earth, in Thailand there are many girls, which will be interested in you. First of all, have
a look into the mirror. Not scared? OK, pai Thailand. Be a bit patient and look around. Use your smile, learn few Thai sentences. Do not be Master of Universe, do not be afraid to show them, that you are shy too. Make them happy first, for sure
they will make you happy too. They are a bit different. Yes, I left my heart there.

Oh, I forgot. If you have ‘plomplems’ with hot and humid Thai weather, please use shower and nice perfume. They like it.

Stickman's thoughts:

It is very good advice that you should go for the girls who seem interested and not this who don't.

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