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The Most Beautiful Girl I Ever Met #1

  • Written by Soi Dog
  • December 18th, 2004
  • 15 min read

Having been to Thailand for the first time in June and having spent some time with a sweet Isaan girl who turned out to be a ruthless con artist, this time I was determined to be more cautious. The first night in town I checked into a hotel on Soi 4 and
went to check out a Masseuse I’d met on my previous trip, but she wasn’t working that afternoon, apparently she’d gone to classes, but she would be back later they said. Meanwhile I walk up and down Sukhumvit & eat some
delicious Thai food at this grotty little corner restaurant and just passed the time. I had a few beers at Clinton Plaza (I think) and went back to the foot massage place to see if she was back. As I approached, I saw her looking at me through
the shop window, she smiles instantly, just like she had done the first time I’d saw her, she came outside to greet me. We chatted for a while and asked me to come and pick her up after work at 10 PM.

Off I go to Nana Plaza! I take a stool at that corner bar on the way in. What a great place to have a beer, you can see everything that’s going on. Everyone who walks into and out of the plaza, you get to see them. All the girls coming to work,
all the punters arriving, fat old men with wrinkles, gay looking straight guys with beautiful girls, young tourists in pairs or groups, hustling ladyboys looking for action, food stall workers selling papaya salad & sticky rice, dirty soi
dogs scavenging behind the food stallers, you name it. The best place to see the action is at that corner bar. I must have got there about 5 PM and I must have drank I don’t know how many beers, I got chatting to some software programmer
from England, then some businessman from Ireland, then some German chap on holidays, an American, an Israeli and some other guy who didn’t want to reveal where he was from!

billboard bangkok

As the evening wore on, I realized that all the girls in the bar were also “working”, and not just serving the drinks! One after another came up to me to chat, some nicer than others but since I’d arranged to meet my sexy masseuse
at 10 PM, I didn’t really want to barfine any of them. Then up came this incredibly sexy Thai specimen and I couldn’t refuse the offer, however, explaining that if I’d barfine her now, she would have to wait for me to come
back later coz I had to go and meet a friend. We settled on 12 midnight and I think the barfine was 500 or 800? Don’t remember now.

Anyway, off I go again back to the foot massage place to meet my sexy masseuse. I thought if I don’t get anywhere with this one, then I’d be sure to find out within a couple of hours. So we decide to go and eat something in some pub they
have there on Soi 7. Don’t recall the name now. Anyway, she was a really nice “good girl” studying English and going to massage classes. Her idea was to start up a massage parlour and go into business like that. We eat our
chicken sticks and drank a number of beers but that was it, she had to be in bed early because of work the next day, so I walked her back to her place. It was already about 12:40 when I got back to the corner bar, but there was no sign of my Miao.
Shit! Where had my pussy gone? I decide to have one last beer at the corner bar when suddenly, one of her friends came up and said she was on the way. There she came, crossing the street with a big smile on her face. I finished the beer and off
we went down Soi 4. She was quite pretty but the sex was great! I never go short time and cannot understand why anyone would want to, I mean you’ve gotta be a bit of an animal to use these short-time hotels, let’s face it! She got
up early next day and I gave her 2,000 baht. I feel this is a pretty fair tip, and anyone who tips less is a bit of a “cheap charlie”.

Before coming to Thailand I’d befriended this Chinese-Thai girl in a chat room and given that I hadn’t bothered to call her last time I was in town, I decided that this time I would give her a call. I knew she worked around the Silom area
in some hospital, so the next day I take the skytrain and drag my bag all the way there. I had such a big hangover that reading any guidebook was out of the question. I walked and walked but I couldn’t find any hotel, the sweat pouring
down my back in the hot humid Bangkok afternoon, then suddenly I remembered that I’d read some stuff about a place called the Swiss Lodge and there it was right in front of me. I called ‘Angelbee’ on her mobile and she said
she’d meet me right outside the hotel at 5 PM, but she wanted to bring a friend. I could see right now that this wasn’t going to get anywhere, Anyway I was there and I was curious. She’d sent me a photo once and she seemed
quite pretty, she even looked quite good on the web cam, but still I had my doubts.

