Stickman Readers' Submissions January 4th, 2005

A Story Of Mine In Patpong

A Story Of Mine In Patpong 2

That was Feb of 2004 about a year ago… It was my last day in Patong and I had to fly back to Kuala Lumpur next day on 11.30 am.

I wanted to try a boat trip to Phi Phi and etc on my last day… I woke up about 7 in the morning and really was sleepy that I slept only 3 hours.

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The boat was really uncomfortable that it is speed boat and I was sitting at the front point of the boat and the boot kept on jumping over waves and fell down like it fells on a rock. It was a really torturing 1 hour travel for me. And also burned by
the sun on the boat.

I came back to Patong around 5 PM and I was really tired and can not stand even…imagine 3 hours sleep, f..king Phi Phi travel, sun burn….it was really difficult to ride my motorbike to the hotel.

Although I was real tired it was my last day in Patong for 7 months…

I went out from my hotel about 9 PM and had dinner then started hanging around some beer bars…it was time to drink well.. I could not find a lady in my elimination limits in bars which I sat…I decided to go to Star Wars. I saw a very pretty, like
foto model, cute, charming fl lady in star wars disco… everything she got…maybe the most pretty Thai lady I had ever seen…

I approached her and asked whether she want to drink something from me….she said "yes, coca cola"…then I ordered to waiter….

we start chatting..she was a lil bit cold temper that only I ask and she replied politely….(should be opposite in LOS)

then I saw some farangs I met before in some bars and I move next to them with my lady then start on chatting…Carlsbergs were coming and coming….and a while later my lady asked me if I can take care of her hand bag and she will look for her girlfriend
and come back in 10 minutes…I said "sure"

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you must know how drunk farangs chat with each other in Patong…you will not realise for how long you chat for…

After a while (dunno how long) I checked on the table and could not see her bag, I asked to my friends then a farang's girlfriend who told me that my girlfriend took it while I was chatting. I was mad…she said she was looking for her friend for
10 minutes but maybe 1 hour passed already the she took her bag without saying anything to me then I realised that maybe she went got a better offer or saw her farang boyfriend… it past about more 40 minutes then she appeared with her bag saying
sorry…I said "I don't want to bring you tonight" because I was guessing that she tried her better luck but failed and came back to me…. I head to Tai Pan it was 2.30 am….

I was very tired, don't have any strength left plus beers cannot be counted.

I went in the crowd and took the lady who hugged me first and didn't let me walk through…she had a nice body but I don't remember how she look like now and had to rush to sleep few hours before I head to airport. She had her own motorbike
and I took my motorbike then she followed me to my hotel.

We went shower together and she washed me very politely…she was acting like an angel and I was in heaven….we went to bed and she did a good job. I set my handphone alarm to 7.30 am in the morning.

Then I don't remember the rest….

I opened my eyes and there was sunshine coming from the window I was half sleeping-awake….I checked next to me there were no one….then I checked my watch it was 8.00 am…then I start to become conscious….I checked my handphone it was not there…then
it was time to panic…I rushed to bathroom…nobody…. I checked my money(2000 Baht, 200 USD, 150 RM)…I checked my wallet my cards was there….

I was so panic……I even didn't have any money to pay for airport transport…I rushed to reception and ask them the lady from my room they said they didn't see anything and I asked them to wake up the hotel manager…I said to manager "I
am robbed and what can I do now ?? I have no money but only credit card" she said calm down and go to Bangkok Bank get inside and ask cash for your Visa card….I quickly rushed to the bank and went in they asked for my visa and passport
they checked and paid me what I needed….then it was 9.30 am already and I was at airport only 40 minutes from departure and I did it…

My stories to be continued….

Stickman's thoughts:

Some guy he have bad luck so much.

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