butterflies bangkok

We finally meet outside Swiss Lodge and ohhh! What a disappointment! So we go into the Silom Complex and sip some iced coffee for a couple of hours and chatted away. Even the conversation I felt was a bit stressed. I suggested that we walk around Patpong,
they reluctantly agreed, it was about 7 PM and things were just warming up on those streets. The only thing I can say is that they were not happy at all, and even looked petrified by what they saw. How funny that all this is going on a few streets
from where they work and clearly they had either never been there or were too scared to be seen there or whatever. Only in Thailand I thought! Well, I decided to call it a night and saw them to the skytrain station to bid them farewell. That was
the day when I decided that on-line chats are a complete waste of time! I haven’t chatted on-line since!

I went back to my room, had a shower, got changed and headed for the bars! I ended up bar-fining this 30-something Isaan girl, just for the company, I didn’t want to sleep alone that night, but I wasn’t really into the sex either. She was
very happy with the idea and we must have chatted for hours into the night. She explained that she was tired of working and only did it for her 8 year old daughter, she didn’t like sex anymore either she said, and didn’t like farangs
with big dicks who just want to fuck her and then leave her. She had this boyfriend from Norway who was sending her money, but it wasn’t enough she said. I told her I had come to Thailand looking far a beautiful girl, just one that I could
have as a girlfriend. She sympathized with me and wished me good luck. We slept in each others' arms that night and it was beautiful. Next morning we had breakfast at the Swiss Lodge buffet, and she must have refilled her plate about 3 times.
She even took some fruit and some other goodies & put them in a bag to take with her. Just before checkout time, we parted as soulmates and wished each other the best.

That morning I didn’t have a clue what to do, so on a whim I decide to take a motorbike taxi to that famous place called Khao San Road. I absolutely love those motorbike taxis, definitely the best way to get around Bangkok! He drops me off right
in the middle of Khao San and the first thing I do is find a hostel. After about 3 visits all with loads of backpackers queuing and waiting I find a double room at the Palace Hotel for about 600 baht. The only room left. The first thing I was
going to do was my laundry, I always travel as light as possible but it means frequent laundry visits. Anyway, I dumped the washing into a tumbler and head out to one of those restaurants for some lunch.

As I was sitting there sipping my beer, I notice this girl sipping a beer at a restaurant on the opposite side of the street. We are literally facing each other, and she really is The Most Beautiful Girl I Ever Saw. I take out my digital camera &
put on the Zoom and start snapping away. She’s busy on her mobile phone and seems completely submerged in her world. Suddenly, she looks across towards me and sees me snapping away with my camera, she smiles instantly and puts on that sweet
shyness that I hadn’t come across before coming to Thailand. After a while I stop snapping and smile back at her, I wave my hand suggesting she should come over. I start packing my camera replacing the 35mm lens and sliding the Zoom into
its pocket.


I look up, but she’s gone! Oh No! I thought, I got up completely forgetting about the bill, and start to leave the restaurant, suddenly the ladyboy waiter comes running out complaining about the bill. Shit! I grabbed the thousand baht and gave
it to him and walked off. I looked up and down Khao San but I couldn’t see her anywhere. Where had she gone so fast? In just a blink of an eye, I’d lost the most beautiful girl I had ever seen! Bloody Hell! Dejected, I slowly make
my way towards the Palace Hotel, and who is standing there at the entrance, but The Most Beautiful Girl I Ever Met! What a killer smile and what an incredible body! I introduce myself and immediately explain that I’d been looking for her
all my life! I invited her for a beer in my room and in minutes we were taking off our clothes & passionately making love! We spent the rest of the day in and out of bed and I can attest to the best day of sex in my entire life! We eat at
the Khao San food stalls, we drank beers, I met her friends and spend a couple of hours at Gulliver’s Bar. I spent the most wonderful night of my life and I slept like a dog on a hot summers day!

I had already invited her to come with me on holidays, but explained I only had 4 days before I had to leave for Dubai. I’d heard so much about Krabi & Phuket and suggested that I could rent a car and drive down, it would take an all night
drive while she was asleep and we could have 3 days there and then drive back. I really enjoy driving and can’t stand those long bus rides. No time to book a plane. We taxied back to Lumpini, picked up her stuff and a car and off we went.
We got to Cha Am at about 12 noon and had some “shell” on the beach. Nice place! We bought loads of Thai rock cassettes & left. Good music. Go buy Rock-X-Rock double album! At about 8 PM approaching Chumpon she said she wanted
to fuck me again so we check into a hotel, had a quick shower and a quick shag and then some dinner at some food stall. She loves these food stalls and doesn’t eat any Western food. Suits me fine at 100 baht a time. With a full stomach
and her sexual needs fulfilled she falls asleep and I keep on driving. At about 4 AM I get to the junction where it says Phuket to the left and Krabi to the right. I wake her up and ask her which road, she mutters “Krabi, Krabi”
and goes back to sleep. We get to Krabi at about 6 AM and book in to a nice hotel down there. Unfortunately it didn’t stop raining the first day but between the bed and the food stalls we were both having a great time! That afternoon we
went to a beach resort and breathed in some nice Andaman Sea air. While we were at one of the restaurants, she made a phone call to a “friend” and suggested that we could meet up with him. She said he was an ex-boyfriend and wanted
to see him and that we could even stay the night with him. I was shocked and told her that I didn’t think it was a good idea and would prefer to stay in the car if she wanted to meet him. I go to the toilet and on my return, she had suddenly
changed her mind. So I forgot all about it and we stayed another night in Krabi before leaving for Phuket the next day. I wanted to cross over to Koh Phi Phi for the day but the weather was crap and she wasn’t too keen either.

So next day, we drive to Phuket. We get to Phuket Town and what a shit hole! On we go to Patong Beach where she becomes pissed off and doesn’t even want to get out of the car. She clearly didn’t like it there, explaining it was too much
like Pattaya. I asked if she wanted to go back to Bangkok to which she said yes. So at about 3 PM we leave. She goes to sleep again. At about 10 PM we get to Hua Hin and check into a hotel above the seafood restaurants. We dine at the seafood
restaurant and then walk the beach together. That night she just wanted to sleep. Fair enough, it was a long drive.

She kept getting phone calls on her mobile, but mostly from Thai friends. Next morning we leave for Bangkok and I dump the car and check into Woraburi Hotel on soi 4. My plane leaves the next day early so I ask reception to give us a wake up call at 6
AM. We go to Pratunam Market that day and I buy her some nice clothes and we eat at her favorite restaurant MK at the Big C. Later we go out and have a few drinks on Soi 4 before returning to the hotel for a shag and a nap. Later that night &
she wants to meet her friend at the Nana Disco. We go out and there I meet 2 of her girlfriends, but many other male friends too. On the way out, another male friend is greeted and it seems she knows a load of people. We get back to the hotel
and we both cry because its our last night and she begs me to stay with her. We sleep in each others’ arms and I spend another wonderful night in Thailand!

Next day I wake up and look at my watch. Shit! I missed my flight! The next flight I can get is a day and a half away so she invites me to visit her parents in Petchabun. We head back to Lumpini and rent a car for another day and drive up north. We buy
some fresh-water crabs on the way and some food at a local market, not forgetting a bottle of whiskey for her father. We get to her home about 5 PM and immediately get down to pouring the whiskey. Apparently, they were not very hungry and suggested
that I had bought too much food. I felt a bit awkward about that but later in the evening and a few bottles of whiskey gone so had the food, and nobody cared. I spent the whole night on the hammock with my teerak and what a memorable night it
was! The family treated me like a king and everyone had a good time. They prepared a bed for me and my teerak and set up a mosquito net around it. We had the house to ourselves, all the others had disappeared to other houses around the village.
Next day, She asked me to give her father some money so I gave him a 1,000 baht which see said was fine.

We drove back to Bangkok and dumped the car. We went back to her room and made love one more time. She broke into tears again and begged me to stay. But my time was up and there was no way I was going to miss that flight. We head for the airport in a
taxi, and she is in tears. I gave her some money and kissed her forehead one last time. She never once asked for money, but it had become clear to me what she did for a living and the thought of it just made me feel sick and quite frankly, very

To be continued………..

Stickman's thoughts:

I have to ask…at what point did it become clear to you what she does?